How to Use Btaccel(Cloud Bitorrent Client) and Optimize Firefox to Get Over 1GB Speeds For Your Torrent Downloads!

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*8/7/09- Initial release (more to come)

*8/14/09-stressed the fact that this great online bittorent client should only be used for legal downloads

Before this tutorial gets any deeper, I want to personally thank Hail for taking the time to write this tutorial, because I would have done it myself but I am so in love with Tunngle that I don’t have the time to work on this article.  Btaccel is for legal downloads only.  Freeware and shareware downloads are welcome. DO NOT USE this great sevice as a pirate of torrents.  Since we don’t want this great online bitorrent client disappear cause of the few that abuse it. Thank you and respect our wishes. ~ Versatile

The Underground’s rating of this great btaccel online client is definetly a 10 out of 10

In this tutorial I will teach you how to use this great online bitorrent client called btaccel and how you can get your torrent download speeds up over 1gbs.  Read ahead to learn how to never wait long again for the torrent you want…..

What is btaccel you say…

Btaccel is an online bitorrent client that downloads whatever torrent you want into their cloud servers much like a gmail account, which means that you can get a direct download once the torrent has been available.  Getting a torrent this way is alot faster because you no longer have to worry about getting seeds for a connection, it just tells you when the download is available to you.  Better yet btaccel will email you once your torrent is available for a direct download.

How do I sign up for btaccel?…

To use Btaccel all you need to do is register for an account(which is free) and login much like you would a normal email account. Go to and register for an account.  Now you may have to wait for a couple days to get an confirmation email so just be patient.  Then after using the confirmation email you’ll be able to login.  To learn more and register for a btaccel account click the link>         <Take me to>

Using btaccel’s search/Url box…

Now there are a couple different ways to use the search box located at the top of the page on to find what your looking for, I’ll explain it below the 3 ways I would suggest.

1.  You could search for a freeware or shareware program by name which will bring you to a typical google search for what you  are looking for.  This way is not the most effecient because using google to find a good torrent is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I do not suggest doing it this way,  below are my 2 favorite ways of finding what you want.

2.  Search your favorite torrent sites for whatever torrent you are looking for.  I like going to sites like legaltorrents because they have a great selection of content.  You know exactly what you are getting, and you know it is safe.  Once you find what your looking for you can simply copy the URL(web address) and paste it into the search box at btaccel and directly link to that site, bypassing the google search completely.

3.  Using Vuze bittorent client’s built in search feature you can search multiple torrent sites at once without the hassle of going to a different torrent site.  This is my favorite way of doing this, because with Vuze’s search you can add more sites by searching for templates.  Also with vuze it display’s the torrent’s url up top after you select the one you want.  Now this is the way I like doing it but if you don’t have vuze or use utorrent I would suggest option #2.

Now I have the URL what do I do…

Just paste the URL into the btaccel search box and it’ll give you a status on that particular torrent.  Some torrents will be available right away while others will be qued into your browser and an email will be sent once the site has completed the torrent download.  Once it’s out of que just click on the email link it gives you and select the torrent and begin downloading directly.  Doing it like this you can get an average of 400kb’s -600kb’s for your download.  But like I said before we can increase that speed by double.  Read ahead and learn how…

How to optimize Firefox to increase your download speeds to over 1gbs…

Downthemall: This is the must have addon for anyone who uses firefox.   Installing this will give you up to 4x download speeds!   Now when you click on your torrent available in btaccel you’ll get a pop up box asking how you would like to download the file.  Just click dta one click if it’s a single file or downthemall if it’s multiple files and hit save file.   Doing this will increase the download speed to over 1gbs and put a smile on your face.   The first time I used this I couldn’t believe how fast this simple little addon made my download’s.  With the use of downthemall and btaccel no more looking at your speed go from 400kb’s down below 100kb’s ever again.  That sounds to good to be true give me downthemall now.  Ok, you want it you got it, click the link for downthemall addon>   <Downthemall>

These following addons are a must for anybody who download’s alot…

Skipscreen: This nifty little addon makes waiting at sites such as rapidshare or mediafire a thing of the past.  What it does is exactly what the name suggests it skips the waiting screen for you, which is really great for rapidshare users cause it basically gives you a premium account of sorts.  To get skipscreen click on the link >  <Skipscreen>

Download Statusbar: View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar – without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing. This puts all your downloads at the bottom of your browser page for easier viewing.  Get it here > <Download Statusbar>

FasterFox: Browse faster by speeding up common tasks – faster downloading, searching, visiting favorites, copy & paste, and more.  Basically just speeds up your browser for doing everything a little bit faster.  This addon is for older version of firefox but a beta for firefox 3.0 is available.  Get fasterfox by clicking on the link>  <FasterFox>

Final thoughts….

