[How To] Play Gears of War Online With Tunngle For Free


8-11-09: Initial Release.

10-7-09: Fixed patch links.  Added new youtube video.

12-16-09: Added my own special gears of war patch zip file with instructions.

12-20-09: Added new download link.

12-21-09: Fixed the mediafire link.

1-24-10: Added my gears of war video. Note, this is before Teknogods added Gears of War to their program. It is in V15 and above.

2-6-10: Fixed some misc. wording.

4-9-10: Fixed download link.

5-6-12: Fixed download link.

3-13-14: Fixed download link.

3-23-15: Updated download link to use zippyshare instead.

Foreword: People love gore, and what better game to showcase this than Gears of War for PC?  I want to thank the people who have figured out how to make this game work, and I need to thank Jewbacon as I know he spent a whole day suffering so I didn’t have to.  With that said, I hope to see you in Tunngle playing with the rest of the underground crew! Enoy! ~ Versatile

Gears of War for Xbox 360 was huge.  It was a game changer in terms of making taking cover behind boxes fun again.  With the success of the Xbox 360, it was a no-brainer decision to create it for PC.

In today’s tutorial, I show you how you can use Tunngle to play Gears of War online with your friends.

You do realize there is already online multi-player in the game, right?

Yes, it does have online multi-player. It is another one of the games that use the “Games for Windows Live” platform.

So, why would I care about LAN over the Internet when we can use the Microsoft servers?

I could have sworn I have been asked this question before, for a similar game.  >_>

As it has been said before, there are situations when the Microsoft servers are very laggy, and it makes it difficult to find quality servers.  There is a moderate group of Gears of War players online, but the community face is dying.  Why play this when you can be rocking out hard with Gears of War 2 on the Xbox 360?  The alternative to this is playing a LAN game in your basement, but now I present to you a better method and save you gas in the process!

How so?  Easy, using Tunngle of course.  Tunngle is a VPN solution that helps you play LAN games over the Internet.  Let’s say hypothetically a hacker got your account, so now your game is banned.  Are you doomed to not play with your friends?  Of course not!  We are going to be smarter than the system, and Tunngle will help with our goals.

Great point!  I just wanted to be clear because I know someone who doesn’t need another ban…

Thanks for your support. As always, I do not support piracy, and neither should you the reader. By participating in it, we have no Gears of War 2 for the PC. *cries*  Oh well, such is life, right?  With that said, lets get started with the tutorial!


1) Download my patch. It has both official patches, tunngle registry fix, readme file, and crack files as required.


2) You need Tunngle installed and you have an account already. Learn more about Tunngle here.


Step 1:  Install the latest update for Gears of War.  Don’t forget to install the second patch that fixes the security certificate!

Step 2:Run the Tunngle registry fix.  This adds entries to the registry so that the main adapter will be Tunngle and not anything else, as well as disabling the Windows Live account.

Step 3: Load Tunngle, and go to the Gears of War network or whatever network your friends is in.

Step 4: Launch Gears of War.  Go to the versus or co-op and join or host a game!

Versatile, WAIT!  Don’t log off yet!  My user name is Player1.  How can I change it?

No worries, I’ll guide you through on this one as it requires a little bit of extra work.

1) Obtain a hex editor program. I got a freeware one called XVI32. Download and install.  Find it here.

2)  Go to your Gears of War directory. (BACKUP YOUR OnlineSubsystemPC.u BEFORE PROCEEDING) located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\WarGame\CookedPC (Default)

3) Open OnlineSubsystemPC.u with the hex editor and use Ctrl + F to find the line “player1”.

YOU MUST EQUAL 7 characters when changing Player1.  If you try to be clever and use less or more characters, the game will crash.

If choosing a shorter name, put spaces for the characters left.  For example, I changed “Player1” to “Versa(space)(space)”.

Save when finished.  Now play the game with your new name!

Video Tutorial

As usual for the non-believers, or those who are too lazy to read, I have made a video tutorial for you. Here you can see me walking you through the steps and proof that I was able to join a game. Enjoy!

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  1. Great Tutorials, i’ve seen that this was created in German language, ASIAN players on GEARS OF WAR have this kind of VPN program 2 years ago i’ve been playing there for almost a year and a half. I hope
    this will serve us better than other tunneling program.

  2. Thank You, it works nicely!!

  3. Thank you very much for work!

    lol sorry my english ist y come from Germany!!

    cane this in german pls it better

  4. i pissed on this so much my tunngle dont load and always write about p2p fuck its not fear

    • If this is supposed to make people happy to help you out, then go screw yourself.

      I expect an apology before we go any further. If you want to bring negativity, do it somewhere else.

