[How To] Burn a PS2 Game (From Torrent) To DVD Using Nero

Foreword: This is one of my favorite tutorials, and re-writing it from scratch is a lot of work.  By doing it over again, I hope to convey to you the awesomeness of the PS2, and if you are an owner of it, you need to give it more love than you think it deserves.  It needs you, and you need it.

As usual, The Undergound does not support or advocate piracy.  We support making backups of games that you own.  We realize that sometimes games can be scratched, so making a digital backup is impossible and in lieu of buying the game again, you can download the PS2 game from a torrent.  If you do this method, only do it if you own a retail version of the game.

Downloading games that you do not legally own is illegal, and we want no part of that.  Follow the law.  Play with a conscience mind.  Thank you. ~ Versatile


6-23-09:  Re-release of a classic tutorial.

2-6-10: Removed the youtube link until I upload a new video.

9-27-10: Fixed Nero image.

12-13-12: Fixed Nero image again.


Yes, it is true.  You can make a backup of your PS2 game (for legal purposes of course) to preserve your original game.  However, what do you do if your favorite game has gotten scratched up over the years?  Do you want to go out and buy another copy of it?  Oh wait, Gamestop doesn’t have that game anymore?  What are you going to do?

Have you considered Torrents?

Wait, what are torrents?  In short, it is a small table of contents file called a “torrent” and you use it with a “torrent client” program.  From here, it will download the required files from other people online who are sharing the file for the online community.

Unfortunately, this article is not meant to be about torrents but rather show the user how to take a PS2 game that they got from a torrent, extract it from the Winrar files, and burn the ISO file using Nero.

If you are unfamiliar with torrents, please read our excellent guides below first and then come back here:

[How To] Use Bittorrent – Utorrent

Guide for Better and Safer Torrenting

Assumptions (makes it easier for the rest of the tutorial)

1) You have some kind of RAR file extractor.  Examples include Winrar (shareware), and 7-zip (freeware)

2) You have Winrar or equivalent program configured properly.  More specifically, the program does not see your ISO file as an extractable file.

For a guide on Winrar and not making this mistake, see the guide below:

[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

As a past commenter had said, he does not want the user to fall to this mistake either.  See the original quote below:

Harrison:  I think that integration of Iso files into winrar is a major problem. The best way to get around that is to disable ISO integration with winrar. That way when u extract up until u get an ISO file, it will look different.

To do this, simply open up WinRar, on the Menu bar(file,command,tools,favorites,Options,Help),select Options-settings, then integration(usually last top-right after security) here you will find on the left hand side files assocaited with Winrar, simply uncheck the ISO option and press OK.

Thanks it, from here on, winrar will pretend not to know what an ISO file is, but will still extract it if asked to….LOL

3)  Your PS2 is modded via swap magic, modchip, or perhaps an exploited memory card.  To learn more about PS2 modding, see the guide below:

[Novice Guide] How to Get Started with PS2 and Backups

4) You have a DVD burner, and a spindle of blank DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs.

5) You have read this guide on DVD class media.  This is very important for a successful and readable disc for the PS2.

[How To] Determine DVD Class Media

6)  You have a passion to learn.  You know how to use the computer, and you have Nero installed (all versions are very similar).  You may not be tech savvy, but you are willing to try out new things.  If you are stuck, please leave a comment!

Tutorial Begins Here

Pre-word:  Today’s tutorial is an example of me having downloaded a Ratchet and Clank Goin’ Commando game.  Learn how to extract the game to get the ISO file, and then burn it for PS2 use.

Step 1. Go to your favorite torrent site, and using your torrent program (I use utorrent) download a PS2 game. If you reside in the United States, make sure you download the NTSC version. If you get a PAL game, it will not work on your TV because it will flicker due to the refresh rate of the TV. NTSC games have 60 Hz refresh rate, but PAL games have 50 Hz refresh rate.  Once again, we do not support piracy.  Only download games that you legally own!

Step 2. Most often than not, the PS2 game you download will comprise of multiple rar files. Select the first rar file, right click and extract it. If not, then you may have just one rar file, which will be your .ISO file. An .ISO file is just a CD/DVD image of the game. Sometimes the file you download from a torrent may be an .ISO file itself, and WinRar will recognize it as a possible archive. If that is the case, you do not need to extract it.

Step 3. Watch as your file extracts. In the end, you will have your .ISO file extracted.

This is what it should look like when the files are extracted:

Note:  I always get questions about this.  If you just have an .ISO file and no .MDS file, that is OK.  All we care about is the .ISO file.

If you have a .NRG, .MDF, .BIN with .CUE file or other, that is OK.  Nero and other similar programs can burn these files too!

