The Underground Roadmap – What Lays Ahead of Us


7-27-09:  Initial release

Everyone has a vision, and a goal in life.  Of course we do, otherwise you would be a worthless sack of particles and matter, right?  Anyway, after writing a few retrospect posts these past few days, I thought it would be nice for a change to give you guys where I want the blog to go, if anything, my own personal goal for the blog.

By revealing what I want to work on, it should hopefully get you excited too so that when the time comes you will be ready or you can give other suggestions. For the other authors, if you have something to say, do it in your own post please.  Do not let my ideas impede on yours or influence or subtract from your thoughts. If things happen to overlap, then so be it.  It just means that this blog is doing something to your subconscious. :-0

What is a Roadmap exactly?

Many times in product development, users will use what is called a roadmap.  Think of it as a flowchart (graph, spreadsheet, or whatever you want to use) that basically outlines what you want to do in the future.  It may have dates, ideas, dead-lines, etc to keep the creative juices flowing.  Do I have a roadmap?  Sort of.  I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head, and I have jotted a few of them online in google docs, but its not everything.

Because of the way of how technology is advancing these days, and after consulting my various sources, there is so much information I want to share with you guys in the future that just thinking about it gives me a shiver. :-0

Obviously, the biggest part of the roadmap is just more underground material!

Underground Material?  What do you have in mind?

The last few days I have somewhat covered this, so I don’t want to go into too much detail, otherwise I will lose my mojo. >_>

In short, there needs to be more content that makes you change your perspective on how you do things at the computer.  You think that you need to give up your hard earned dollar for that bloated Nero at the store?  Think again.

Want to digitize your family videos on VCR to DVD?   This can be arranged.  Underground material is such a relative term, you know?  I clearly know when something needs to be on TUG and not here, but sometimes its not that easy.  Does teaching you how to hack your bicycle to make the street lights turn green on demand go here or on TUG?  :-0

Honestly, all the underground and non-underground content is supposed to help you and myself reach my dream goal. Want to know?

Oh Yes! Please tell!

It’s easier if I paint a picture or story. This is how I envision things to be once all is done and over with. :-0

Imagine a world where you are at the top of your game.  Your computer is your most cherished “toy” in the house. No, not a toy, its your best non-mammal friend.  You know exactly how to treat it, and your computer knows how to treat you to help you stay on top of your life goals.

As you start to use your computer to help you with work, life, or entertainment, you know exactly how to use the PC to the fullest potential.  You are not a tool, because you are using the PC as a tool.  You treat the PC with the utmost care and love.  You know exactly how to browse on the Internet.  Spyware and viruses have a hard time infecting your machine because you know what programs to use and how to set them up correctly.

Identity theft is not a worry to you because you know what to look for when managing finances online, as well as how to handle “shady” websites.

Using the PC as an entertainment machine is a piece of cake.  You know what hardware to use to play your games at full potential, just as the game developer’s wanted you to experience their games.   Not much of a gamer?  No problem.  You know how to turn the PC into a home theater PC or HTPC machine that connects to your home theater speaker or HDTV system.

Learn how to record TV on demand, and stream music/videos from the PC in the office to the living room.  Already, you are making the Tivo and Xbox 360 jealous.  Sure you give them your attention, and you give them some skin to plastic controller love, but the PC just shivers with excitement as you type with all your fingers on the keyboard and take control of the mouse. :-0

Just got a awesome new game from a questionable source because you are too poor or your retail copy is scratched up?  No worries!  You know how to fix the situation when otherwise you would have given up or bought a new copy because you didn’t no better.  Patches, fixes, and manual game patching does not even phase you at all.  If the game/software doesn’t work in your favor, you know how to search online the various forums to get the answer that you seek.  Even if you do fail in your journey, you know you can rely on the Underground for the answers or at least advice to your questions.

Installing programs on your computer used to be scary. Not anymore, as you know what are the best programs to use.  You live a life of freeware (as the best as you can within your means) because you know that there isn’t some backdoor trojan or keylogger nagging away at the back of your mind.

Sandboxes are not longer for kids, as you know how to use sandboxie on the computer to protect yourself online from malicious scripts.  Firefox is your brand new pet, and with all the new extensions you have been feeding it, Firefox has done a great job in making you a happy computer master.

You used to be a slob.  Your digital files was all over the place. You didn’t know where a certain file is, or your organizational skills just plain simply sucked.  Not anymore, as you know exactly where everything is thanks to your new file system.  With Search Everything teamed up with Launchy, everything is within a few keystrokes.  Your DVD movies or MP3 files are catalog in a program that makes it very easy for you to find out what you have, and where its located.

Your backing up skills is phenomenal.  Having a hard drive crash is not going to scare you because you know you have another copy on your external hard drive, other PC, or online such as dropbox.  As your friends cry because they lost their pictures, you come to the rescue by using a copy of SpinRite to save their hard drive, and effectively become the new hero on the block.

You are the robin hood of game consoles.  You have taught the children of the town how to exploit their Wiis, Xboxes, PS2s, and handheld gaming systems so they can cherish their games and make backups.  They have stuck it to the “man”, and showed them who is the king.

Or perhaps you have some money to burn so you go and get a seedbox.  You stick it to the RIAA, MPAA, the BSAA and everyone else to conceal your activities online.  Does this sound like you?  If you got the guts to pay for such a service, then props! Or maybe you have the knowledge to educate your friends so you can borrow their seedboxes. Muahha.

IRC is a the newest network on the block.  You know how to navigate the channels, and find those obscure Japan Anime managa series that the regular torrent or forum networks don’t have.  You find yourself a group of techies that know more information about computers than Bill Gates himself.  Heck, you found a Korean Starcraft Pro gamer player that let you in on some inside secrets of Starcraft 2 and more.  Sounds like pure awesomeness?  That is because this is you, or can be you…

The story can easily go on and on.  There really is no end, because new information is coming all the time. The moral of the story is that I am here, along with everyone else, to teach you what you need to know so that you can make the decisions in your life to make yourself better in whatever way possible.  Some call this a “life hack”, I call it just pure awesomeness.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than doing something that someone didn’t think is possible, or your friends didn’t know and you spread the information.  The Internet has made this possible.  It is up to you to choose how you want to finish in life.

So that is my vision.  Now you sort of know why I post the tutorials that I do.  Each post that I put up is slowly painting the overall picture or story. One of these days, this story will have an end, but we are far from that. Oh yes, very far from that.

The blog + newsletters + youtube + e-book + anything else along the way contributes to the overall picture.  One of these days I will reflect all that I have done in my younger years, and I will regret none of it.  It will definitely be a memorable piece of personal history. I hope it has been a great time for you, for both the old and new readers.  All I ask in return is that you spread the word, and visit us often!

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  1. if that bicycle hack is for real please share

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