  5. Any solution to Gamer Profile: (Not signed in) issue? Me and my friends r getting this after we followed this tutorial.. Any help will be regarded

  6. i use router with wifi got laptop and cant always join what shoul i do

    • 1) Verify you have tunngle IP address.
      2) Verify you can see other people in the game room.
      3) Verify your game is patched correctly.

      If you cannot get any of the three above to work, then please look into port forwarding. Read the tunngle website for more assistance.

      Oh yea, and if you haven’t known, I’ve been gone without the Internet for a few days, so if you want to go piss on Tunngle, then go do it elsewhere. Not frickin’ here.

  7. I HAVE THE SAME ERROR AS HUESOS99″Gamer Profile: (Not signed in) issue?”


    • Install the game files correctly. Go to teknogods.com and get the latest .dll file.

    • always from the document save the saved file on other hardisk if the error comes past it on it again(for gears of war in “My Documents”goto to folder Microsoft>gears of war>there will be backup and saved file” In WIndows 7 goto >documents>My games>Gears Of war>copy the whole folder and keep a backup

  8. Huesos66_I fixed it:
    It seems that the automatic sign on feature stop wotking. i sign in again (from GTA 4) and set automatic sign in on.
    hope it helps

  9. I did everything according to the instructions and now i dont have a gamer profile and either i dont know how to or cant create one. I finished the game once, so obviously i had already created a gamer profile but now i cant.
    If i press F1 it doesnt do anything.

  10. hey, trying to play another game and the crack for it doesnt work , and think its becasue of the registry change i applied to for GOW. is there a way to switch the registry back?

  11. Step 2:Run the Tunngle registry fix. This adds entries to the registry so that the main adapter will be Tunngle and not anything else, as well as disabling the Windows Live account.

    this basically messed something up so that the crack for another game no longer works,

    how do you change it back? Delete some files?

    • hmm.
      first you could try inreinstalling the other game.
      or you could try unreinstalling tunngle and the hack you put in.

    • You need to edit the registry file for Gears of War, and see what modifications it did. Now you need to go into the registry and delete those same keys.

      • sounds good, the crack for the game i’m trying to play forces LIVE to log on offline mode, and since that fix for GOW disabled LIVE, it is no longer cracking the game.

  12. i found the connection overide file that was added to the registry “VAN-con-Tunngle”

    I just want confirmation that if i remove it , my comp wont fuck up.

    This file also was what disabled windows live right? if not then im not looking at the right problem.

  13. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    “ConnectionOverride”=”VAN-Con Tunngle”

    this is what the registry changed, it was in that notepad file with the fix.

    so, the idea came up to uninstall LIVE and then check back in the registry for those fixed files and delete them, which would hopefully after reinstalling LIVE have everything for LIVE on default?

  14. Anyone know where I can download Tunngle? The official website isn’t working for me.

  15. i want to play gears of war on my computer waht do i do?

  16. how do i play gears of war online

  17. the link for Tunngle registry fix is not workint. Can you fix it?

  18. Mmm.. Hi guys, first of all, great tut and video… You obviously took your time doing it and you deserve props for doing it.
    Moving on to my question. I’m trying to play with my brother on “LAN” (VPN to be more exact) such as hamachi/Garena /Tunngle. The thing is that even though we can see each others game, we can’t join them (it says can’t connect to host or something like that.
    I think that maybe it’s because we’re using the same CD KEY, but on the other hand.. how would a “LAN” environment “know” if we’re using the same key? Is it because you have to play through the LIVE service even if it’s an offline account? Is there a way to circumvent this? Like a way to prevent LIVE or whatever from knowing that we’re using the same key? What key are you guys using? And if you’re not using any, how did you managed to create an offline profile? :S
    Anyways, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as my brother and I live in different countries and even though I bought the (overpriced I might add) game he can’t, so we were thinking of just playing CO-OP through Tunngle, but we’ve had no luck so far…
    Thanks in advance!

  19. I’ve followed the guide to the T but it doesn’t work.
    I’m trying to play with a friend.

    Installed GoW and patched it, afterwards applied no cd.
    Installed Tunngle and rebooted.
    Ran the reg fix.
    Forwarded ports for Tunngle (not in guide).
    I launch Tunngle and go to GoW room.
    I can see my friend in the GoW room aswell.
    Launch GoW and host game. I get the no gamer profile message so I create an offline profile and host a co-op game. But the thing is, he can’t see me hosting. I’ve got all my firewalls turned off (both software aswell as router).
    He’s just not able to detect that I’m hosting and vica versa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Do not turn off the firewall. Disabling the firewall also brings upon complications. Your friend also needs to port forward UDP 11155 as well.

      As a test, when you press the home button and go to network connections, can you verify it is using Tunngle as the networking connection?

      • Quick reply 🙂

        I’ve checked my firewall and Tunngle was already in the exceptions and GoW of course. Both private home and public (running windows 7). But to be sure I removed it and manually added them again but no luck.

