A Quick Tale of A Changed Mind

Hi all.

So a friend of mine was telling me about how he used some of The Underground knowledge that I gave him to jailbreak his iPod Touch a while back. He was so impressed he decided to start telling his friends about it. As he tells:

“One of my buds wasn’t really up for jailbreaking. I wasn’t sure why, something about a warranty. I tried telling him how great the jailbreak was, but he just wouldn’t do it. Yesterday, he came up to me and asked me what things to get from the Cydia store. After we chatted for a while, he told me that I was right! His iPod was at least 2 times more enjoyable now than it was before, especially because of all the crazy mods you can do and the apps you can get. It was a case of the ‘I told you so’.  He was extemely excited to use the jailbroken iPod Touch. Thanks to The Underground, I was able to inform people and get the word around. Thanks guys!”

It seems like we are having impacts in the real world! Keep spreading the knowledge!


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