Step 4. Once your game is extracted, you should have an .ISO file. Now open up Nero. Go to “Image, Project, Copy” and select the “Disc Image or Saved Project”. Remember to insert a blank DVD+R or DVD-R. It is recommended that DVD-R is used because of better compatibility with PS2 laser, but I have DVD+R work fine so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Screenshot 4

Step 5. In the next screen, select your .ISO file and click Open.

Screenshot 5

Step 6. On the next screen, select the drop down box on the left hand side, and pick your DVD burning speed. For PS2 games, it is best to burn at half the max rated speed of your disc. For instance, if your blank DVD can write at a max speed of 16x, burn at 8x. After selecting your DVD speed, burn the image.

Screenshot 6

Step 7. Depending on what speed you chose, you could wait up to 15 minutes. After a while, it will say your disc is done! Afterwards, label the disc with a marker, and using your favorite PS2 modding method (swap magic, HDA loader, modchip, memory card exploit), you can play your game on the PS2.

Screenshot 7

If any questions or comments, leave a comment and I will try to help you out!

Video tutorial Below!

[To be uploaded later]

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  1. Seems the only DVD-R copies that I can get around me are Sony, Maxell or Memorex. Which one works better?

  2. What to do after burning the iso file on a dvd-r….my ps2 doesn’t load the game…

  3. hey my ps2 says please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc

  4. can i just copy the .iso file on the dvd-r without nero ?

  5. Ok so i burned the ps2 game to my dvd.When i put it into the Ps2 it says me to insert a ps2 or ps disk…WTF? What can I do? Can some1 explain me step by step?

  6. Hey, which version of Nero you used?

  7. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    what Nero Verision do you use?. Please reply so that i can start burning discs. Thanks,Regards.

  8. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    Step 4. Once your game is extracted, you should have an .ISO file. Now open up Nero. Go to “Image, Project, Copy” and select the “Disc Image or Saved Project”. .

    “what does this mean please reply, thanks,regards.

    • This was specific to nero version 5.0 I do believe (maybe 6.0). Using whatever version of Nero, there is a wizard or option that allows you to open up an ISO file and burn it.

  9. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    man please help me out i dont understand ” there is a wizard or option that allows you to open up an ISO file and burn it.” please explain to me in details how to open up the wizard you are talking about!. Thanks.Regards

  10. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    Hey could you please help me out i dont understand ” there is a wizard or option that allows you to open up an ISO file and burn it.” please explain to me in details how to open up the wizard you are talking about!. Thanks.Regards

  11. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    where can i get this “”Now open up Nero. Go to “Image, Project, Copy””

    please Reply,Thanks.Regards

  12. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    Hello, I use nero 7 but i dont understand the wizard you are talking about “the ISO wizard”. please try to help me out. Thanks,Regards

  13. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    so i wanted to ask i am using a DVD to burn the game and it has a speed of 16x so what speed should i use to burn and it is a DVD+RW.Please Reply,Thanks.Regards

  14. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    ok,thanks for the last reply. i used DVD-R,but it still says burn process failed at 6x……………………. so please could you help me,please reply.thanks.regards

  15. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    i dont know. that is why i am asking you to help me out!.thanls,regards

  16. my ps2 can already read pirated games, so do i really have to buy swapmagic?

  17. OK, I’ve done this before, whenever I needed a backup copy. But now, I have a problem. My PS2 reads my original games better, even though they’re scratched. It won’t even start my back-ups, and I burn on Maxell DVD-R 4x. It tries reading, lets out those squeeky sounds, and fails to read the lead-in itself, I think. It reads two of them that were burned on a Verbatim, so could that be the cause? Maxell is a good disc, right?

    And yes, I used Alcohol 120% to burn ISOs. Someone told me to use Nero. I thought Alcohol is better because it has that “PlayStation 2” mode for burning.

    Thanks, any help appreciated 🙂

    • We really had a research on this,
      A genuine disk reads at low Lens pickup.
      A Backup disk reads at high Lens pickup.

      Thats why u/v had problems. find a suitable DVD/R manufacturer for ur Lens PickUp setting.

      Squeeky sounds, Eg. tik , tik , tik, 😉

      >U can set ur Pick up with DVD/r,after doing that u’ll face same problem with Genuine disks.

  18. plz tell a very awesome ps2 torrent site…its hard to find good games plz plz ..thaanxxxx

  19. PS2 torrent site?

    File sharing site:

    Buy the Software wick u like.

  20. Hi, i followed your tutorial and everything seems good. But when i actually try to burn it there’s an error that says burn process failed at 8x. What do i have to do? Thank you

  21. hi when i downloaded the game i got a .bin and .cue file. i tried to burn using nero but the disk wont work. what can i do to get the iso format? is there some type of converter i cud use? thnx…

  22. How To Extract Multiple Rar Files????? Please Tell Me Through Video And Steps Also….. 🙂 Thanks Versatile…..

  23. hello, my PS2 is already able to read pirated games, so do I need any more modchip or swapmagic?

