Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!


7-30-09: Initial release.  Added another section for Underground Gamer requests.

7-31-09: Added World in Conflict and Warcraft 3 gamer request.

8-01-09: Added No One Lives Forever 2 gamer request, Far Cry 2, and Gears of War.

8-02-09: Changed the game request section slightly.  Now it has a “Known to work Straight Up” part of it.

8-3-09: Added notes to the games section for quake 3 and call of duty 1.

8-7-09: Added Worms Armaggedon and Worms World Party to games section.

8-8-09: Added hamachi channel. I hope I am not going to regret this.

8-11-09: Added Call of Duty 2 and Gears of War to verified games list.

8-13-09: Added install Tunngle demonstration video.

10-31-09: Added a long list of games: Battlefield Vietnam, Borderlands, Demigod, Duke Nukem, GTA IV, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Shift, and Underground 2; Red Faction Guerilla, Resident Evil 5, Section 8, Serious Sam – The SEcond Encounter, Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow, Starcraft, Street Fighter IV, Titan Quest, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

2-7-10: Added Troubleshooting Tunngle Video

3-1-10: Removed old videos.

Yes, I am going to fix the pictures. Will do that tomorrow.

7-3-10:  Added note to the game list section. There are lots of LAN games, so way in hell I will update this list for all the hundreds of LAN games I have tested.

Foreword:  I am very excited.  This is definitely one of my favorite posts for 2009, and as you read further, you will understand why.  This guide is clearly not illegal.  It is simply another method to enable users to play their LAN enabled games over the Internet with friends.  No longer are you bound to be in the basement with your PCs to play LAN games! There is a reason why I spent two long nights working on this guide and the excellent video!  ~ Versatile

If you follow this blog, or know anything about VPN programs, Hamachi is a great program that people can use to play LAN games with each other.  In short, Hamachi was the king for implementing LAN games to play over the Internet.  How it worked is people would join these networks, and Hamachi gives each user a unique IP address.  When you launch a game, the game is tricked into thinking that everyone in the network is on the same LAN, and hence, you can see each other to play the game.

Of course, Hamachi has other useful purposes such as being a great secure chat medium, as well as being an alternative as a safe VPN to tunnel into your PCs and transfer files or encrypt remote transfers or remote administration.

See you are praising Hamachi?

Just like any program in life, everything has its downfall unfortunately. Hamachi is a great program, but when you try to play LAN enabled games over the Internet, it is not an exact science.  I harp a lot about the importance of VPN alias, and I thought that was the holy grail to make games work, but that is not true unfortunately.

Although you do the VPN alias for the user, it turns out that sometimes it doesn’t make the server show up in the game.  You may have to disable encryption, and instead of having the the first 3 octets of the IP address same as host and the last octet the same as the client’s last octet, you may have to change the method where the last octet of the VPN alias is one number higher than the client’s last octet.

For example:

Host IP:

Client IP:

The traditional VPN alias for host would be:  Sometimes not all games will work properly, and through error and trial, you find out the VPN alias should really be  Get my drift?  It is not an exact science.

Plus, there are claims that in Vista and Windows 7 that the UDP traffic that Hamahi used is not being routed properly in the OS so that is why you may not see a game in the LAN menu.

Well frick man.  How about Garena?

I’m glad you reminded me about Garena.  Don’t get me wrong, Garena is a great program to. Hamachi is limited in the sense that in order to play your favorite game, you need other people online at the same time in your network.  Since the network is limited to 16 players, you constantly have to kick people to get new people inside.

When using Garena, this is not the case anymore.  Garena is almost like Valve’s Steam in the sense that it has a game browser.  It has multiple network rooms, where the max limit of each room is 225 players.  Garena takes care of the VPN alias in the background.  All you need to do is make sure your game is the latest version as the other players, host a game, and then people can instantly join you through the multiplayer aspect of the game in question.

