[How To] Burn a PS2 Game (From Torrent) To DVD Using Nero

Foreword: This is one of my favorite tutorials, and re-writing it from scratch is a lot of work.  By doing it over again, I hope to convey to you the awesomeness of the PS2, and if you are an owner of it, you need to give it more love than you think it deserves.  It needs you, and you need it.

As usual, The Undergound does not support or advocate piracy.  We support making backups of games that you own.  We realize that sometimes games can be scratched, so making a digital backup is impossible and in lieu of buying the game again, you can download the PS2 game from a torrent.  If you do this method, only do it if you own a retail version of the game.

Downloading games that you do not legally own is illegal, and we want no part of that.  Follow the law.  Play with a conscience mind.  Thank you. ~ Versatile


6-23-09:  Re-release of a classic tutorial.

2-6-10: Removed the youtube link until I upload a new video.

9-27-10: Fixed Nero image.

12-13-12: Fixed Nero image again.


Yes, it is true.  You can make a backup of your PS2 game (for legal purposes of course) to preserve your original game.  However, what do you do if your favorite game has gotten scratched up over the years?  Do you want to go out and buy another copy of it?  Oh wait, Gamestop doesn’t have that game anymore?  What are you going to do?

Have you considered Torrents?

Wait, what are torrents?  In short, it is a small table of contents file called a “torrent” and you use it with a “torrent client” program.  From here, it will download the required files from other people online who are sharing the file for the online community.

Unfortunately, this article is not meant to be about torrents but rather show the user how to take a PS2 game that they got from a torrent, extract it from the Winrar files, and burn the ISO file using Nero.

If you are unfamiliar with torrents, please read our excellent guides below first and then come back here:

[How To] Use Bittorrent – Utorrent

Guide for Better and Safer Torrenting

Assumptions (makes it easier for the rest of the tutorial)

1) You have some kind of RAR file extractor.  Examples include Winrar (shareware), and 7-zip (freeware)

2) You have Winrar or equivalent program configured properly.  More specifically, the program does not see your ISO file as an extractable file.

For a guide on Winrar and not making this mistake, see the guide below:

[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

As a past commenter had said, he does not want the user to fall to this mistake either.  See the original quote below:

Harrison:  I think that integration of Iso files into winrar is a major problem. The best way to get around that is to disable ISO integration with winrar. That way when u extract up until u get an ISO file, it will look different.

To do this, simply open up WinRar, on the Menu bar(file,command,tools,favorites,Options,Help),select Options-settings, then integration(usually last top-right after security) here you will find on the left hand side files assocaited with Winrar, simply uncheck the ISO option and press OK.

Thanks it, from here on, winrar will pretend not to know what an ISO file is, but will still extract it if asked to….LOL

3)  Your PS2 is modded via swap magic, modchip, or perhaps an exploited memory card.  To learn more about PS2 modding, see the guide below:

[Novice Guide] How to Get Started with PS2 and Backups

4) You have a DVD burner, and a spindle of blank DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs.

5) You have read this guide on DVD class media.  This is very important for a successful and readable disc for the PS2.

[How To] Determine DVD Class Media

6)  You have a passion to learn.  You know how to use the computer, and you have Nero installed (all versions are very similar).  You may not be tech savvy, but you are willing to try out new things.  If you are stuck, please leave a comment!

Tutorial Begins Here

Pre-word:  Today’s tutorial is an example of me having downloaded a Ratchet and Clank Goin’ Commando game.  Learn how to extract the game to get the ISO file, and then burn it for PS2 use.

Step 1. Go to your favorite torrent site, and using your torrent program (I use utorrent) download a PS2 game. If you reside in the United States, make sure you download the NTSC version. If you get a PAL game, it will not work on your TV because it will flicker due to the refresh rate of the TV. NTSC games have 60 Hz refresh rate, but PAL games have 50 Hz refresh rate.  Once again, we do not support piracy.  Only download games that you legally own!

Step 2. Most often than not, the PS2 game you download will comprise of multiple rar files. Select the first rar file, right click and extract it. If not, then you may have just one rar file, which will be your .ISO file. An .ISO file is just a CD/DVD image of the game. Sometimes the file you download from a torrent may be an .ISO file itself, and WinRar will recognize it as a possible archive. If that is the case, you do not need to extract it.

Step 3. Watch as your file extracts. In the end, you will have your .ISO file extracted.

This is what it should look like when the files are extracted:

Note:  I always get questions about this.  If you just have an .ISO file and no .MDS file, that is OK.  All we care about is the .ISO file.

If you have a .NRG, .MDF, .BIN with .CUE file or other, that is OK.  Nero and other similar programs can burn these files too!

Step 4. Once your game is extracted, you should have an .ISO file. Now open up Nero. Go to “Image, Project, Copy” and select the “Disc Image or Saved Project”. Remember to insert a blank DVD+R or DVD-R. It is recommended that DVD-R is used because of better compatibility with PS2 laser, but I have DVD+R work fine so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Screenshot 4

Step 5. In the next screen, select your .ISO file and click Open.

