[How To] Play Halo 2 PC Online With Tunngle For Free


7-31-09: Initial Release.
8-8-09: Added hamachi network to coordinate tunngle halo 2.

8-9-09:  Added registry download so you don’t have to do it manually!

10-10-09: Added teknogods beta 12 link and changed instructions.

1-15-10: Here is the teknogods beta 14. Download.

1-16-10: Added clarifications to tutorial about F12.  Added a download link for additional “help” files.  Added halo 2 video finally.

1-31-10: Fixed tutorial to have teknogods beta 15 link.

3-18-10: Fixed dropbox links.

5-17-10: Added teknogods beta 16.

4-29-11: Made it more visible for the network dll download.

8-14-12: Fixed link.

11-9-12: Fixed link for teknogods.

11-9-15: Added new video tutorial using Windows 10.

Foreword:  With the recent discovery of Tunngle, I wanted to experiment to see what other games I can get working.  After spending 2 hours figuring out that Hamachi does not work at all with Halo 2, I went onto Tunngle.  By the time all is said and done, about 5 hours of frustration with fellow gamers helped me get to the solution I present in the article.  Enjoy!  ~ Versatile

Let’s face it, Halo 2 for PC was a big deal back in the day.  When Xbox users got Halo 2 for the Xbox, it made the Halo 1 PC users very jealous.  Now it came for Vista, and guess what?  It wasn’t even a hit!  LOL!

In today’s tutorial, I show you how you can use Tunngle to play Halo 2 online with your friends.

Versatile, before you go further, doesn’t Halo 2 PC have online multi-player already?

Yes, it does have online multi-player. It is one of the first “Games for Windows Live” platform.

Yes, but why you want to LAN over the Internet when you can use the Microsoft servers?

Oh, I see how you want to roll.  >_>  You really make it difficult for me to spin this for you.  🙂

Let me put it this way.  There are situations when the Microsoft servers are very laggy, and there are hardly any players online playing Halo 2 PC, which is a shame.  Sure, I suppose you can play online with your friends by using the servers, but this is just another method to teach you that you don’t have to!

When you have your friends over at your house, you can LAN it up in the basement, but why not just LAN it up over the Internet?  It is just as easy, with the advent of Tunngle.  Also, there are reports of people whose product key has been banned because of hacking or someone hacked into their accounts.  I know what you are thinking, and there are legitimate uses of Tunngle.  If your key got stolen and you were banned, do you really want to buy this old game again? Wouldn’t you rather still have a glimpse of playing online with your friends in some other way besides using the Microsoft servers?

Hmm, you make a great point!  I just wanted to cover you butt because of the suspensions…

Thanks for your support.  I do not support piracy, and neither should you the reader.  With that said, lets get started with the tutorial!


1) Download the latest Teknogods file.  Find newest and old collections at my link here:  Mediafire

2) Download the latest Microsoft Halo 2 Patch, as well as the Games for Windows Live Software.  You can get it at the support page at http://www.microsoft.com/games/halo2/.

3)  You need Tunngle installed and you have an account already.  Learn more about Tunngle here.


You can download two fixed files to make your game work and bypass the activation if you lost your serial code. This is not meant to encourage piracy what so ever.



Extract both files to root. Run halo2.exe. Make sure to create an offline account.


Step 1:  Extract the Teknogod rar file and put into your halo 2 directory.  For example: “H:\Games\Halo 2\”

Step 2:  Install the latest Halo 2 patch, as well as the latest Games for Windows Live software from the Microsoft link supplied above.

Step: Run DllLoader.exe.

Step 4:  Load Tunngle, and go to the Halo network.

Step 5:  Launch Halo 2.  Go to Settings, and under Network, make sure the Tunngle adapter is selected.

Step 6:  Now back out to the main menu. Go to Network.  Here you can host a game, or you can join your friends game!

Note:  Very important.  Press F12 once in the lobby.  You will hear a sound “Working”.  Once you are joining a game, press F12 again to hear “Transfer Complete”.   The clients and the host should do this to prevent the game from crashing!

If you want to make sure the game is using the correct network adapter, press the “Home” key, and the Games for Windows Live toolbar will show up at the top.  Go to the network settings and verify the correct game adapter is selected.

Video Tutorial

As usual for the non-believers, or those who are too lazy to read, I have made a video tutorial for you.  Here you can see it step by step, as well proof of me joining Jewbacon’s game!  Enjoy!


See the video below for use with Windows 10:

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  1. Versa gets owned in Halo 2! Oh noes

  2. Very dissapointed in that score, Has it really been that long since you last played?

  3. Added new registry fix to make things even more easier!

  4. it says that my tunngle thingy in connections is not connected…thats okay?

  5. Does this work on XP or what? For Halo 2, I mean.

  6. Post updated with teknogods beta 12.

  7. great guide!! but i have a problem i can’t see any match hosted by aother player..what i must do??

  8. i resolved the problem…but the hamachi channel doesn’t exist…

  9. Thanks for the guide, Versatile, very nicely done. In response to Andrew:

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with XP, even with the latest 0.3 XP loader by abcba. It works up until someone starts the game. You can create a room, or join a room, but when the host starts a new map, you receive the message, “Please insert the original Halo 2 disc.”

    This is the same error you get when trying to start the Gravemind level on XP, but it can’t be fixed the same way. For instance, there are two known fixes for the Gravemind problem:

    1. Let Process Monitor run in the background until you start the level,

    2. …or make a copy of the Gravemind map (07a_highcharity.map) and rename it with a spelling error (07a_highcarity.map) and keep it in the Maps folder along with the original.

    Unfortunately neither of these fixes work with Multiplayer over LAN. Hopefully someone can stop by and enlighten us on how to make it work with XP.

