[How To] Burn a PS2 Game (From Torrent) To DVD Using DVD Decrypter

Foreword:  As you go through this tutorial, some people may question whether or not this is legal to do, which is make backups of your PS2 games.  Well, here is the short story of it all.  If you own a store bought game, you can make a backup copy of it.  The DMCA may say otherwise, but it all boils down to fair right usage.  If you make a copy of that retail game and sell the copy, then that is piracy and illegal.

If you download a PS2 game in which you do not own a retail version, then that is piracy again. Follow the law.  Play by the rules.  Play with a conscience mind.  The Underground Staff does not support piracy, and neither should you.  Thank you.  ~ Versatile


6-27-09:  Another classic tutorial re-written to new standards.

1-03-09: Deleted the video since it needs to be re-done. Minor changes. For some reason, there were NERO references.


Did you know you can make backups of your PS2 games (for legal purposes of course) to preserve your original game?  Well, yes you can.  What do you do if your favorite game has gotten scratched up over the years?  Do you want to go out and buy another copy of it?  Oh wait, Gamestop doesn’t have that game anymore?  What are you going to do?

Have you considered Torrents?

Wait, what are torrents?  In short, it is a small table of contents file called a “torrent” and you use it with a “torrent client” program.  From here, it will download the required files from other people online who are sharing the file for the online community.

Unfortunately, this article is not meant to be about torrents but rather show the user how to take a PS2 game that they got from a torrent, extract it from the Winrar files, and burn the ISO file using DVD Decrypter.

If you are unfamiliar with torrents, please read our excellent guides below first and then come back here:

[How To] Use Bittorrent – Utorrent

Guide for Better and Safer Torrenting

Assumptions (makes it easier for the rest of the tutorial)

1) You have some kind of RAR file extractor.  Examples include Winrar (shareware), and 7-zip (freeware)

2) You have Winrar or equivalent program configured properly.  More specifically, the program does not see your ISO file as an extractable file.

For a guide on Winrar and not making this mistake, see the guide below:

[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

3)  Your PS2 is modded via swap magic, modchip, or perhaps an exploited memory card.  To learn more about PS2 modding, see the guide below:

[Novice Guide] How to Get Started with PS2 and Backups

4) You have a DVD burner, and a spindle of blank DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs.

5) You have read this guide on DVD class media.  This is very important for a successful and readable disc for the PS2.

[How To] Determine DVD Class Media

6) You have DVD decrypter.  Get it from here.

7)  You have a passion to learn.  You know how to use the computer, and you have DVD Decrypter installed.  You may not be tech savvy, but you are willing to try out new things.  If you are stuck, please leave a comment!

Tutorial Starts Here

Step 1. Go to your favorite torrent site, and using your torrent program (I use utorrent) download a PS2 game. If you reside in the United States, make sure you download the NTSC version. If you get a PAL game, it will not work on your TV because it will flicker due to the refresh rate of the TV. NTSC games have 60 Hz refresh rate, but PAL games have 50 Hz refresh rate.

Step 2. Most often than not, the PS2 game you download will comprise of multiple RAR files. Select the first RAR file, right click and extract it.

Step 3. Once your game is extracted, you should have an .ISO file. Now open up your dvd decrypter program. Go to Mode > Iso > Write. Insert a blank DVD+R or DVD-R. It is recommended that DVD-R is used because of better compatibility with PS2 laser, but I have DVD+R work fine so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Step 4. Your screen should look like the one below now. Make sure to set the write speed to half the max rated speed of your blank DVD-r or DVD+r. For instance, if your DVD disc max write speed is 16X, put your burner speed setting at 8X.

Step 5. Now the game should be burning to the DVD.


Step 6. After a few minutes (depending on the speed of your DVD burner), DVD Decrypter is complete! Now use your favorite PS2 modchip device and it will work on your PS2.

If the game does not work, then there are two things that need to be done.

1) Use a different disc. Maxell DVDs are notorious for not being great DVDs. The PS2 laser is very picky as to what it can and cannot read. Many people suggest in getting Tao Yuden DVD’s but those are sometimes pricey. You can get by with better brands like Verbatim, Sony, and TDK to name a few.

2) Make sure the game is burnt correctly.

Video Tutorial

(to be added per 2010 standards)

I hope this helps. If questions, please leave comments! Enjoy!

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  1. Hey, thanks for all the help,I have given up alr, i tried sony before, nvr try TDK and memorex though but doubt they will work. Thanks man

  2. Well, we don’t know anything about your modchip. It doesn’t like your dvd quality is what I conclude.

  3. thank you it works in which speed i should burn dvd.