I hope you have learned something useful in this tutorial.  Using and firefox’s downthemall is incredibly simple and makes bitorrent clients like vuze or utorrent a thing of the past.  With the recent implenentation of cloud computing into out daily lives expect to see alot more great tools like this.  The future of computing will eventually all be done on the net.  This is merely the beginning. Now that you’ve learned about btaccel and how to optimize firefox to download quickly and effieciently go out and start getting your freeware programs with ease.

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  1. Awesome tutorial Hail! I am already enjoying this! Thank you so much!

    Speed proof:

    By the way: Requesting an invitation code to BTaccel might take a little time, i am talking 1-7 days! But just check your mail each day, it will arrive!

    • Another note: When trying to download torrent from Demonoid, you have to get the torrent files download link (you can’t use the link ontop of the page)

      Like this (right click the download button and then click ‘properties’):

      Also, sometimes you might get an error message (saying something about 5 torrents per non-registered person), just try again 5 min later, i don’t know why this error comes up, even tho i am a member & logged in.

      • Yeah thanks for the info, I just tested and confirmed it. Perhaps it’s easier to grab torrents from sites like mininova, or piratebay. Something without a registration. What’s strange though is when I find a site using Vuze and it’s a demonoid Url it allows the download through btaccel. Not quite sure why it works like that but btaccel is still in it’s alpha stage so perhaps these little wrinkles will be ironed out in the future.

  2. I really like this article. I was going to do my own with a video, but got caught up in tunngle that I pushed this article to the side.

    However, I will write about this in my own personal usage for the newsletter.

  3. Hail2King, did you buy Left 4 Dead? and who is Davey Jones???

  4. First of all Molez this is the wrong thread to ask that kind of question. Now I made that statement about you being suspended from for suspected piracy. You were sent to davy jones locker for piracy, get it. It was a clever play on words, get it? Please use the approprate articles for random Q&A.

  5. oh ok, sorry i’ll use Random Q & A Next time , and yeah “Suspected piracy”

  6. It annoys me so much, that this doesn’t work with Demonoid, even if you log in!

  7. I finally figured out how to download Demonoid torrents using BTaccel!
    What you need is;
    -A Demonoid Account
    -A program called Dropbox (info in the bottom)
    1. Log into Demonoid and choose your torrent, download the file & save it somewhere on your PC (DO NOT RUN IT!)

    2. Open your DropBox, place the .torrent file in your ‘PUBLIC’ folder (which is located inside ‘My Dropbox’) – and let it upload!

    3. Go to the Dropbox website (, log in.

    4. Go into the ‘Public’ folder (on the website), find your desired torrent fold, and get the download link (

    5. Now paste the download link on BTaccel & click ‘GET’, then wait for it to downl.

    -Referral link:
    -What is Dropbox you ask? Check this Underground tutorial on it:


  8. Another Great FireFox Plugin that i think Versatile mentioned,

  9. Learn how to use NoScript correctly:

  10. have noticed something. I googled this wonderfull service and a few blogs (including this one) has posted stories about it but the comments about the service are really stupid!!! Theyre a new service (as far as im concerned!) so give them time to sort themselves out!!

    • I have a hard time seeing if this is spam or not. Btaccel is an excellent solution for those who want to torrent without having to torrent for real.

      • No its not spam its an opinion! All im saying is that people are quick to complain with new services especially wen they are free!! Cut them some slack they were nice enough to give it to s (partially)

  11. where can i download the latest movies and songs? i don’t want to pay for them though.

  12. nice info
    i already use btaccel and it feels great!
    but i have problem when i done my download. i cant use the file after i joint it. it very frustrated. i already use hjsplit, 7zip and winrar but it doesnt work at all. please someone help me on this

  13. Hey Versatile, I think you should update this tutorial with the new name…its now called

    Btaccel changed their name b/c they wanted to have something easier to remember

  14. u r right alex.
    I reco to use IDM… Really blazing download…!!

  15. i’m also using torrific. No doubt it is great service. But when i have downloaded 73% of windows 8 after that torrent became unavailable and it shows status of queing and also it give error about “file missing”. plz help me. what should i do? and thanks in advance.

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