[How To] run your high-requirement game without those graphic glitches

Some newer games, such as PES 2009 and GTA 4 require a lot of system resources and a higher-end PC to run. Even when your PC meets those requirements, sometimes the games run slowly and the graphics shows glitches because of some other resource hungry processes interfering with your game. The post will introduce a solution to this problem.

Every program you run, and some that automatically run in the background, create processes that may consume memory that interferes with your gameplay. To terminate those processes open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELTE.

After the Task Manager shows up, click on the “Processes” Tab. If you have not previously cleaned some unused Terminatable processesstartup items using STARTER or another startup manager, you might find there are a whole lot of resource hogging processes. Now sort the processes according to “User Name” by clicking on the header of the “User Name” column.

All of the processes belonging to your user name except “explorer.exe” can be ended by highlighting the process and clicking “End Process” at the bottom-right corner of the Task Manager. Click yes to confirm.

Now, run your game. Afterwards, pause the game and use ALT-TAB to return to the desktop. Open Task Manager again using CTRL-ALT-DELTE. Go to the “Process” tab again, and find your game process. The name should be same to the game executable. For example, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 would be “pes6.exe”.Set process priority

Right click on that entry, then “Set Priority” and click “Real Time”. That should make the game run as fast as possible that your PC can allow. Enjoy playing your games faster!

Note: If you terminate the wrong process(es), just do a force reboot, and the processes will rerun themselves.

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  1. I use a Windows Vista Home Basic, and I’m wondering if I have to end process ALL. On my Windows Task Manager, I have several other “users” like Local Service, Network Service, and System. Should I end the process for these applications too?

    • I don’t think you need to kill all those services. A decent CPU, ram, and video card will be more than enough to get you on your way.

    • Crunchy, “Local Service, Network Services and System” has processes that cannot be terminated. Only terminate those with your user name except explorer.exe

  2. Versatile, this article is for the slower and older computers. Still, thanks for your comments.

  3. there is such a thing a prioritisation where you don’t have to kill processes

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