[How To] Burn a PS2 Game (From Torrent) To DVD Using Nero

Foreword: This is one of my favorite tutorials, and re-writing it from scratch is a lot of work.  By doing it over again, I hope to convey to you the awesomeness of the PS2, and if you are an owner of it, you need to give it more love than you think it deserves.  It needs you, and you need it.

As usual, The Undergound does not support or advocate piracy.  We support making backups of games that you own.  We realize that sometimes games can be scratched, so making a digital backup is impossible and in lieu of buying the game again, you can download the PS2 game from a torrent.  If you do this method, only do it if you own a retail version of the game.

Downloading games that you do not legally own is illegal, and we want no part of that.  Follow the law.  Play with a conscience mind.  Thank you. ~ Versatile


6-23-09:  Re-release of a classic tutorial.

2-6-10: Removed the youtube link until I upload a new video.

9-27-10: Fixed Nero image.

12-13-12: Fixed Nero image again.


Yes, it is true.  You can make a backup of your PS2 game (for legal purposes of course) to preserve your original game.  However, what do you do if your favorite game has gotten scratched up over the years?  Do you want to go out and buy another copy of it?  Oh wait, Gamestop doesn’t have that game anymore?  What are you going to do?

Have you considered Torrents?

Wait, what are torrents?  In short, it is a small table of contents file called a “torrent” and you use it with a “torrent client” program.  From here, it will download the required files from other people online who are sharing the file for the online community.

Unfortunately, this article is not meant to be about torrents but rather show the user how to take a PS2 game that they got from a torrent, extract it from the Winrar files, and burn the ISO file using Nero.

If you are unfamiliar with torrents, please read our excellent guides below first and then come back here:

[How To] Use Bittorrent – Utorrent

Guide for Better and Safer Torrenting

Assumptions (makes it easier for the rest of the tutorial)

1) You have some kind of RAR file extractor.  Examples include Winrar (shareware), and 7-zip (freeware)

2) You have Winrar or equivalent program configured properly.  More specifically, the program does not see your ISO file as an extractable file.

For a guide on Winrar and not making this mistake, see the guide below:

[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

As a past commenter had said, he does not want the user to fall to this mistake either.  See the original quote below:

Harrison:  I think that integration of Iso files into winrar is a major problem. The best way to get around that is to disable ISO integration with winrar. That way when u extract up until u get an ISO file, it will look different.

To do this, simply open up WinRar, on the Menu bar(file,command,tools,favorites,Options,Help),select Options-settings, then integration(usually last top-right after security) here you will find on the left hand side files assocaited with Winrar, simply uncheck the ISO option and press OK.

Thanks it, from here on, winrar will pretend not to know what an ISO file is, but will still extract it if asked to….LOL

3)  Your PS2 is modded via swap magic, modchip, or perhaps an exploited memory card.  To learn more about PS2 modding, see the guide below:

[Novice Guide] How to Get Started with PS2 and Backups

4) You have a DVD burner, and a spindle of blank DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs.

5) You have read this guide on DVD class media.  This is very important for a successful and readable disc for the PS2.

[How To] Determine DVD Class Media

6)  You have a passion to learn.  You know how to use the computer, and you have Nero installed (all versions are very similar).  You may not be tech savvy, but you are willing to try out new things.  If you are stuck, please leave a comment!

Tutorial Begins Here

Pre-word:  Today’s tutorial is an example of me having downloaded a Ratchet and Clank Goin’ Commando game.  Learn how to extract the game to get the ISO file, and then burn it for PS2 use.

Step 1. Go to your favorite torrent site, and using your torrent program (I use utorrent) download a PS2 game. If you reside in the United States, make sure you download the NTSC version. If you get a PAL game, it will not work on your TV because it will flicker due to the refresh rate of the TV. NTSC games have 60 Hz refresh rate, but PAL games have 50 Hz refresh rate.  Once again, we do not support piracy.  Only download games that you legally own!

Step 2. Most often than not, the PS2 game you download will comprise of multiple rar files. Select the first rar file, right click and extract it. If not, then you may have just one rar file, which will be your .ISO file. An .ISO file is just a CD/DVD image of the game. Sometimes the file you download from a torrent may be an .ISO file itself, and WinRar will recognize it as a possible archive. If that is the case, you do not need to extract it.

Step 3. Watch as your file extracts. In the end, you will have your .ISO file extracted.

This is what it should look like when the files are extracted:

Note:  I always get questions about this.  If you just have an .ISO file and no .MDS file, that is OK.  All we care about is the .ISO file.

If you have a .NRG, .MDF, .BIN with .CUE file or other, that is OK.  Nero and other similar programs can burn these files too!

Step 4. Once your game is extracted, you should have an .ISO file. Now open up Nero. Go to “Image, Project, Copy” and select the “Disc Image or Saved Project”. Remember to insert a blank DVD+R or DVD-R. It is recommended that DVD-R is used because of better compatibility with PS2 laser, but I have DVD+R work fine so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Screenshot 4

Step 5. In the next screen, select your .ISO file and click Open.