        The weird thing is that when I use my other computer with XP installed I CAN see my friend. But when I try to connect I get connection to host has been lost.

        The port that’s forwarded on Win7 is 11157 btw and XP 11155. Might that be the problem?

        • I am going to reinstall this game tonight I think. Why is it time after time again, people have problems with this game working online? I made 2 video tutorials for gosh sakes. Something funny is going on here! 🙂

  20. My friend and I have pretty mch given up on this :(.
    Don’t really know what else to do. firewall exceptions, ports forwarded, registry fix and still no luck…

    Thanks for your help and quick replies though.

    Maybe going to try Modern Warfare 2.

    • I installed the game fresh and was able to play online fine?

      Installed two official patches. Then run the registry fix. Make sure to rename the adapter Tunngle in the registry file.

      If you need crack files, install those too. Find me on tunngle, this works as I hosted a game.

      • I did exactly the same. The registry fix already had “ConnectionOverride”=”Tunngle” from the start so no need to edit.
        The only thing that might be different is that I used the Vitality 1.2 crack.
        This crack works fine though and lets me play on LAN so I don’t know if this is the cause.

  21. hello, i also have problems with this game, ohh, i only need the 2 patch names, can anyone say me the name of 2 patches?, i’ve did do all of the tutorial, but i don’t know the name of patches, also when i do the instalation of both patches and .reg file, i enter in the game, but mi name not change to player1. please say me the both patches name and the order of instalation, please?
    this game is so cool please say me.

    • Install patch 1, and then patch 2 (the recertification patch). Install the reg fix. I know this works, as I hosted game using this method few days ago on Tunngle.

      Make sure to rename the van-con adapter in registry fix to “Tunngle”.

  22. Thanks for your help, but can you say me the name of patches?, yes i do all but mi name doesn’t change ,yes i continue with Trinotrotolueno, please say me the name of patches only, i know the steps of instalation, oh yes another question, to can play, i need to quit the firewall?, please say me the name of both patches

    Thanks for your help

  23. thanks but i also need to replace the crack files? thanks for your attention

  24. ok but when i start the startup no dvd exe, that is a that weight is of 526 or more, i dont know, ok the game run, show the first screen and after the other, ok then show all screen black, are loading but after of 15 seconds the game quit and show a screen that say.”To start the game, doble click on startup.exe”, the question is why? if i’d do all good, first the patch that say GearsPC_TU and after the other, then i add the reg file, after i replace the wargameG4Wlive.exe and the other, someone know how i fix this problem, or what file i need to run? please thanks for your atention. thanks

  25. thanks but the file that i run is the startup.exe no dvd, and show the message, “to play gears of war, doble click on startup.exe” i really dont know what do, please help me, thanks

  26. Updated guide. Crack files and patches and tunngle in one zip file:

  27. yes i already can play, ok, try to say to all, that tunngle is best that hamachi, yes all right, the only thing that dont like me, is that not much people coneccted, yes for all those who get the message, “To play gears of war, please doble click on startup.exe”, need download the no dvd crack v 1.0, and a file that are in the same download, copy those files to Binaries folder, and, yeah the game run
    yipi im so happy, thanks to all. for help me

  28. Hi,

    I downloaded your new zip file but it says wargameg4wlive.exe is corrupted so won’t extract it (I downloaded the zip several times), and it appears that the startup.exe is a virus…

  29. hi,i can join but i cant be the host why????

  30. This is great!
    I have W7 and my brother has XP, Tunngle is awesome, i didn’t need any port forwarding even tough my provider gives up dynamic dns. Just followed the steps here and everything worked great. No lag, no disconects, we played co-op for hours, it’s really nice. We even died for a few times and just got to the previous checkpoint were i was expecting the link to crash but it worked flawlessly.
    Tunngle kicks ass.

  31. We don’t need to use XVI32 to change Player name.
    We can make local profile, so we can change the name very very easily…

  32. http://forums.gamesforwindows.com/p/7889/73434.aspx
    here is the link how to change the player name

    and I checked the files but, That was NOT crack for 1.2 it was for 1.0.
    and We don’t need to overwrite WarGame-G4WLive.exe at all.
    You can find the crack here.

    GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft.exe Patch alrealy included previous patch.

  33. Thx man this was realy helpful!!!

  34. My friend can you upload again the tunngle registry fix, I cant download it by using the links (on the post), also How can I verify if my game has the correct patch installed? (I can run it with no problems 04/08/2010, Finished it twice and now Im loocking for Online gamming)

    I tried using hamachi fix patch but it really sucks (or maybe I just hate hamachi), it seems to be pretty much the same procedure, I mean, it also requires a fix patch and a player name editor, but as I sayd I hate hamachi.