The problem? Garena has a small list of games. The hottest games they got going on right now is Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Starcraft, and the Warcraft 3 series.  It is funny that they have COD4 and COD5.  Although its nearly empty for USA rooms, its vastly popular in Brazil and Europe networks?  What gives? >_>

If you have a LAN game like Diablo II, there is no way you can make that work in Garena.  You can try to make it work in Hamachi though, but you will have to mess with the VPN alias, and making Hamachi the primary adapter in Windows, which I have guides on already.

This is why I am so glad to find a new program called Tunngle.

All right, you got me.  What is Tunngle?

Tunngle (pronounced as “tung-gle” – I hope that is right pronunciation) is another VPN client program like Hamachi or Garena.  However, it is vastly compared to Hamachi because of its feature set.

Take a look at the chart below, thanks to the source, and major props to Brioche.

Features Hamachi Tunngle
Network capacity limit 16 255
Works properly on Vista & W7 No* Yes
Integrated network browser No Yes
Integrated network search No Yes
Works with games Sometimes** Always
Class C emulator No Yes
Native secure protocol for file sharing No Yes
Tight sharing access control No Yes
Know how many players are in a network before joining it No Yes
Advanced security Yes Yes
Players in a network Offline&Online Online***
Friend system No Yes
Global chat blacklist No Yes
Global banlist Yes Yes
Global messenger No Yes
Game dedicated organization No Yes
Support Absent Full & Quick

As you can see, Tunngle blows Hamachi out of the water.  It has an interface that is a cross between Steam and Garena.  It has a list of game networks that you can join and its very easy to play a game.  Zero configuration which I will talk about later in this guide.  It truly is the holy grail that all the hardcore PC gamers have been waiting for.  Oh yea, and if a game is not on the Tunngle network, you can go to a misc network and play your game there!  It has sexy written all over it.

You are killing me with anticipation.  How do I get started with Tunngle?!

Haha, keep your pants on. Here is the guide you have been waiting for in easy to follow steps:

Note: The program is made by German programmers, and it is still in beta.  They are working on an English translation, which I hope is released soon!

1) Go to www.tunngle.net.  Download the program and install it.  Make an account at the website and fill out the required information.  Make sure to confirm the email message.

2) Launch the tunngle.net program.  It will look like the screenshot when you first load it.

3)  After awhile a message will pop up below.  Say “Ja”.

4) Type in your account and software password.

It will take about a minute to connect and it looks like the screen below.

5)  Here you are at the main screen.  Click on community, then network, then go to browser.

6)  On the left hand side, is all the categories. If you select any particular category, you can break it down to the specific games.

7)  Enter into any game room.  Now minimize Tunngle, and launch your game.  When you go to the LAN portion, you should see servers if anyone is hosting.  Likewise, you can host and others will see it.  No configuration.  No need to mess with VPN alias or other settings.

Pretty cool right?  Let’s say that your favorite game is not in the Tunngle game browser.  No worries!  Just go to any game room, although you can go to one of the rooms under “misc”.  Host your game there with your friend, and Tunngle takes care of the rest.

OMG, this really is the holy grail!

Of course it is. If you do not realize the beauty of this program, then I ask you leave or reconsider why this program is a breakthrough. Easy to use, easy to setup, and best of all, it works with all games with LAN functionality.  Screw you Garena.  Hamachi can rot in hell when your favorite game is not working, but yet it works great in Tunngle!

The only problem is right now like 98% of the user base in Tunngle are Europe/Asia game players.  There are hardly any USA players, maybe 0.05% are USA/Canada players.  My goal is that this article, coupled with my Youtube video, will open up other peoples eyes to get onto the Tunngle network.

I will definitely be visiting the Tunngle network to share my story as well as this article and see if I can help with promotion of such a fine program. Thank you Tunngle.  You are a blessing.

Underground Gamer Requests

Note (added 7-3-10): There are a lot of LAN games I have tested, and due to the ridiculous amount of those games, I cannot and will not put those games into the list below. Therefore, if the game has LAN, it is guaranteed to work. No ifs, ands, or buts. It will work!