  4. You say to set the write speed to half the max rated speed of the blank DVD-R but can it be lower? In other words would a game come out in a better quality (no skipping) if it was burned at say 1x than 8x as you say for a 16x?

    • I have 16X cds, and I burn them at 4x or 6x if my computer can support burning that low. Never ever do 1x. You are asking for problems.

      • Why not?

        I saw a person in a forum who is always burn their PS2 backup with a 1x speed. And he never had a problem with that.

        • Too many threads at once. I am speaking from my own experience. I burnt a game at 1x once, and my game was lagging to hell. I then burnt to 6x, and the game works out fine. I have been doing this since 2007, so I have read all types of information all over the Internet. What I know for sure is burning too fast and too slow will screw you over, end of story.

          If you want to believe what someone else wrote in a forum, then thats OK. I am only telling you what I have suffered, and I always burn at 6x. 1x and 2x is just too slow, and thank god my burner doesn’t support that low of a speed, only 6x.

          • dude,, DVD decrypter has been good for me… but there was this game FIFA 11 which I burned using RidDATA dvd-r at the speed of x4 and x8…. on the x4 the game hanged up the loading screen… will at x8 yes I can play the game but It lags during gameplay and cut scenes like players entrance, goal celebration… can you explain to me why this problems occur and pls tell me what dvd brand you use yo burn games?

  5. best burn speed for ps2 isos (or any other DVD/CD exstention) is 4x it is the most compatibly burn speed

  6. its not burning it shows “device not ready(medium not present)” please help…..ur my only hope!!!!

  7. Everything worked instead of the burning………..When I select the file to burn……I said the file format is not supported……..Can anyone help me solving this problem?…….Thanks A lot…..

  8. Hello. I really glad I found your blog. I read this article and immediately tried it myself. I even grinning in the process, it’s likely because the excitement I feel about doing this. Okay, straight to the problem:

    Yesterday I bought 2 blank DVD: Sony D21 DVD+R and Maxell DVD-R (I dunno about the media ID, it’s like scrambled when I see it with DVDdecrypter).

    I read that Sony is a first quality DVD, so I tried to burn the game with DVDdecrypter. And I read that Maxell is sometimes failed, and I burn it with Alcohol 120%. I follow your directions properly with DVDdecrypter and I follow this guide http://snesorama.us/board/showthread.php?t=444 while using Alcohol 120%. And, the result is, my PS2 is asking for a Playstation 2 format disc.

    Believe me, I’m not a newbie with just burning (it’s not like I’m showing off), I’ve done it some times but to play it in PS2 is my first time. I know what I’m doing and I follow the guides correctly. For my PS2, I dunno if I had modchip in it, but it likely is, because I could play pirated games smoothly. Well, there are some games that I can’t play, Black for an example.

    So I’m asking, what went wrong?
    1. Does my PS2 simply can’t read Sony and Maxell disc (haven’t used Verbatim yet, it’s a pain looking for it in my area. Looking for these two are annoying enough)?
    2. Do all burner could burn a playable PS2 DVD? Or are there some specification for the burner? I’m using my Axioo Neon MLC laptop to burn my discs. http://www.axiooworld.com/region/index.php?act=product&goto=detil&id=NEON&type=MLC&country=axioosg

    I’m really looking forward for your reply. I really excited to find out what is wrong in this. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • DO U PLAY OTHER BACKUP’S ON UR PS2,or ur totally new to ps2 backup scene?

      Do u have modchip in your PS2?

      • Nope, I’ve never played any other backups I made on my own with my PS2. But I do play pirated PS2 DVDs I could buy at 50 cents each.

        I really don’t have any idea whether there is a modchip in my PS2 or not, but since I bought it about 3 years ago I have no problem playing pirated PS2 DVDs. Maybe I do have a modchip in my PS2.

        What about you? Have you made a playable backups with a Sony / Maxell blank DVD before? What program do you use to burn?

        Thanks for your concern, hope you could help me.

        • We need to start from the top, because I was like you many years ago, with excitement for my PS2, and hell, I’m still doing PS2 to this very day.

          1) Backed up DVDs is different than backed up games. Pirated DVD movies will work fine.
          2) Pirated ps2 dvds? Is that a game or movie?
          3) You need to get in touch with my whole PS2 modding youtube series. After watching a few videos, you will become so pro very quickly, I wish I had something like this when I first started. Watch the introduction to PS2 modding, and then go from there.