    Hope you can help me.

  35. Hi, i have done all of this how to with the GOW Patch.zip but when i want to start the game with the crack he doesnt want to start… please help me

    • First of all, this does work. I have gone through this method at least 20 times over the last year and it’s tiresome. Are you sure your PC can run 3d games? Try running the crack in admin mode. Disable all security software.

  36. hi,

    I tried installing this twice. Followed all instructions to the letter. Yet everytime I click “Startup” in GoW, jack happens.

    • Disable UAC. Run as admin. Your PC can run 3d games, right?

      • Tried the third time today, this time in XP. No luck.
        Yes, it can run 3D games. Unreal Engine 3 is not very demanding and I can play games like Mass Effect 2 just fine.

        Heres what I do, after installation, I run the patches(TU & TU3) straight from my download folder. Then I copy & replace the warengine, wargame & startup files. Lastly, I run that registry file from the download folder.
        But when I open startup, it opens that GoW page with “play” on it. After I click play, my CPU usage goes up for a second- as if its about to launch the game- but then it comes back down, and nothing happens.

        • This is very frustrating. Is the game the issue, something on your PC, or something other? I can’t relate, because I have done this in both XP and 7 and it works fine using the method I outlined below. I don’t think its a bad crack file.

          Just for grins, go to gamecopyworld and try your luck there. Now you know why I hate installing this game over and over. It is the number 1 hassle game I have to do with outside of the L4D series, lol.

          • It seems I’ve isolated the problem to the crack files you’ve provided.

            The game runs fine when I use some other cracks(startup file only), with or without the patches. But then, I can’t play on tunngle with them.

  37. Great tutorial.BIG THANKS!

  38. Hey.. Me and my bro keep running into the same issue over and over again, we did everything u said, patched both of the patches, ran the registry file and cracked the game.. both of us can host and join co-op.. the problem is that as soon as we meet the first enemies in the game.. the joiner crashes to desktop.. we’ve been trying several times now..any ideas of what could be wrong?
    Help would be greatly appreciated=)

    • I never had joiner crash before. Maybe you should check out teknogods beta 16 and see if that helps you. I got a download link in my youtube channel: youtube.com/gamedexterity (look at left hand side at the bottom)

  39. yo, just wanted to say THANKS for this! Works flawlessly if the steps are followed correctly!

  40. hey pal is it work on dial up connection to play online with my frinds online
    on world i mean i dont share my computer to the other computer so i wants to play online by internet is it work so plz plz tell me and send answer on mustafa_852@yahoo.com I will be ur grateful.

  41. hey how can i use from Games for windows live to play online by internet on windows 7 . and also i cant install directx 10 on windows 7 and my video card is nvidia GeForce 7300 LE (512) so plz send answer on mustafa_852@yahoo.com

  42. 7300 doesn’t use directx10 retard

  43. ohh thnx for the video… really like it 🙂

  44. Hi. I have problem like that:
    I hosted a game one time, and ppl didn’t saw mine server on their server list, but they connected by console. I cannot see servers hosted by others on my own server list. Why ??

    I have port forwarded, added both tunngle application in firewall. I don’t know what’s wrong.

    Oh and one more issue. I get warning everytime i launch Tunngle that Tunngle adapter is not highest priority, but when i check it [with tunngle online and offline], IT HAS THE HIGHEST PRIORITY SETTET UP. 😦 I don’t know what to do. I hosted a game in left 4 dead 2 and my server was able to see, here it isn’t.

    Help! 🙂


    • Hi again!

      I solved my problem. All I had to do is change the tunngle adapter priority to lower, accept it, then back up to highest, accept and restart computer. Now i don’t have any reports about priority when I start tunngle and I see servers and mine server is able to see 🙂


  45. hi there
    first of all thnx for the tut…second of all…
    i have this Problem..when i apply the fix and start the game it gives me the following error
    MICROSOFT visual C++ Runtime Library
    Program: G\Games\Gears of….

    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unsual way

    please contact the application’s support team for more information


    i didnt get that error b4 the fix..
    i did a clean copy and tried it and it worked, then i did the fix and i got the same
    error again..
    i am sure the fix is causing this so what should i do? 😦
    how can i undo the fix or how can i make it work WITH the fix
    please help me,thank u guys…please help me

  46. btw…i forgot to say..Windows defender deleted ur crack and considered it a virus so i used my own (vitalty 1.2)

  47. one last thing xD:when i put the config file u included (wargame.ini) in the config folder of the game i get the following error

    “u must start the game from startup.exe” also i DID start the game from start up.ex

  48. ops! i ment “Warengine.ini” sorry for spamming xD

  49. i did..and now it works fine :D..thnx…i scanned ur crack with virus chief and it got nothing..i think my Avira is just paranoid :p..thanks for everything 🙂

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