Screenshot 5

Step 6. On the next screen, select the drop down box on the left hand side, and pick your DVD burning speed. For PS2 games, it is best to burn at half the max rated speed of your disc. For instance, if your blank DVD can write at a max speed of 16x, burn at 8x. After selecting your DVD speed, burn the image.

Screenshot 6

Step 7. Depending on what speed you chose, you could wait up to 15 minutes. After a while, it will say your disc is done! Afterwards, label the disc with a marker, and using your favorite PS2 modding method (swap magic, HDA loader, modchip, memory card exploit), you can play your game on the PS2.

Screenshot 7

If any questions or comments, leave a comment and I will try to help you out!

Video tutorial Below!

[To be uploaded later]

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  1. Or do i need to burn them before it work?

  2. Hey, so my ps2 is chipped and i downloaded Kingdom Hearts 2 (3.7 GB) from torrents (NTSC version).my ps2 is PAL, and i burned the .iso file using DVD decrypter and it doesn’t work. i kinda used poor quality DVD+R (Basic) and the ps2 won’t read the DVD. burn speed:1x. Plz help!!! (P.S.: when i extract the .iso file it has weird .IRX, IDX and .IMG files inside it) Thank you.

  3. According to this web guide it more advisable to use img burner & dvd-r. Download it from imgburn.com or maybe you try the alcohol 120% burner. But wait for versatile1(admin) to guide you through!

  4. Pls is it a must to use usbextreme or winhiip to install game on my usb storage.

  5. Thanks for your simplicity of information & professionalism! But for clarity can a ps2 which is chipped but has no mcboot or swapmagic play burnt games ?
    Can the new openloader 0.8 play directly an iso downloaded via torrent using usb utility to transfer it to a storage device?

  6. Thanks a lot sir.. Working great! 🙂

  7. were do i download the nero thing and what do u mean psp modding thngs

  8. hi i download tomb raider there were 31 parts .Except for 31st which was 16mb all rest were 47.96 mb .iso file. but after extraction they became 2.56 gb. so how do i burn them on a 4.7gb dvd-r. I have downloaded dvd shrink,decriptor,dvd next trial and swap magic 3.6. this is the 1st time i am using any of these. so what should i do.

  9. I actually used a normal iso ( of nfs pro street 2 or 1 i think) and after i patched it with esp patcher 2.0 (or 0.2 i dont remember one of them for sure) and afetr i used dvd decrypter to burn it ( i also used alcohol 120% wit hthe same patch and burned it but same same rezult) i put it in my playstation 2 i know u dont support piracy but yeah i have a modchip( this is a bonus thing helping u to answer my question) and how i said i put it in and nothing happens it takes it but its a black screen 0-0 nothing happens….. tried like 7 times no help ….. please tell me what is the problem

  10. hi i down loaded tomb raider. but there were 31 parts.file no. 31 was 16mb and all others 47.6mb iso files. but after extraction the 47.6 mb is showing 2.46 or so gb. so how do i burm=n them all to a singel dvd

  11. hey ^_^ can you play burned ps2 games on a backed up ps3?

  12. Great xD will i still have to use swap magic though?

  13. Hi im a new PS2 user And my Cousin is crazy abt a game called street cricket champions
    we bought the disk but it didnt work
    so i downloaded it using a torrent
    but when it was Dloaded and i extracted it only these came:
    and in the rar ther are no .NRG, .MDF, .BIN with .CUE files
    just some .PODS and A Folder With PS2mods with sum .gf and .irf files
    wat do i do

  14. Hey I made a comment a few mins ago
    forget that i fixed the prob with the qoute that was on the top
    my cousin is so happy taht i got the file and i’ll tell u if it works
    and my cousin says thanks

  15. hmmm, i like your tutorial, every part is elaborated 🙂 which is really great cause some host’s tutorials but yeah, doesn’t look much like a tutorial since they don’t elaborate it that much.

    got a question,

    what is modding ?
    “and using your favorite PS2 modding method (swap magic, HDA loader, modchip, memory card exploit), you can play your game on the PS2.”

    so you mean that the PS2 can’t read or play or read that game withouth modding it??

  16. I got a problem when I got throught downloading final
    fantasy it cam in multiple ISO files how does this work out

  17. so is this whole process the same for ps1 games. download torrent, extract, burn play etc or is it different for ps1 games

  18. Burn it using ImgBurn.Works every time for me…:)

  19. I dont understand the last part…after the burning is done, What is this Ps2 modding? and how to label it? you mean you still need to do something..before you can finally play your burned PS2 on your Ps2?

    Pls. tell me..thank you 😀

  20. Ps2 Expert Gamer

    how can i use the ulaunchelf?

  21. i have gta sanandreas game and it is scratched .can you copy the files from the dvd cd to the computer and burn it to another dvd cd???.the reason is becoz i cant download any game as it costs a lot so plzzzz

  22. I downloaded a game from torrent and (iso file) then I burnt that iso file onto a sony dvd+r dvd using imgburner at 4X speed and then tried running it on my playstation but when I insert the dvd is recognizes it allright but it displays ps2 on left handside of the TV and DVD Video on right hand top side of the TV and then it asks me to press enter or back and when I press enter nothing happens again the same thing reappears!!!Can you help me with this pls????