Tunngle is still in its infancy stage.  With that said, as more and more people read about this article, I want you to let us know what games you have that you want to play on Tunngle.  As more and more people comment, we will have a special list for everyone to contribute to!

Games we want you to have to play with us.  Games with an * means modification may be needed.  Just go to the tunngle server, host a LAN game, and people can join without special instructions!  All games below are verified to work unless noted below:

  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Borderlands
  • Call of Duty*[best if you use the windows 1.5 private server crack to defeat “awaiting cd key authorization” method]
  • Call of Duty 2* [Use the 1.3 private server crack to defeat “awaiting cd key authorization” method]
  • Call of Duty 4* [Use the 1.6 private server crack to defeat “awaiting cd key authorization” method]
  • Call of Duty 5* [Use the 1.7 private server crack to defeat “awaiting cd key authorization” method]
  • Call of Juarez
  • Demigod
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Far Cry 2
  • Gears of War* [See special tutorial here]
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Half-Life
  • Halo 2* [requires special steps. See tutorial here]
  • Killing Floor
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Need for Speed: Shift
  • Need for Speed: Underground 2
  • No One Lives Forever 2
  • Quake 3: Arena  [better if you turn on dedicated server, then join it to fight lag]
  • Quake Wars: Enemy Territory  [needs verification]
  • Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2
  • Red Faction Guerlla
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Section 8
  • Serious Sam – The Second Encounter
  • Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  • Starcraft
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Titan Quest
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
  • Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
  • Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
  • World In Conflict
  • Worms Armaggedon
  • Worms World Party
  • UT 3
  • UT 2k4

Troubleshooting Tunngle Video Tutorial

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  1. Okey, so i got a bit tired of not knowing what the buttons did. So i tried all of them, and with the little dutch i speak (and google translator xD) – i translated SOME of them! So you can get an idea of what they do!

    Picture 1: Login
    Note: I thought ‘Login’ and ‘Autologon’ spoke for themselves

    Picture 2: Overview
    Note: Not translated buttons speaks for themselves!

    Picture 3: Community
    Note: Skins button redirects you to a site, where you can download Tunngle skins

    Picture 4: Game Browser
    Note: 65 online in Call Of Duty 4!!!

    Picture 5: Game Lobby
    Note: No note

    Picture 6: System Overview
    Note: Change Tunngles design in the ‘skins’ section – sound is sound settings

    Picture 7: Player menu overview
    Note: No note

    Picture 8: Ban List
    Note: I don’t know what the Übernhem button does

    Picture 9: Contact List
    Note: Rechte & Tunngle Shares needs to be explored more…

    Apparently, Tunngle also has a file sharing function, i have not yet used it, but this is how I THINK it works:

    Using the Rechte (Rights) button, you are able to create RULES. So lets say i wanna share a file with Versatile; I create a folder somewhere on my computer. Place the file inside it, then i go to Rechte, and make a rule for Versatile. By making a rule i can choose: What FOLDER (not file) he can see – If he may download the content – If he may add / edit stuff in there
    (You can create unlimited rules – I think, yet i haven’t got stopped!)

    Using the Tunngle Shares button, you can browse what content your friends has put out for you to see, and from there download it!

    This is just how I think it works, I am not sure! Also, i don’t know if it is P2P or if it is going through a server?

    Also: Some people might have noticed that you have a ping youself, this does not matter! It is just the ping to the tunngle server – if you have a bad ping, it will take longer time before people will show up on your lists (Lobby, Contact, whatever)


    By the way, nice video Versa!


  2. only problem i see is that the networks do not look active only about 1 or 2 ppl per network is it more active than in the video?

    • Yes, you have to take in mind that most of the people playing are from Europe (Time Zone +1) – Versatile lives in U.S.A (Time zone -5).

      So when it’s 22 at his place, it is 4 in the morning here in Europe!

      By the way, can you add; World In Conflict & Warcraft 3 – to the list 😀 ?