  10. halo 1 players

  11. Halo 2 tutorial updated. Now there is a video.

  12. hi. men first of all thank you but I served Teknogods occupied the download helper v4.6
    and put the link to download does not work …
    if you could upload it again. Please clarify whether teknohelper 4.6 is that what you have in your pc ….

    Please take care of your help

  13. I can host games, but i cannot connect to other peoples games (i can see their games) also with hitting F12 i cannot hear working or anything. Please help me….

  14. cant find the patch

  15. halo 2 patch

  16. so does it now work with XP for sure
    or is there a complicated way to make it work
    pls let me know

  17. Man thanks… you ROCK… I have been playing using hamachi and it works…kinda. The game always closes and drops. I press F12 like a maniac but always fails. I will try Tunggle since it looks simple as hell. Thanks for the great Tutorial bro.

  18. Everthing worked great, but i cant join games. Only Host! and i press F12 like crazyy.. Does anyone kno how to fix?

  19. I’ve done everything in the tutorial video and everything checks out, except I can’t see the game that is going. I am in the Halo 2 network with 7 other people and the Network games list comes up empty. I can hear the working and transfer complete when I press F12, but that’s not use if there are no games to connect to.

  20. twoAcestwo8s

    Hey I got tungle and teknogods helper and the DLL loader working fine, and I can see games in the network lobby. However when I try to join them, it wont let me connect and no matter how many times I press F12 I still dont hear “working” or “transfer complete”. In the end I can see the games but I cant connect to them. Ive made all the firewal exceptions to Tungle, TeknoGods and Halo 2 and nothing has worked. Im gonna try running everything as admin, see if it helps. If you can help me pllllleeease do I have been spending like hours trying to work this thing out.

  21. ok I figured it out!!! You have to run the DLL loader as admin for it to work otherwise no cigar. Hope this helps peoples out there who have the same problem i did.

  22. er, yeah. I used this to play with my friends over Tunngle. Works great and everything, but how do I switch it back?
    I tried changing the network adapters but LIVE keeps recognising Tunngle (registry override) as the network adapter, and I can’t sign in to GFW-L

  23. So do I have to have friends playing or is it somewhat like matchmaking?

  24. Help my network button is blanked out

  25. i run the itscans it and said nothing found, but i place it at the halo 2 folder, how is that so?

  26. When I start Halo 2 it won’t let me slect the network tab.

  27. By the network tab, I mean it won’t let me go to the game’s lobby.

  28. It keeps saying I have a different version of Halo 2 when I try to join even though I installed all the latest Halo 2 patches…I even ran DLLLOADER.exe and teknogods helper and it still doesnt work. Also I cant access the automatic mode for client. What to do??

  29. Hey Versatile! I am having the same problem as Faaraz. Please help us!

  30. how do u get the dll loder thingy

  31. dont worry i know now but im having same problem as Faaraz aswell

  32. Hey Versatile!

    I have Halo 2 for 360 already… I just wanted this to play live. Let’s just say I have Halo 2 for PC as well, but it got “hacked” and I don’t have a serial key. If you know what I mean lol. I have a live account. Could you maybe PM me or something for the serial bypassing thing you said? That would be great! It’s not even pira… you know… because I already have the game and just want multiplayer again 😦

  33. how do i get halo 2 pc free?????????????????????????????????

  34. Hey im on win 7 and i got the patch but incompatible and i tried to enable compatibility mode but same crap …what now >.> and i got it from MS>…

  35. the teknohelper is not working at all. i’m using 64 bit win 7, and after running this software and press client button, procedure ‘looking’ go’s over & over. and it don’t want ot stop at all. the only way to close it is by kill proccess.

    what more ? no av & anti spyware software. other loaders from tekno work perfect. not this one.

    • You have to run halo 2, and then it gets recognized. I was just using the teknogods helper on win 7 64bit today with resident evil 5, and it works out fine. Please watch my new Halo 2 video here with the GFWL key that you can play online for free.

  36. i do have original copy of halo 2 😉 … and i did just like tou said and nope. no respondd what so ever. any way, my problem is solved now. first version od dllload for halo doesn’t waork for me. helper from tekno, same story. but thi little fella … well now i know how weak i’m on halo 2 😉


  37. It works fine for me, cus’ when i create a host , anyone can join to me and we can play without any disconnect or whatever BUT!
    .. if i looking for others , and i’d like to join it always says :
    ” Can’t join this game,try it later again”

    I dunno what should i do in this case :/ Please help me

  38. nobody’s on the networks!!! 😦

  39. Hello there Versatile! Thank you for the amazing work you and your team have done so far. I followed the Halo 2 complete guide to play on LAN. Works great, but my biggest problem is that i cant update the game properly. Its a Halo 2 direct play from TyMod. Can you suggest me some other Halo 2 or maybe there’s another solution? Sorry for my terrible english skills ;D


    i higlhy think ur still at this but please help ME I DOWNLOADED HALO 2 TO MY PC AND I DOWNLOADED A CRACK BEACSE AFTER create a gamer profile it says updating for like 2 mins then i get a black screen and the game just ends do u know a way i can update my halooo

  41. Teknogod download link is not working. 😦 Cant do this if its not working 😦 pelase help

  42. Is it possible to play in LAN mode ? Like me and my friend want to play and he`s next to me ? (Without LIVE)

  43. system link address is not their in notification setting
    and I cant join lan servers

  44. from where should i download the older version of
    technogods please give me the link?????

  45. How do you play online with other players over the internet with tunngle? I do not like LAN. I like the world wide web which is called the internet. The reason i want to use tunngle is not for playing LAN. Its to play with the public. Has tunngle got the capability to do that and also, i want to play a game on pc which is halo 2. The problem is there servers are down and thats why i choose some other service like tunngle. I have own cd i can use but you know LAN play is just awful!

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