  23. What does he mean by Modding method (screenshot 6)? After the file is burned, then cant we just insert it into the PS2 and play?

    PS: Does anyone know where I can find “Buffy the vampire Slayers- Chaos Bleeds” for PS2?

  24. I have downloaded Nfs Most wanted from bit torrent . I have only one file which is the .mdf file . Should i extract it and then burn it or should i just burn the whole .mds file?? please answer right now as possible!!!

  25. is it ok that i used 16x speed by mistake? the cd s speed is 4x speed

  26. i have downloaded pes 2012 , ps2 …………. i have extracted a win.rar file and now all i am getting is a image file ( not the .ISO file ) ………. what should i do ????

  27. akashsaggar6@hotmail.com

    Please help me. I done this with ImgBurn and I have a 1st class Disk. Before I burned it I used ESR Disk Patch because I can’t mod, swap magic my PS2. When I finish burning I checked verify to make sure it is the exact same image as the ISO and then when I put it on my PS2 it recognises it as a DVD Video Disk and not a game. When I try to play it a black screen comes and nothing happens. This is probably because it is recognised a DVD Video Disk. Can you please tell me how to fix it. I heard something about if the size is 4.8 gb or bigger then you burn it to a DVD-r. If it is below then you burn it to a CD-r. My game is only 4.3 gb but I tried burning it to a DVD, it resulted in this. Can you please tell me if my error was burning it to a DVD. Reply to me at my email please.

  28. how do you burn the ulaunch elf to a dvd?

  29. I have an .NRG file that I can select to be copied but a window then comes up saying it is not a valid nero file. Do I need to convert it?
    I have nero 11

  30. minecraft_lvoer

    hey im useing imgburn for this, im trying to burn champions return to arms but when i go to burn the write symbol doesn’t come up beacuse it can’t find a lable to the game, can any one help me on this or should i just try to get nero?

  31. do i need to burn mds file too?

  32. Nice tutorial, thanks, spiderman seems to be working, downloading a ton of games right now ^^ wow i’m so no legal 🙂

  33. With writingspeed 2x and Imation DVD-R I get the warning ‘Invalid adress of write’ and ‘I/O..’ Whats cause?

  34. Can you suggest a good torrent site for ps2 games..

  35. How to convert mdf and mds files to iso type format?? Please help!

  36. is there any other way to mod? i did’t understood tho modding part also…

    can u just insert the cd into ps2 play the game?

  37. can u just insert the cd after step 6 into ps2

  38. hello,very good tut…….perfect,straight to the exact way to do this…….you mention and the end,…grab a marker and label the disk….then using your modding method????what is that????wont the disk play on any old regular ps2?????

  39. Guys I have a problem when i downloaded devil may cry 3 from a torrent instead of ISO file i got NRG so if i burn NRG into disc will it work in my PS2 ??

  40. my ps2 is modified, i burned Persona 4 on a DVD-R disc, the file is an ISO and i followed the steps written here. why does the disc can’t be read?

  41. how big is an iso file generally??

  42. The pirated games i buy from shops are working but in this method it is saying it is a dvd and not a ps2 compatible disc where as disc i buy don’t show this message. THE DISC I MADE WITH THIS METHOD IS NOT WORKING.I don’t know whats the problem i have a iso file i burnt it in nero but the pirated disc and the dic i have made have different properties

  43. i have downloaded God of War 2 – Platinum [PS2DVD] from torrent but when i extracted the folder it consisted of .pak file not .iso
    will it run on my ps2

  44. (swap magic, HDA loader, modchip, memory card exploit ) what are these things?

  45. what to do whn downloaded game is not in iso formate even when i have extracted it from WIn RAR

  46. Is it really necessary to modchip it or something wont the ps2 read the disk and load the game if no why and how do you do modchiping. Please help thanks in advance.

  47. Can you help in burninig multiple games on a single dvd. Like God of war 1 & God of War 2 & Code Breaker init.


  48. Hi. Thanks for this tutorial. I can patch iso files with ESR and burn them just fine. But i am lost as to what to do with any other file types. I use FMCB. I am a total noob to all of this sort of thing. I have games with bin/cue files, and one with .mdf extension. I’ve tried converting these to iso format then patch, with no luck. I get the “No UDF descriptor” message when trying to patch. Is there a detailed guide on how to do this? I typically use imgburn but have used alcohol 120%. When I patch and burn the iso files, I just put the disc in and start the ps2 and the games load great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  49. Sorry to leave two comments in a row, just thought of another question. I understand that I can burn bin/cue files and mdf’s. But they need to be patched with ESR patcher right? If not, then how do I get them to load? As I said before, I’m new to FMCB and am not sure how to do anything other than patch then boot up ps2. Thanks again!

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