Don’t Be a Tool – Let’s Exploit the Exploiters!

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Foreword:  Before you jump to conclusions, this post is not about how to exploit steam to get free games.  I was browsing youtube and found this video, which is obviously a scam.  Being that this is Exploit week, why not take a break from writing exploits, and have fun with real life exploiters instead for a day?

If you think this is evil, then you are correct.  If you think this is hilarious, great.  If you think I shouldn’t do this, then screw off.  I’m doing it anyway. It’s time for us to fight back! ~ Versatile


6-25-09:  Initial release.

Being that this week is Exploitation week, I wanted to find a new exploit to talk about.  Going to Youtube, I found this video, and I could not resist.  Below is the video.  The fun comes afterwards:

Here comes the fun part:

If you watched the video, steps three and four are very interesting.  The screenshots are below:

kiddiedog_step 3

kiddiedog_step 3 _ 2

kiddiedog_step 4

Should I try it out?  See what happens?  Yes, why not!  I am so ready to chew this guy apart!!!

See my Email below:

Well, what really sucked is that the email address in the video was totally messed up of course, so I did some guesswork and I found an email that worked.

joke email

So above is my email message.  I sent it off and I did not get a bounce back, so I assumed the email is good.  There are two things that can happen here:

1) The person has spoofed an email so he will get what I just sent above


2) This is an official Valve email address.  I searched google but nothing came up so lets see if it is an official email.  If it is, let’s see what Valve has to say.  If not and it is the exploiter’s email, I am going to respond back and forth and mess with his mind.  Expect updated pictures on this post as time goes on!

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  1. I know a WAY better games, download a program called “PacsteamT”.

    it is a cracked steam, i use it.

    • Does it give you all games?

      • There used to be clients that enable you to download all games yes.

        However make sure the client you use is safe. Some hacked clients send your login info to the creator of the hack. Never use your real account.

      • Its called the UnDeAd patch, but its dangerous to use, since you download the games straight from their servers :<

        Did you get a reply from the guy yet?

        • In the end, the email is bogus! I get a returned failure.

          If you find another video, new email address, please let me know. I will do the experiment again!

      • Yeah, you can pretty much run all games available through Steam, either by downloading through Steam (supported for some games), or by downloading the Steam files through Pacsteam forums (provided by other users) and then running those. Its generally good stuff, but if you do it, you need to make a completely new and separate account from your regular account so that Steam doesn’t see the connection and ban you. And they will if they notice. 😦

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