The New iPhone 3.0. Update – Unlock and Jailbreak…Windows…2G/3G/3GS

Its been a really long time since I last posted here. But I feel it’s my duty to keep the ‘Underground Community’ informed about the information I have access to. Personally, I feel that the ‘Underground’ has lost its true meaning, its sense of presence – after 3 WordPress bans and removing of  ‘Objectionable’ Content on the blog. I still believe that V1 i.e. this blog is a better way to communicate with the community rather than V2 as this blog is better known. Also, I feel that this ‘ban’ has limited my potential in terms of a writer here.

iPhone 3.0 Explained

Now to move on to the topic for which this post was actually written. I’m sure that most of you have heard of the new 3.0 update from Apple to the iPhone; and the subsequent release 3.0.1. If you have not, then let me give you a brief expansion:

The iPhone 3.0 update came out with the iPhone 3GS on June 17, 2009. It can be compared to the Windows 7 release: much awaited features were added which increased stability and enchanced user experiece. Apple finally incorporated many of the features we asked for 🙂 Among them, some are:

  1. Copy and Paste Text
  2. Copy and Paste Photos
  3. Search Spotlight – Search your iPhone for anything
  4. Search in mail, Calendar and iPod
  5. Landscape Keyboard in SMS, Mail and Notes
  6. Multimedia Messaging or MMS
  7. Support for new Calendar types
  8. Improved Stocks Application
  9. Connect iPhones/iTouches with bluetooth
  10. Notes syncing with iTunes

iPhone 3.0 is available for all iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, and iPod Touches. Some features won’t be available for first generation iPhones, while iPod Touch OS downloads won’t come free – it costs $9.95. To download, you can visit Apple’s Software Update page.

iPhone 3.0 Unlocked/Jailbreaked

Lets get started with the ‘main’ thing now 🙂 This guide has been written in such a way that even your grandmother can use it 😛 Lets Start!

Step 1: Make sure you have upgraded to iTunes version 8.2 and backup your iPhone data by synchronizing it with iTunes.

Step 2: Download an appropriate IPSW (An IPSW file is nothing but a .zip file)  file. Choose the link according to your iPhone version: like 2G, 3G or 3GS:

  1. iPhone 3.0.0 IPSW file (2G)
  2. iPhone 3.0.0 IPSW file (3G)
  3. iPhone 3.0.0 IPSW file (3GS)

Step 3: Download Bootloader File 3.6 and Bootloader File 4.9 which will be required during the Jailbreaking process.

Step 4: Download RedSn0w to Unlock the iPhone. (Torrent File)

Unlocking iPhone 2G (Unlocking 3G and 3GS down below)


Step A: Connect your iPhone to the Computer via USB and launch iTunes.
Step B: Go to the iPhone tab and you will see the following screen:

iPhone Update Screen

iPhone Update Screen

STEP C: Now, hold the SHIFT key and click the “Restore” button. iTunes will launch a file dialog for you to select the firmware file. Locate the “iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 2G/ “iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3G/ “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3GS that you have downloaded in Step 2 and click “OPEN”:

Locate your IPSW file

Locate your IPSW file

STEP D: iTunes will then restore your iPhone with firmware 3.0 (or what so called iPhone 3.0 OS). Keep your iPhone connected, don’t touch it and wait until the process completes.

Unlocking Started!

Unlocking Started!

Jailbreaking iPhone 2G/3G/3GS

STEP A): Now, your iPhone should be completely restored to firmware 3.0. But it’s not activated right now as you can see from iTunes.

SIM not recognised

SIM not recognised

STEP B: Open RedSn0w which you downloaded in STEP 4, you will see the following screen:

RedSn0w - Let the jailbreaking start!

RedSn0w - Let the jailbreaking start!

STEP D: Click “Browse” and locate the “iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 2G/ “iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3G/ “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3GS that you have downloaded in Step 2 and click “OPEN”:

Select IPSW

Select IPSW

STEP E: Make sure you select Cydia and Unlock so that you unlock your iPhone as well as you have the system to have 3rd party apps on your iPhone.

Select Cydia and Unlock!

Select Cydia and Unlock!

STEP F: In the the next step, choose the Bootloader files 3.9 and 4.6 which I made you download in Step 3:

Bootloader 3.9 and 4.6

Bootloader 3.9 and 4.6

STEP G: Make sure your iPhone is switched off and attached to the computer through the USB cable.

Make Sure your iPhone is OFF and Connected!

Make Sure your iPhone is OFF and Connected!

STEP H: Next up, RedSn0w will guide you through the DFU process, whereby your iPhone will go in DFU mode. Just follow the process exactly and Bob’s your Uncle!

DFU Process

DFU Process

STEP I: Now let RedSn0w complete the jailbreaking process. First, your iPhone will reboot after the DFU process is completed. Then, RedSn0w will upload the new RAM Disk (keeping it short and simple: you iPhone is being Jailbroken, dont touch it!) After this, RedSn0w will give you a message saying the Jailbroken process was successful. Click “Finish”.

Jailbrake Complete!

Jailbrake Complete!

STEP J: Voila! Your iPhone 2G/3G/3GS is jailbreaked!

Unlock iPhone 3G or 3GS (i.e. make it work with any SIM)

*Note: You must have already Jailbroken your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS before you come the the unlocking process. So make sure you have done that!

*Note2: Keep your SIM outside the phone at all times!

STEP A: Launch Cydia on your iPhone.

STEP B: You should see 2 options: Packages and Sources

STEP C: Go to Packages -> Edit -> Add & Enter URL as a repository URL.