Screenshot 5

Step 6. On the next screen, select the drop down box on the left hand side, and pick your DVD burning speed. For PS2 games, it is best to burn at half the max rated speed of your disc. For instance, if your blank DVD can write at a max speed of 16x, burn at 8x. After selecting your DVD speed, burn the image.

Screenshot 6

Step 7. Depending on what speed you chose, you could wait up to 15 minutes. After a while, it will say your disc is done! Afterwards, label the disc with a marker, and using your favorite PS2 modding method (swap magic, HDA loader, modchip, memory card exploit), you can play your game on the PS2.

Screenshot 7

If any questions or comments, leave a comment and I will try to help you out!

Video tutorial Below!

[To be uploaded later]

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  1. Thanks dear
    My PS2
    Console SCPH-90004
    Browser 1.40
    CD Player 2.00
    PlayStation Driver 2.00
    DVD Player 3.11E
    Mac Address FC:OF:E6:49:24:34

    my ps2 is already modded.
    I am trying to Install McBoot but not succeed as you tough in your previous tutorial.
    But when i tried screen goes black and nothing happen.
    or can get already burnt DVD/CD from anywhere whom i can directly run on my PS2
    and please can you tell step by step or where I m mistaking.
    thanks dear

  2. Can i just play the game after burn into DVD?

  3. Thanks for reply
    But I have installed FMCB and its running nice. I can run videos and photographs etc.
    but when i connect my hdd it shows everything but when i play game through hdd it stuck (hang). Dear can you help me for that.

  4. Dear Versatile,

    i have installed FMCB but when i click on game icon it stuck, i have external HDD with power port, FAT32 formatted and all installed game

  5. Dear Versatile,
    Thanks for your support but as you guided me
    I have installed FMCB, HDD with external power port, Formatted FAT32, games installed, Defrag all HDD and using OPL V.9.
    in file search I find my HDD but when I use OPL V.9 its just show processing whole night and can’t see the list of games its just stuck can you help me more what program I should use to play games from HDD.

    I will be very thank full to you dear,


  6. Should I connect my HDD through USB or Network adepter.

  7. Thanks Dear Versatile
    I can play games now through USB.
    one more question.
    how to use cheat in ps2.
    thank you dear

  8. i burned an iso file into dvd-rw but when i tried playing it it dosent work
    please help
    P.S. also tell other metopds of playing it

  9. May i know where can i get ur nero express?
    n i use cd to burn the game or dvd?

  10. esta es una herramienta esencial en cualquier computadora, algunas veces he probado otras sin embargo en lo que a mi respecta esta me gusta mucho.

  11. Gracias por compartir esta gran herramienta, a pesar del tiempo no hay otra herramienta que me guste mas, potente y flexible.

  12. if its an mdf-mds how can i burn it and play???

  13. most of the torrents i download dont work 😦 even if they are in an iso form 😦 i burn them like you say with nero 12 but they stuck usually on loading 😦

  14. for example i downloaded this http://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_2_ISOs/Tekken_5_%28USA%29/150843-download its tekken 5.and i burnt it but then stucked at namco loading 😦 whats happening? 😥

  15. thank you

  16. i had a problem on my downloaded game form a torrent
    that game is large most likely 7.7gb up
    i assume that maybe this game is a DVD-9
    so i burned it in a media DVD+R Dual Layer
    the burning was successful but when i put the burned disc on my slim ps2, it didn’t work….
    any advise mr. versatile for this kind of problem??
    (my slim ps2 reads backup games incl downloaded torrent games)
    (i used dvd decrypter for burning…….)

  17. Can i use DVD-RW? and its maximum speed is 2. am i gonna use 1 either?

  18. thank you mr. versatile…..

  19. Hello Mr.Versatile i wanna ask something, i just did exactly same as what you said but i wouldn’t work on my ps2 slim, why? i read it carefully but the only problem i don’t have any modchip or even swap magic, but i have games which is burn by my friends and it works on my ps2 slim, could you give me some favor ? thanks Versatile !

    • That makes no sense. How can your friend burn a PS2 game, and then it just works on a vanilla PS2 with no modchip or swap magic? How about you have your friend burn all your games then, this makes no sense.

      If I burn a PS2 game and try to run on a PS2 without any modifications, its going to say PS2 disk read error with a red screen.

  20. you said that when you extracted a ps2 game winrar archive,you get 1 iso file and one mds file.
    when i extract the iso file i just get the folder that contains the ps2 game’s files. i mean to say that i got confused on step 3 ofr somewhere

  21. thank you very much for this!!!!!!! it really helped me
    every game i want to play on ps2 i’ll just download it like that and burn it. u made my gaming life more interesting

  22. hi my dear i have ps2 with metrix software and plz help me how to make ps2 duplicate dvd
    i tried all method but there are not helping me plz help me fast

  23. hello Versatile, I own a ps3 which can play ps2 games (the first one) i Own the game and i torrented it to see.. could i play it on the ps3?

  24. Hi Mr Versatile, is it possible to just burn the game into the disc using the pop up then using nero?

  25. Hi Versatile, I used imgburn to burn a game. I burn the iso file(using ultraiso to convert from rar to iso) to a dvd-r. My ps2 just wont read the disc. Can help?