    • It is more active during the day, since a lot of the players are euro players. My goal is to get more english exposure to the Tunngle program.

    • Hey guys, I was wondering if COD5 Nazi Zombies Cooperative LAN works on this. Thanks guys! Hook me up on some answers! :] If anyone wants to try hooking it up in zombies, tell me ^^ I have a little experience with 1.6 patch and I’m willing to give it a shot USA time pacific timezone. Im a student so.. find me when im around :]

  3. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

  4. How do i download games

    • Not sure what kind of answer you are looking for. You go find a game you like whether it is from torrents, rapidshare, other forums, and then download them.

  5. Why is there * behind the game nams? I don’t see any text under, explaining / telling something below ?

  6. If you don’t believe in Tunngle, check out this video (proof): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD_pPvpAmxI

  7. Going to try: Demigod and TF2, anyone want to give a hand?

  8. bro

    will this work 100% on windows 7 ,i mean we play cod4 over himachi while using himachi .exe for cod4 works better with xp and vista but my friend install windows 7 i create a server(on vista) he told me that i cant see and server so he removed it and then install the game same problem(on windows 7) will this problem works in windows 7 while who ever make server plzzz help need help

    • Dude, come to our hamachi network. We have personally verified that COD4 works on tunngle without problems.

      Jewbacon’s Kosher Kastle
      pass = 333

      • what version of cod4 are you guys using on tunngle because i cant see any servers when i connect through tunngle and when i try to connect to a cracked server it says that i am banned and i have never played on them b4,some other servers say connection time out. have any idea whats the problem,i am using version 1.7

  9. but there only about 50 people playing whereas Garena has almost 2000 (im using my psp to write this!)

  10. Will it work with Red Alert 2?

  11. Happy to meet with you here, thanks above information, I will always come

  12. Well this is just an awesome program, I’ve been experimenting with it for a little while now. But here’s where I run straight into a brick wall, I have 7 Computers on my LAN, 4 of which are used to play Left 4 Dead, my problem is will my friends have to sign up for tunngle as well? Can I install the program on all my PCs and use just my one account or will I have to have 4 different accounts? Do you see what I’m getting at here? Its kind of hard to explain.

    • It’s not that hard to understand at all. I would think logically, you need unique accounts on all PCs. The only way to verify is sign on the same account all PCs. Of course, the server may hand out IPs related to the specific username, so you may catch yourself in a bind.

      • Unfortunately it did not work. A screen came up on my 1st PC saying the connection has been disconnected, when I logged on, on my 2nd PC. Well I think I’m gonna stick with Hamachi for now.

        • I am sure you can get ‘a package deal’ if you ask one of the admins (ZAX) nicely, if you wanna switch to tunngle with all the 7 PCs and if their all pretty active that is.

          Or are you talking about a LAN party with the friends

    • it is the same as Lan Party.But since you are already in lan,all you have to do is enter the hosting commands by console…There are MANY guides to show you this via Internet.I even made one in greek and hosted it in undergrounds sites,if you know what i mean 😉

  13. I read all about your blog and i read this

    “The problem? Garena has a small list of games. The hottest games they got going on right now is Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Starcraft, and the Warcraft 3 series. It is funny that they have COD4 and COD5. Although its nearly empty for USA rooms, its vastly popular in Brazil and Europe networks? What gives? >_>”

    A bit racist?I dont call you racist or anything but i say what it sounds like.Garena is used by all the globe.Get Warcraft 3 for example.Why to have only in USA?

    • Note I said “nearly empty for USA rooms”. I understand that some of the Asia rooms are vastly popular too, depending on the game in question.

      Also, I wanted to convey that COD4 and 5 is empty for USA, but its vastly popular for countries outside the USA.

  14. veinerschnitzel

    i think he just mistook what you said because of his seemingly poor english, as what you said is not racism by any standard.