  24. can some one help me i do not have iso file i just have some bin file….

  25. The imgburn doesnn’t burn……..it says not a valid image……..what to do……?????


  26. wow, it’s 2011, the PS Duce has been out how many years and no one has come up with an encryption to let you run a burnt game without the use of a modded PS2 or hacked Mem Card? No one can get around that without Modifying the PS2? Really?

    • Think about it. The only console I know that would boot up a backed up game straight up was Dreamcast. A third party mod for the PS2 can be had for 30 dollars or less. In reality, that is chump change.

  27. thnx.. thnx very much..it stops me frm wasting money..i really appreciate u… thnx.thxn and fully thnx

  28. Thanks a lot ! I had been searching for this like ages ! ure great..

  29. Hey i managed to play some games but one of them gives this error when i try to run it :

    ”This disc cannot be played due to regional restrictions”

    W the hell? Is that something about the torrent i used? Please help..

  30. hi,i always burn my ps2 games with power iso and it works always if the game size is above 700mb(dvd5),but i get errors when i burn a game that have less than 700mb,should i burn them on a dvd or cd??and if cd than at which speed?gr

  31. you guys have to make a ps2 image to make it wurk

  32. thats my first time i burn an image for ps2. i did eveything as i supposed to, and it has that chip in it and it reads pirated games, so when i burned the game it worked at first, i had a warning and another screenshot thats related to the game, after that its a black screen whats happening here?

  33. DUDE I DOWNLOADED DBZ BT3 i have a image file when i click on properties it shows iso file but image file in the folder

    is everything ok?

  34. Paul Anderson

    i can run the Prirated games DVD in my PS2, Now i have downloaded a game and it is an .iso and i burned it with nero and when i m putting DVD in PS2 it dosent read the DVD, i mean my game dosent starrs… Please help on this…


  36. dude i have a cd-rw
    will it work on the ps2
    and if yes can you tell me any small sized games which will fit on a 700mb disc?

    will roadrash jail break for ps1 work?

  37. i have an .mdf and .mds file and i use ImgBurn

    but when i select the folder it only finds the .mds file

    what ma i doing wrong?

  38. i have a .mdf and a .mds file I archived and extracted and it still is a .mdf file
    is it necessary i have a iso file??

  39. i have a ps2 with a modchip and it can run pirated games… but when i want to play the game my ps2 doesn’t recognize the game

    i burned it at 2x speed (maybe that’s the problem) with PowerISO on a dvd-r
    i’ll try burning it at a higher speed wit ImgBurn

    any advice???

  40. Hi, Some games can be 7 or 8GB so I bought double layered DVDs (DVD+R DL 8X 8.5GB). I burn the games using Nero but they can’t be read on PS2. Am I using wrong DVDs?

  41. Thanks for the info. but when I looked up DVD5 I read it only takes up 4.7 GB so if my game is like 7.5GB how will that work? Again thank you.

    • In that case, you got to do some work and go online and find if someone has created a compressed version of that game. For example, I have a backed up copy of God of War 2, which is a DVD9 game. Someone on the internet managed to compress the video and audio, and put it into a 3.7GB DVD5 image, so when I burnt it, it worked flawlessly with swap magic or even with ESR or OPL v.8 using the FMCB method.

  42. Hi i have a chipped ps2 and it has been running games from overseas pretty well but i have always had better luck with local PAL games. Iv bern burning iso files onto dvd-r and dvd r discs, both sony brand, at a speed of 2.4x (which i was told was best). My ps2 consistantly fails to read the disc. Can i get some advice? Cheers

  43. i try to extract my tekken 5 ntsc file but it does not have a image file

  44. Hi,

    I’ve tried to burn ps2 singstar games, but when I want to play the game, the ps2 says : can’t read disc…

    Can anyone help me please ?

    (ps: I’m dutch so please try to type full english)

  45. I’m not really a genius, so can you tell me how I have to do that ?

  46. hi, I’m using modchip to mod it.

  47. monster_burner

    What version of Nero are you using? I believe Nero has different product versions. I have an old one, and it’s only Nero Burning Rom. I saw your “Nero Express” Screenshot. 🙂

  48. So um DVD-RW doesn’t work on PS2? I inserted a DVD-RW and it asked me to insert a ps2 game..it’s because i used DVD-RW right?

  49. Please! I have mcboot on my m-card version 1.8 & open loader 0.7 .i was able to play ripped games from my usb but i couldnt play iso games i downloaded from internet. Infact it does not recognise the iso extention.

  50. Please! I have mcboot on my m-card version 1.8 & open loader 0.7 .i was able to play ripped games from my usb but i couldnt play iso games i downloaded from internet. Infact it does not recognise the iso extention..

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