          • Thanks for your reply. Glad to see you’re as excited as I am before. I will seek the path you were walking. 😀

            I’m sorry, could you make things clearer? What do you mean by backed up DVDs? You mean DVD movies? I’ve never tried to play DVD movies with my PS2. I only tested backed up DVD games, and so far, failed.

            What I meant by pirated DVDs are pirated PS2 game DVD.

            Well, surely I’ll get in touch with your videos. But I can’t seem to play the video you’re providing here. Guess I’ll check your youtube channel.

            Just bought a couple of Verbatim DVD-R yesterday. It really is a pain looking for them. I don’t have a credit card and my paypal account is limited, so shopping online is not an option for now. Will browse around for some more, and test this so-called “first class media” (well, looking for this is a pain enough, so not to mention Taiyo Yudan).

            • Ouch. The video is fine. I dunno why I can’t play it before.

              After I watched your videos, I’d like to add some things:
              Now I know clearly about modding. But it’s still just the same as before: I dunno if my PS2 has a modchip or not. The vendor was not telling me anything about this. But it can play pirated DVD games. And if it really has a modchip, I dunno what modchip my PS2 has. And I guess I can’t know that for sure except I open my PS2, right?

              Speaking of DVD movies, I immediately tried to play DVD movies with my PS2. And it comes out that my PS2 can’t even play pirated DVD movies! What’s going on here?? *confused*

              • It should, I don’t see why not. Your backed up PS2 games you had before that play fine. What color is the bottom of the disc?

                • The backed up games that I bought at 50 cents each are yellow, some are white, and like not colored. The DVD movies are the same, yellow. My blank DVDs are like bluish purple, it’s the same for Sony, Maxell, and Verbatim.

                  Yeah, I don’t see why not. It’s confusing why something that should be working is not working.

                  Guess I’ll just test to burn with Verbatim DVD-R. I dunno what I’d do if this is not working.

                  • It doesn’t make sense. Do you have a modchip or not? See if your “modchip” can boot the ulaunchelf v4.40cd.

                    • Yeah, it really doesn’t make sense.

                      Btw, I visited my friend’s house yesterday to test drive my backed up DVDs. And the results are:

                      1. 2 Sony DVD+R which I burn with DVDdecrypter and Alchohol 120% with change booktype to DVD-ROM setting works perfectly. No lagging or anything.

                      2. Maxell DVD-R which I burn with DVDdecrypter, works but with lag in FMVs. Not really good.

                      3. Verbatim DVD-R, with Imgburn. I ticked the “eject” options so it would eject when the burning process is finished. And his PS2 didn’t boot at all. So I assume DVDdecrypter works better than Imgburn.

                      Then here comes yet another question:
                      1. My PS2 does not have the “Playstation 2” screen when booting the game. And his PS2 has the screen. I wonder if my PS2 can’t read the backed up DVDs because of the modchip I’m using currently just simply can’t read them?

                      2. So, if it is indeed a modchip problem, what is the solution? Change the modchip? I don’t even know what modchip I’m using.

                      3. And last, I just tested to burn the ulaunchelf and use it on my PS2. But it turns out that my PS2 can’t read the CD-R also. Well, atm I’m using a crappy media quality, so I’ll see what it can do with a better quality media. Will hook you up when I do that.

                      After all, thanks for your kind replies, Versatile! It’s nice to have someone to discuss this matter.

                    • Backed up DVDs is movies or games?

                      2) I never ever had a backed up game have an FMV lag. Very peculiar.
                      3) DVDdecrypter versus ImgBurn in theory should be the same in terms of burning mechanism.

                      1) Odd. Ideally, we want to somehow get you FMCB installed on your memory card. Then life becomes much simpler.
                      2) There is a way to check your modchip. I forget if you have to press circle and triangle while PS2 is booting up? Best to ask the gurus at the psx-scene.com forum.
                      3) Did you burn it at 24X CD-R? Get the ulaunchelf v4.40cd.

  9. Haha, looks like our conversation was too long for wordpress. Let’s start a new one. 🙂

    1. Just to let you know, I’ve given up on playing DVD movies with my PS2. So, when I talk about backed up DVDs, it must be a PS2 DVD game.

    2. The FMV lag really happens, with a Maxell DVD-R backed up game. I’m sure it’s just because the crappy media.

    3. I’m gonna check my PS2’s BIOS by dumping it. It’s illegal, but just as you say, it depends on what we’re gonna do with it, right? I’m just gonna dump it to know what BIOS my PS2 is. And, just so you know, my PS2 is a SCPH 90006 NTSC-J. I’m afraid if my PS2 has the BIOS v230, so theoretically I can’t boot FMCB with my PS2, can I?

