[How To] Play Gears of War Online With Tunngle For Free


8-11-09: Initial Release.

10-7-09: Fixed patch links.  Added new youtube video.

12-16-09: Added my own special gears of war patch zip file with instructions.

12-20-09: Added new download link.

12-21-09: Fixed the mediafire link.

1-24-10: Added my gears of war video. Note, this is before Teknogods added Gears of War to their program. It is in V15 and above.

2-6-10: Fixed some misc. wording.

4-9-10: Fixed download link.

5-6-12: Fixed download link.

3-13-14: Fixed download link.

3-23-15: Updated download link to use zippyshare instead.

Foreword: People love gore, and what better game to showcase this than Gears of War for PC?  I want to thank the people who have figured out how to make this game work, and I need to thank Jewbacon as I know he spent a whole day suffering so I didn’t have to.  With that said, I hope to see you in Tunngle playing with the rest of the underground crew! Enoy! ~ Versatile

Gears of War for Xbox 360 was huge.  It was a game changer in terms of making taking cover behind boxes fun again.  With the success of the Xbox 360, it was a no-brainer decision to create it for PC.

In today’s tutorial, I show you how you can use Tunngle to play Gears of War online with your friends.

You do realize there is already online multi-player in the game, right?

Yes, it does have online multi-player. It is another one of the games that use the “Games for Windows Live” platform.

So, why would I care about LAN over the Internet when we can use the Microsoft servers?

I could have sworn I have been asked this question before, for a similar game.  >_>

As it has been said before, there are situations when the Microsoft servers are very laggy, and it makes it difficult to find quality servers.  There is a moderate group of Gears of War players online, but the community face is dying.  Why play this when you can be rocking out hard with Gears of War 2 on the Xbox 360?  The alternative to this is playing a LAN game in your basement, but now I present to you a better method and save you gas in the process!

How so?  Easy, using Tunngle of course.  Tunngle is a VPN solution that helps you play LAN games over the Internet.  Let’s say hypothetically a hacker got your account, so now your game is banned.  Are you doomed to not play with your friends?  Of course not!  We are going to be smarter than the system, and Tunngle will help with our goals.

Great point!  I just wanted to be clear because I know someone who doesn’t need another ban…

Thanks for your support. As always, I do not support piracy, and neither should you the reader. By participating in it, we have no Gears of War 2 for the PC. *cries*  Oh well, such is life, right?  With that said, lets get started with the tutorial!


1) Download my patch. It has both official patches, tunngle registry fix, readme file, and crack files as required.


2) You need Tunngle installed and you have an account already. Learn more about Tunngle here.


Step 1:  Install the latest update for Gears of War.  Don’t forget to install the second patch that fixes the security certificate!

Step 2:Run the Tunngle registry fix.  This adds entries to the registry so that the main adapter will be Tunngle and not anything else, as well as disabling the Windows Live account.

Step 3: Load Tunngle, and go to the Gears of War network or whatever network your friends is in.

Step 4: Launch Gears of War.  Go to the versus or co-op and join or host a game!

Versatile, WAIT!  Don’t log off yet!  My user name is Player1.  How can I change it?

No worries, I’ll guide you through on this one as it requires a little bit of extra work.

1) Obtain a hex editor program. I got a freeware one called XVI32. Download and install.  Find it here.

2)  Go to your Gears of War directory. (BACKUP YOUR OnlineSubsystemPC.u BEFORE PROCEEDING) located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\WarGame\CookedPC (Default)

3) Open OnlineSubsystemPC.u with the hex editor and use Ctrl + F to find the line “player1”.

YOU MUST EQUAL 7 characters when changing Player1.  If you try to be clever and use less or more characters, the game will crash.

If choosing a shorter name, put spaces for the characters left.  For example, I changed “Player1” to “Versa(space)(space)”.

Save when finished.  Now play the game with your new name!

Video Tutorial

As usual for the non-believers, or those who are too lazy to read, I have made a video tutorial for you. Here you can see me walking you through the steps and proof that I was able to join a game. Enjoy!

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  1. thanks for the help man worked 100% my friend on the other hand says the game crashes when he starts it any advice ?