  15. Vesatile, i need some help, yesterday and today, me and my cousin we tryed to connect to cod 4, and he was able to find the servers on the local, and i wasn’t, only when i created my own it detected.i have a router.He has windows XP and i have windows vista, i already did that of your video to go on the control panel and put the tungle connection to the first one, but when i did that, it was already on the first one.
    today alone, i tryed it again, i went on call of duty 4 channel of tunngle and there were there 30 guys, then i turned on my cod4 multiplayer, i went on LOCAL option and refreshed and stuff but i saw no servers…. can you help me?
    tanks for earing me.

    sorry for my bad english

    ( i have last patch of cod4 , 1.7)

    • omfg i am sorry, *Versatile

    • Two items:

      1) Maybe no one was hosting at that time
      2) Did you verify you had a tunngle IP at that time?

      I suggest that you get into our hamachi network, as some of us have COD4 and we can help you test.

      Jewbacon’s Kosher Kastle
      pass: 333

      • wait, how do i verify if i have a tunngle IP?

        • To verify that TUNNGLE is your primary adapter run cmd.exe & type ipconfig
          Look for a snippet like this (mine is danish but meh):

          How it should look like:
          Ethernet-netværkskort LAN-forbindelse:

          Forbindelsesspecifikt DNS-suffiks. . . . . . :
          IPv4-adresse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : (Tunngle IP)
          Undernetmaske. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
          Standardgateway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :

      • ah and my hamachi says that Jewbacon’s Kosher Kastle , doesnt exist

        • i’ve been in 4 hamachi rooms wich all of them had some online people, and at same time with tnngle on cod4 room, i went on cod4 LOCAL and i still see nothing.
          yesterday i saw like 50 people in the cod4 room and i was able to find 3 servers, but today again i see nothing

          • sorry for the spam, but another thing i have noticed is that in the browser in cod4 it says it has lik 40 people, but i only see 12, or 15…

        • 1) The network does exist, because I literally see it in my face right now. Join my other hamachi network, Underground Chat, pass = chat and if I see you I can get you into the other network.

          2) It depends if there really is a game or not. Best to ask the channel to verify. You do have a virtual IP address right?
          3) It might be an issue on your end or firewall. Sometimes I notice that it says there is (1) in the room, but when I get in there I see no one.

          Or it could be the other person’s problem.

          To verify tunngle IP, you have to look at the tunngle program in bottom left hand corner. It will be 7.0.xxx.xxx.

          • well, i dont really see what you mean with the “virtual ip adress”, but yes, yesterday there were like 12 person on room and i sayd: i see no servers, and then they told me: aaah change filtrers so you can see them.
            i know it is not a filtrer program cause it is detecting all.
            ah, when i look at “Virtuelle IP: – ” it just appears liek that, it has no numbers, only says: “Virtuelle IP:- [nothing appears here}]”

            ah, and i already joined your hamachi channel.

  16. i have problem with Tunngle , in login time my PC is blocking with Blue Screen

    • Why would you get a blue screen when you try to login with tunngle? If this happens everytime, this is issue with your PC somewhere, not with the software I would think.

      Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7?

  17. Hamachi network is dead

    • i agree. after tunngle gets really going, hamachi has nothing really going for it.
      unless people still use it for the vpn function. which is silly, there are better alts out there.

      • i need help.
        1.when i try log in i have to wait very long about~5 minutes
        2. when i enter it only write my ip but not nickname:( i dont get it why i cant logged in
        3.it always said me about adapter and p2p
        what should i do ???(use wista 32bit)

  18. ask to my question and dont ask me about dead hamachi

  19. I was wondering how can u tell wat version of the game is being hosted on tunngle e.g. warcraft frozen throne?
    I installed tunngle ran it then ran the game, click on the lan area to find a game but there is no games listed warcraft wat am i doing wrong?

    • Absolutely nothing wrong. It is an unspoken rule that every game played on Tunngle is updated to the latest version. Why would you not update your game to the latest version anyway?

      Plus, take a look at the number of users in the game room. If there are zero people, then of course there will be no games.