    4. Oh yeah, I managed to get a hold of Verbatim CD-R. And successfully my PS2 can boot to uLaunchELF. So I guess my PS2 do has a modchip after all, eh?

    • Yes, you do have a modchip. You are out of luck though for FMCB, as that was fixed starting with the SCPH-9XXX series. However, you can use ulaunchelf to then boot homebrew programs from a memory card or a usb thumb drive. Hope is not lost man, you still got potential here.

      • Actually, I guess I’m at luck with FMCB, mate. I already installed FMCB on my memory card! I really glad I could do that. Then I tried the BIOS dump mass homebrew application, and dumped mine. It turns out that my BIOS is version 220, which is still supported by FMCB (at least that’s what I assume by reading the PSX-Scene forum. But alas, the problem still don’t know when to stop.

        1. I still can’t boot the backed up DVD games which I burnt. Neither can I play some pirated DVD games. Although FMCB supposed to be capable of doing that, I can’t seem to make that happen.

        2. So, I look for another method. Then I tried the USB method, by using OPL 0.8. It works with my USB powered WD Elements external harddisk. But, the game lags at some point, to be exact when the game renders the environment of the game. So, be sure to check the LAN post because I’m going to post my comments there!

  10. hi….

    i followed the steps you showed above using dvd decrypter and my ps2 responded nothing just showing the memory cards data….im using sony blank dvd+rw and speed of 2x according to what you said about taking half the speed that is written on the dvd. thanks alot.

    looking forward to hearing from you…………

  11. Dudes,when i have burned my ps2 game i had those problems:
    1)The game is loading very long
    2)And the maps(for example:building,roads,trees…etc)are not loading properly.
    Please help me.
    ( i’m using Verbatim DVD-R)

  12. I’m really new at this. What are some different ways to softmod a PS2? I don’t want to do something that could potentially mess it up either. Please help.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that the ps2 is the bulkier one. The first one to come out. I’ve read that it can play pirated games on its own without any modding, but I’m not sure and I don’t wanna go and try it and then find out it can’t.

      • I have fat ps2 and slim ps2. The fat PS2 cannot play backed up games by itself. It needs a softmod. The easiest softmod is FMCB, but the problem is, you need to know someone who has PS2 tools so they can make the softmod for you. There are people who allow people to mail them the memory card, and then they mod it and all you pay is shipping and handling.

        I’ve done a few like that for my friends in the USA. That is simplest softmod, or go buy swap magic from estarland.com for 30 dollars (might be less) and you can swap games. This is what I did when I got my fat ps2 back in 2007.

  13. any body help me for my son, plz send me sony cart kings ps2 pal game image or rar file my mail. because my sons , cart kings game no read for dirty scratches . please help me.

  14. Hi, I’m having some problems with getting a certain game to work. I’ve been playing PS2 games I’ve burnt myself for years and years, and yes, there are problems reading every now and then, and I’ve had to realign my laser, but on the whole my PS2 works fairly well. (It’s a fatty, in case that helps)

    As for this game (Persona 3 FES), I previously wrote it on another disc (can’t recall the brand, -R, written at 4x) and got nothing, whereas other games were working fine on the same discs. Now I’ve written it on a Verbatim (Taiyo Yuden) +R at 8x. When I put it in it very quickly loads the game and shows the “Playstation2” splash screen, and then… black screen. It is obviously trying to load as I can hear it, but it just can’t. Poor thing is struggling so hard, but I just can’t convince her to load. 😦

    My question is, would it be worth rewriting it at 4x on the same disc? I know the iso works as I can play it on my emulator but my computer isn’t powerful enough to run at a playable speed, thus why I’m intent on burning it.
    Alternatively, is the problem the fact that it is an UNDUB of the original game? Is this what my PS2 is having trouble with? I’ve played ripped and edited games on it before, though.

    Thank you, long post I know, but you’ve been very helpful and informative so was hoping you might have some insight as I’m completely stuck for answers and don’t want to just go and waste another disc as they’re the best quality ones we have left.
    Thank you!

  15. Versaitle is correct FMCB is the best soft mod out there, very very easy to instal and best of all it is free.

    I just installed it on my memory card 2 days ago and i can play any burnt ps2 games with out any problem

  16. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

  17. When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on
    the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.

    Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service?

  18. Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out more details.

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