Update on the Underground Book


8-7-09:  Initial release

8-8-09:  Added a subsection on the pricing of the book…oh wait, what price?

All right so before I finally sign off and enjoy a few days of not posting on the blog, I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the book I have been working on the side.

What book?

Well, it is more of an e-book.  I don’t want to steal the thunder away from the book, but it is a work in progress.  In it I really want to touch upon some personal stuff that I have encountered in my life, as well as what I have witnessed in other people’s lives.  We are in the 21st century, and there is a lot of great content to be learned.

With that said, the first chapter lays down the groundwork of the book, as well as hint to the journey the book will take the reader.  The second chapter is devoted the mind of a pirate, and I want to show some insight that pirates are as regular people. In fact, you may encounter many of them on the street without knowing it!

For the rest of the book, it is up in the air.  Do I focus specific articles on console modding?  Heck, I could devote a whole PDF book to just PS2 modding itself.  Or should I put in a few articles on PC maintenance?  A chapter on how to defend yourself against viruses and spyware?  A chapter on underground material so sick it makes baby Jesus cry?

I have no idea yet!  But I assure you, once I get there, it will be worth it.  Anyway, below is a teaser of the table of contents so far!  I need a graphics artist to help develop a picture for the cover, so if you know Photoshop, let me know!

Wait, don’t leave us hanging?  How you going to distribute/price it?

I knew this was coming, and I talk about the decision in the e-book alot.  The e-book will be free.  It will be distributed via pdf here on the blog, as well as all my popular forums that I visit.  If it makes sense, I could distribute via torrents also.  I can’t believe why I am doing what I am doing, and probably a lot of you out there won’t believe why I am doing what I am doing.

Lots of hours invested into a book…no financial gain.  You would think I am very stupid.  >_>  Well, once you read the book, we’ll see who is stupid then.  Trust me, I covered this topic in the book as well. LOL!

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  1. walkthroughoverkill

    Wow. Um… IS THIS FREE?
    (I guess that’s the million dollar question that everyone would like to be officially answered. lol)

    I was (and still) busy with my thesis for these past few weeks and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your message. Thank you very much for your compliment/s. It boosted my confidence quite a bit and really helped me get through my school works with relative ease since my sense of hesitation (on taking action) was drastically reduced. Oh well, now that my thesis has finally some concrete layout, I think I can lay low for a while.

    Anyways, I am very much interested on the ‘why’ questions much more than knowing ‘how’ to do modding itself. Actually, I’m very curious on knowing what you have to say about… well, about almost anything.

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, It’s brilliant. Genius.

    • I hope you reply to this comment, because your comment throws me off in many different directions.

      Reading it I think it is real because you ask if the book is going to be free, and then you write another paragraph about your thesis work (I don’t know how it relates here) and then you talk about the compliments (compliments that I don’t remember giving or what they were about). Then you say that since the thesis is done, you think you can lay low for awhile, which I don’t really understand either.

      I will take your suggestion of the “why” of modding rather than the “how” of modding. That could easily be a subchapter or two. Maybe I’ll write the book such that is is more high level talks about why people do what they do, and less on specific methods? Maybe version 2 of the book or the sequel will be technical “how tos” and this book will be more about “why” of the Underground Scene.

      • walkthorughoverkill

        I wanted to edit my post the moment I saw it but unfortunately I can’t see an edit or delete icon. Well, we corresponded for a short time in youtube; I was planning to reply to your last e-mail to me but I never had the time. Regardless, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that at all as it completely disrupted the thought of my post. Pointless, in other words.

        Not that I’m making an excuse for myself, but I guess the stress that was suddenly lifted on me made my pattern on expressing my thought, well, unorganized and chaotic at its best.

        But, well, I just wanted to say that it’s a very good idea and I’d like to hear your thoughts in this particular topic.

        • No need to make up excuses. I understand that the completion of your thesis has put you in such a state of joy that it may render any words of advice today potentially useless. :0

          Get some rest. I appreciate your comment and I will definitely add it to the book.

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