  26. hey bro, I downloaded timesplitters 1 from emuparadise and I got a .rar(364MB) file which when extracted gave me a .bin(683MB) and a .cue file. Then I searched some methods to burn n tried the .cue using alcohol 120%, after I was done, I tried it with pcsx2 nd it worked fine, I was happy.. But when I tried it in my modded PS2. F**k!! PS2 didn’t read it!!! I’ve played other bacups too nd they worked fine. But WTF happened to this??? Is this because I burnt it in a CD or there is some other problem??? Should I try to burn it again in DVD/CD???? what should I do? plz reply fast….

  27. prithviraj chauhan

    actually my ben10 dvd was not running nicely,so i just copied that disc in my pc and made anew dvd of that game but i did’nt made an iso file

  28. HI Versatile, I have a problem, some isos works on ps2 (moded) some not. First I use ESR Patcher and than burn it with ImgBurn at 4x speed. For example pes2012 work, gta san andreas work, but nfs and gran turismo 4 won’t. I spent a lot of DVD-R s trying to burn them. Do u know where might be a problem?

  29. Thank you versatile!i used ur method 2 burn spiderman 2 ps2 game on DVD-R n it works. Only problem was it doesn’t work on the ps2 emulator on my pc.but it works fine on my main ps2 console.why won’t it work on the pcsx2(ps2emulator)?

  30. Shan Reinard Gonzal

    I have followed the instruction, but my ps2 fat doesnt read the CD why is that happening?

  31. Shan Reinard Gonzal

    i havent tried yet, i will try i will post here what`s the outcome will become thanks

  32. Shan Reinard Gonzal

    PS2 Matrix Infinity SE Mod Chip its the modchip that i have here ive ask the one who modified my ps2fat

  33. I used a dvd +r disc to burn parappa the rapper 2, i use burn2go with 16x write speed, i did it wrong right? im just asking because im going to buy dvd -r discs and try the correct way and wanted to see if i did do it right, and im doing something wrong with the ps2

    the problem is that after selecting the 1st stage, the game loads forever, and never actually loads

  34. Shan Reinard Gonzal

    Hey Mr.Versatile im using a Hytac DVD-R is it ok to use that kind of cd?

  35. can i get your e-mail id please???

  36. hiiii….please tell me what kind of cd/dvds should be used for burning ps2 games….my ps2 is modded……as per your video posted on youtube on how to read games from usb??? i hav burnt it using ulaunchelf ,what should i do next…………please reply as early as possible
    waiting for your reply….

  37. whether the type of cd/dvds to be used is mentioned ther???

    • Yes. If it is fat ps2, use DVD-R. If slim ps2, use DVD+R.

      • thank you for your valuable reply……..my wwe raw vs smackdown dvd got stuck when it reaches loading ….have bit scratches in them…..so i copied to another (dvd-R)..bt it still have same issue mentioned above…..mine is slim ps2….

        • Of course, you are copying a game that has scratches on it….copy a game that has no scratches please, or go find the ISO online somewhere.

          • fifa 12(pc game),which is an iso file(6.5gb),is it possible to play the same with graphics what I have in my pc???.
            I have downloaded a file of fifa 13 ps2 duplex..whether it works fine????should I make an attempt???

  38. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for final fantasy vii

  39. can i burn nrg format .?will it play on ps2 slim?

    • Yes and no. If your PS2 is patched and you have FMCB, you can patch the ISO with ESR patcher, and then you can play on a compatible PS2 slim, under SCPH-9XXXX series.

  40. can i use ultraISO for writing ps2 games

  41. i burnt my fifa 13(ps2) using dvd decryptor(burnt @ 2.4x speed)…..used dvd+r(console is ps2 slim),but got stuck when the home page appears..I hav attached the screen shot of my file(fifa 13) to your mail id,,please refer to it and do reply please……….

  42. there is no data this errrrrrrrorrrrrrr

  43. its a sony DVD+R disc…can u list me down some good sites where I can get iso files….

  44. I downloaded it from torrentz.eu.Actually when I bought a copy of fifa13 from a game shop it was of size 3.7 gb,but when I downloaded it from torrentz its of 4.6gb,does that make any difference???

  45. burnt uLaunchELF_v4.40_CD in to cd and copied one of my avi files to usb but my console is not reading any data from the usb….The usb was formated before copying.what is wrong with it???

  46. U mean I should install sms.elf to my pendrive and boot ulaunchelf from cd,right???

  47. I cant find a way out even after copying the sms.elf to my pendrive….My pendrive is transcend of 4gb…what is the issue with it????

  48. Is it possible to play games of size more than 4.7gb with the same graphics???
    Any particular company’s pendrive should be used for this purpose??

  49. how con I connect usb to ps2 slim model SCPH-75004 for free

  50. Hi! I’m Marcos from Brazil and I’d like to ask u how i can to put the patch HDA on Final Fantasy XII?
    I play by pendrive with usbadvance and usb extreme… thanks and sorry for my english!

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