STEP D: Now Go back to Your Cydia Sources menu and you should see the Ultrasn0w package!

Go to Packages

1. Go to Packages and type; 2. Go to Sources; 3. Select Ultrasn0w; 4. Download Ultrasn0w!

STEP E: Press Home button and Power Off your iPhone. Then insert your SIM card

STEP F: Turn on your iPhone 3G and wait for the carrier to pop up. If it doesn’t, repeat STEP E and STEP F again.

Finally, we come to the end of this long guide to unlock and jailbreak iPhone 2G and 3G using windows for iPhone OS 3.0. Any comments, suggestions for me, comment below. Need more help? Just comment! :)T

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  1. You Guyz should update your street team, cos Jvalin, i didnt know you were part of the underground! btw great post! definetly tryin this on my iphone!

  2. Jvalin Tejpal (Tizil7)

    Thanks Molez 🙂 Tell me if you need any assistance with the unlock/jailbreak process. I’ll be glad to help. Cheers!

  3. I totally understand your concern. It’s the grey matter as always. I love V1 a lot and it is so well known, but we all don’t want a new suspension or ban. I live with this risk every single day.

    As an author, it limits our creativity, but it takes even more creativity to write around the rules and still be within the limits. By doing so, it makes you a better author, at least, in my eyes it does.

  4. ★★★★★ man this works perfect, my grandma is playing iFishing on it!!

  5. Jvalin Tejpal (Tizil7)

    Glad to help man! How much did she score?

  6. only $200! thanx again

  7. The new, high-octane iPhone 3GS is loaded with features that could light up your life – but its battery isn’t one of them. Buyers are finding that the new phone has trouble making it through a work day without a rest stop at the electrical outlet. It’s proving to be something of an Achilles’ heel on Apple’s flagship device, more than one million of which were sold in the first weekend.

    Even the company suggests on its website that users disable some of the phone’s most vaunted features, including the faster 3G network itself, to keep it from shutting down during the day.

    Industry officials and outside experts sketched a complex picture of the technical and bureaucratic limits that might explain why, after two years and three generations of the device, the newest iPhone has less stamina than the first.

    “There’s trouble in the battery field in that there’s only so much energy you can squeeze in a certain space,” said Allen Nogee, a wireless technology analyst at research company In-Stat.

    Try to pack in too much juice, he said, and the battery could overheat or even melt. “There’s not really a solution in sight,” he said.

    Repair company, which specializes in Apple products, and other gadget surgeons dismantled the 3GS on the day it was released and found that the phone’s battery was 15 percent smaller than that in the original iPhone.

    The new model is smaller and sleeker, however, and Apple might have sacrificed some battery capacity in favor of a lighter phone.

    The battery performance has disappointed customers. Buyers such as Gary Ng, 27, are wondering where their money is going. “If people are committing US$1,000 (HK$7,800) a year for two years to use a 3GS, I’d expect my battery to last a lot longer,” said the Apple fan.

    A cell phone’s battery life varies with how people use their phones. Power drainers include the number and length of calls, the volume of e-mails and text messages and the amount of internet surfing. So average battery time is difficult to determine, but few see much improvement in the latest iPhone’s longevity.

    If it were just used to make calls, the latest iPhone lasts only an hour less than the first model, according to Consumer Reports magazine. The latest model tips in at just over seven hours. But people aren’t buying iPhones just to talk.

    The magazine’s measure doesn’t include the networking functions that can drain the battery most quickly, said Consumer Reports’ electronics editor, Paul Reynolds. And the iPhone has more functions and programs than any handset.

    “Battery consumption is highly dependent on what applications are used and therefore varies considerably,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said in an e-mail.

    Despite its name, the iPhone is less a telephone than a high-performance pocket computer. Besides using its built-in video recorder, global positioning system and e-mail capability, customers can download more than 50,000 “apps” – iPhone programs developed by third parties. Many, such as video games, make heavy use of the device’s computer processor and its touch-sensitive screen.

    “The screen is actually the biggest battery suck in the device,” said wireless analyst Charles Golvin of Forrester Research. “People are using their 3G iPhones to do a lot more stuff means that the screen is on more.”

    But what goes on inside the phone is only part of the picture.

    Cell phones are constantly communicating with signal towers, sending and receiving data for such power- hungry functions as “push e-mail,” which instantly conveys messages to recipients.

    The iPhone 3G and 3GS are so named because they’re designed to work with the higher-speed 3G mobile networks. Moving more data faster means using more power.

    “There’s always a race,” said Jean- Louis Hurel, director for the wireless networks division of Alcatel-Lucent. “The battery technologies are improving but not fast enough” for more intensive use of 3G networks.


  8. Thanks for your insight 迷你倉. Even my 2G iPhone is going low on battery these days… its doesnt even last 5 hours!

  9. Nice Blog and Post!! I come back… Look at my Iphone Site I Can linke you!

  10. Stuck with Empty iPhone

    All fantastic info Jvalin! I wish I could use all this knowledge for my iPhone. However, I am stuck on Step 1. Would you have any advice on how to unlock a 2G that has not been registered, therefore I can not synchronize iTunes. I am using my boy-friends old 2G Phone… which isnow actually new, (we just had it fixed for $200, and instead they gave us a new 2G) So it has nothing on it. Tried to bring it to someone in the city to unlock it but they couldn’t figure out how to get iTunes on it eiher. Did I just throw away $200. ?? Would appreciate your help. Brenda

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  12. Great blog post. I really enjoyed it 🙂

    how to copy xbox games

  13. What excatly, is it jailbreak does? Just unlocks the Iphone so you can install cool gadgets you otherwhise couldn’t ?

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