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8/20/09:  Initial release

Hey everyone, a quick note on the book cover contest. Since the contest has been revealed on Sunday, how many people do you think actually sent in responses to my e-mail? Is it one, 10, 20, 30 people? Hmmm, let’s try zero! Nada, zip!

Sure, I understand people are busy, but if you aren’t willing to send in a picture that takes couple seconds of upload, then I don’t really have anything to say to you.

Maybe I wasn’t being fair.  Maybe I didn’t give the contest enough time for people to participate, or perhaps people don’t want to believe they have a part in making a difference because honestly you did and it just blew off.

The best part of this entire ordeal is that I could count on Hail2king and Voltaire for support, as they were ever so kind to actually send in real substance, you know, real pictures that I can see and actually spin for a potential book cover.

Oh C’mon, give us another chance!

I think I heard that one before >_>.  Should I even bother re-instating the contest?  I really wanted to show off my signature (a real signature) but I guess little stuff in life don’t matter.  *shrugs*

For now, I have some potential book covers in my head sent in by the other authors that are really good.  I’m disappointed that there was not enough community involvement, but I shouldn’t be surprised.  Because you guys doomed yourselves, the final cover of the book won’t be released until the time is right to release it.  Yup, thats right a cliffhanger!

This is what I will do for those left who care about the future of the book:

For those who are sadden that they didn’t get a chance to participate, don’t worry. I think I can do something special for you. Send me an e-mail at and write me a few sentences why I should have faith in the community.  If I am deeply moved by your statement (or your insight), I will have a page in the book dedicated to these contributors.  Want an example?


Of course, if no one e-mails me, then this page in the book will just have to be deleted, which is fine by me. 🙂

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