  20. Good Site my friend!! Congratulations!!

    Here you can find tons of great online flash games to play.
    Remember to check back often because we are always adding new games.

    Play Free Online Games


  21. ok it is working i can leave mesagges now questions

    1when tunngle will be translated in english,full english??
    2it is in beta for 2 years,i played pure on it,when it is be finished??

    now problems

    1why i dont see my buddies in the room,i join some empty room my buddy too but i dont see him,and he dont see me,we only see ourseleves??
    2i can not ping him over comand prompt,and he can not ping me,but we can normaly ping each other with hamachi ip??
    3you didnt explain system

    port 11155 upnp verwenden

    when i check it i and test it it says “der freigegebene port ist von aussen nicht erreichbar”

    should we open that port in our routers??

    • 1) English version coming in October.
      2) It will always be a work in progress. Gmail has been in beta for 7 years.
      3) It is a router or port issue. Read the tunngle.net FAQ.
      4) You cannot ping because you guys have router or port issue.
      5) See tunngle website for translation of that error.

  22. Hm, I’m having a problem with Tunngle (at least I think I am).

    My computer shows that Tunngle’s network cable is unplugged, as oppossed to my other three connections which are plugged and working. Is this normal or not?

    Here’s a screenshot: http://i37.tinypic.com/300h4zk.png (you might want to zoom in)

    • Log in to tunngle and then it turns green. Make sure tunngle is at the top of the network adapter priority list.

      • Hmm I also have this problem with the network connections and cable unplugged… >< Running on vista 64bit and i cant log in cause it gives me this error. Kann MasterServer Nicht Erreichen meaning from translation can't connect to master server or something. My tunngle is on top priority list. thanks !

  23. can i play halo 2 on xp with this?(i know how to play single player)

  24. umm i just got the call of duty 4 skullptura rip and i cant play lan with tuungle i get a .iwd file error

  25. Versatile, i come again ask for your help. thanks for everything that you have already helped me in, right now i see noone in the red faction guerrila room, but in other day there were like 6 or 5 person there, but i was not able to find lan games, and i was sure everything was alright, the game had the last patch , and games like vegas 2 and cod4 were finding servers in lan, but in red faction guerrila i still dont find any game in lan.. do you know what it might be=?? it is a windows live game

    thank you.

    • Here is the $1MM dollar question: Are you 110% sure someone was hosting a Red Faction game at the time you entered? Did you also know that you CANNOT join a game in the middle of progress? Did you also know that the host must WAIT in the lobby for ALL players to join?

  26. I have a problem. I joined the FIFA10 room and this guy and I tried to join a game together , we both tried hosting but it shows our local IP address not tunngle IP, how do we fix this?

  27. yo versatile, wanna play titan quest immortal throne sometime im still quite weak at it :D,oh and i dont see u online in tunngle often…

    • You do not need me. I played titan quest and beat it. I do not have the time to play the expansion pack, sorry!

      I want to play borderlands and other games, I don’t have time to go through the Immortal Throne with you. Sorry.

  28. Added a new list of games that works on Tunngle that I have personally tested.

    • Versatile, I am in love with Tunngle. Thanks to you, and this page.

      The help and support really is fast and awesome like you said. Not only did a post on the tunngle forum fix my tunngle issues, but Brioche fixed my whole home network to work much better! (what an awesome community too!)

      ” My goal is that this article, coupled with my Youtube video, will open up other peoples eyes to get onto the Tunngle network.”

      I want to help! I have been using tunggle for about 3 days now, and I have gotten about 5 more USA Tunnglers, with more to come! (not much, but every little bit helps!)

      Just wanted to say thanks. and Tunngle is awesome!

  29. the hamachi channel doesn’t exist…

  30. am a noob to Tunngle cant really understand the language in Tunngle. would like to see more English if u don’t mind

    • The youtube video shows you enough how to get started. You do not need to understand German to know how to navigate the program. I don’t understand German, yet I can find the game networks EASILY to play.