  2. ok man first! thanks for these tutorials, you are awesome!
    now..this tutorial worked fine, i could play with my friend and all…… after finishing the game.. we tried to play re5, but now we find a problem… we cannot connect with each other… i can play with others execpt my friend.. he has the same problem.. all started when we installed thos pathces for gow
    is there any way to fix this problem… a method to uninstall anything that was installed with the gow patches
    please help me

  3. I done everything fine, and I can find all players in local network, except my brother with who I want to play with. So, he can’t find me, nor I can’t find him. What can be the problem? O.o

  4. Is there any way you can play on both Tunngle and Games for Windows Live? Gears 1 on 360 is pretty much dead, and I find Gears 3 a bit boring, and don’t even get me started on Gears 2. I was thinking, if I go online on Gears PC with GFWL and there are no players, then I could see if anyone is playing on Tunngle and play with Tunngle instead. Thanks.

    • There are tons of players in Tunngle for GoW 1. Plus, you can get a free games for windows live key and play GoW 1 online if you desire. See tutorial here: http://www.tinyurl.com/freeGFWL

      • I already have a serial key for Gears PC and can play on GFWL and I’ve also played on Tunngle. I was referring to having both installed and being able to play on either one. I think Tunngle overwrites a certain GFWL registry with its own. So if I wanted to switch between the two, would I just have copies of both registries and use whichever one based on whether I want to play on GFWL or Tunngle? If so, how do I go about doing that because I don’t know where it’s located. If not, then how would I be able to play on both? Or maybe I’m wrong and if you boot up the game normally, you will by default play on GFWL and when Tunngle is launched, you play on Tunngle when you boot up the game. I don’t know, it’s been a while since I’ve had Tunngle installed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Nevermind I think I figured it out. In order to play on LIVE again after installing Tunngle, I do this. “Start>Run>Type regedit > Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Software\Microsoft\XLive
        In the right window delete the string that says ‘ConnectionOverride’. This will restore LIVE for online play.” And there’s another option involving TeknoGods Helper to remove the registry override. Thanks anyway though.

  5. I followed your guide but i can’t find nobody on versus/coop 😦
    Other people in GoW channel on Tunngle says that they can see a lot of games at least in versus mode 😦
    How can I do?
    Thanks for the attention 🙂

  6. This actually works! i occasionally host epic servers with a full house! =)

  7. The name change for me didn’t work.
    I followed the steps but my name is still “Player1”

  8. After I install the game and try to install the update, it doesn’t work, says it can’t find the old file but another one is there, and ends up NOT updating, happens with both patches, can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

    • Install the game fresh. Then install the 2 patches in order. Make sure you install the TU patch first, then the TU3 patch second. If you screw up, you got to reinstall the whole game. Install crack last.

  9. Hey Versatile i faced a problem.
    so i tried to Update my game. Patch TU didnt work it said “failed to load reg file.”
    Others Worked and i Joined GOW network in tunngle but when i went to Lan networks in GOW it showed this :

    But the server had like 5 players. Please help

  10. hi versatile please give me an answer to this.. when i try to patch the TU file is says that it cant find launcher reg key, and i installed the game from iso. help
    the game that i have is from black box and got it from kat.ph.. can that be the problem?

    • Probably. I don’t use black box. You see, the TU File is looking for the reg key that the game is supposed to install. Whatever reason, black box copy does NOT do this.

  11. This tutorial works perfect ,Thanks versatile,just do the steps exactly 🙂

  12. I can’t connected tunngle in my main addaptor.How can i do?….
    PLS tell me……………

  13. FaceWithDeath

    Hey man…I want to download this thing Dropbox but everytime it appear an error and won’t let me to download it…Can you resolve it or something? i really want to play gears of war on tunngle 😀

  14. i have signed in tunngle also have teknolive but cant join or host in gears of war
    what to do help

  15. Can’t download patch files from MF.

  16. thanks so much for the tutorail…but the mediafire link doesnt work…plz upload new link and keep up the good work 🙂

  17. uhhhh thanks for tutorial but the mediafire link is dead again 😦 plz upload new one thanks and keep up the good work

  18. Hello man, can you upload again the patches because it seems you have deleted them. Thanks

  19. from where can we download the patches because it’s not working!?

  20. hi versatile the link of the crack is not working can u reupload please thnks

  21. hey versatile i m unable to download ur patch..

  22. Mediafire [fixed 5-6-12] link dead !

  23. please fix the download link

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