  31. Hi! was just wondering if there were any tutorials on operation flashpoint 2,as i have tunngle set up,and can see plenty of other members and ping.But when looking for games via lan it finds nothing, and when i input a tunngle ip it says that match has already started. Do you have any clues?

    • In theory it should work. I have the game, but have not had gotten a chance to make a video on it. I believe now I must, but after I see what the whole Modern Warfare 2 craze is all about first. :0

  32. hi!!

    first of all, thank you for introducing me to this program…was getting tired of searching google for hamachi servers…now if only i could get it to work 😀

    i want to play cod4 online…just wanted to know…what version of cod4 do i need to play on tunngle? and is the network patch specific for that version of cod4?

    also…where can i download the network hack?

    thank uuuuuuu 🙂

    (see y’all soon on cod!)

    • Did you even watch my tunngle cod 4 video? Update game to the latest version, which I believe is 1.6.

      You need the windows private LAN patch. Get everything at gamecopyworld and filefront.com

  33. must have missed the cod4 vid sorry :/

    fixed all the problems in the end…downloaded latest patch 1.7, then got noDVD 1.7 exe and 1.7 network patch from gamecopyworld…still had issues with iw_XX.iwd files because of where i obtained the game from 🙂

    anyways just got onto a game on tunngle for the first time!! this software really should eat hamachi alive!! shame theres not that many players on it just yet 😦 or maybe theyr’re all asleep like i should be!

    again…thanks for the info and introducing me to this great software, peace 🙂


    If only there were a way to create a private room or a room just for your friends.

    Still, absolutely fantastic vpn which works flawlessly.

    One thing -> please PLEASE translate it for us english players and have you choose the default language at installation.

    Truth is, if you don’t, you’re gonna have a hard time getting other people from the us, or indeed aus or uk to fully embrace this.

    Apart from that, flawless.

    Hamachi killer? HA! This is in a league of it’s own! Forget Hamchi, get Tunngle!

    • You guys are literally breaking my heart.

      1) Tunngle team is WELL aware of the international version. They are working on it, and its almost done. It is the stability of the servers they are trying to finish up on.
      I talk to the tunngle team every week to see where we are at.

      2) Private rooms not possible, its part of the paid version once it goes live.

      3) Tunngle, although in german, is easy to navigate. There is not much you have to do in order to get to a game room. Seriously, anybody can figure this out if they just browse all the menus. That is what I did!

  35. you guys get all the cool sh*t

  36. Hey Versatile can you tell me how can I play Age Of Mythology with Tunngle?
    Does it work on Tunngle?

  37. OK…it works…for all you who want to play AoM on Tunngle….just to know that AoM work on Tunngle….but you have to install AoM: The Titans to play it. 😉

  38. hey man, thanks for the great info, and it works great!
    I posted your video on these sites to help spread the word so we can get more folks hosting games, and just wanted to let you know. 🙂
    Posted here:
    and here:
    Thanks again man. 🙂

  39. where can i download the games

  40. Hey thanks for the tips and info its really great.
    I need your help though.
    I downloaded and installed tunngle and it is great but i have a strange problem.
    When my friend hosts a server in CoD MW2 i can join him right away but when i host he can’t see me…
    Can you please help me with that i dont know why this is happening.

    • 1) Port forward UDP 11155.
      2) Make sure your game says NAT open.
      3) Turning off firewall makes things worse. Make sure tunngle and the tunnglectrl program are allowed in windows firewall. If using vista or 7, make sure its open for both private and public network.

      4) Godspeed. If stuck, ask ppl in tunngle room or post question on tunngle forums.

  41. Hi there.. i tried hosting with tunngle on AoM: Titans and my friend can join my game but when he get in, it says “connection timeout” 115 seconds and can’t get in… I already open access on my firewall, windows firewall .. i think it’s my router but i tried to forward port, dunno if i did it right… some help will be nice. Thanks

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