Back in Action – Almost

Im Back

I'm Back

Yes, I am still alive so you guys can stop worrying. Actually, if you were clever enough, you would have known that I was already back due to reply comments to users as well as active participation on Twitter.

I’ve moved into the new house already, and I do have some interesting stories to tell from the perspective of a first time home owner. I’ll get some pictures ready and show off for a future post.

Now some quick things to list as to what is going to happen over the upcoming days and weeks:

1) What happened to the newsletter?
* Nothing. I know we skipped the newsletter for the month of August due to my complications with moving into a new house as well as traveling for business.  I want to get an updated newsletter out soon, hopefully for September.  We shall see.

2)  Status on the e-book?

* It is looking good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to really work on it when I had no Internet at the house for a few days, because I was busy with other house stuff.  I expect to start working on it again very soon (like this week) and on a regular schedule.

3) Status update on activities of authors:

*  Versatile – I will be busy for a long time now with house items.  This means painting the walls, and tending to the landscaping around the house. Getting home around 5pm, and then doing painting or yard work for a few hours before hopping onto the computer or blog or sleep is really going to put me on a tight schedule.  I am going to re-evaluate my time and the tasks before me, so I expect that in the next few days you will see a new version of me here at the blog as well as online through the Instant Chat mediums and Youtube.

* Voltaire – Busy with school and college applications, as well as with other extra-curricular activities.  Articles will be written up depending on available time.

* The other authors:  No idea, but I know they are busy as well with other life committments.  Expect participation from them to be once in a blue moon.

4) Ideas I got going on in my head:

* Right now I got a lot of stuff in my head I want to tell you guys, but it is not going to happen overnight.  If you have been keeping watch of my youtube lately, you will have noticed that I have released a small stream of updated Tunngle videos.  I’m really excited about it.  The international version will be almost here, and I am going to release something very special for it.

Furthermore, I got some newer games to test such as Section 8 and Wolfenstein so those tutorials will be coming soon.

I have a few non-tech articles I want to write about to get people talking.  Similar to how we recently had a thought provoking article on religion, mine will be in same vain but different topic.  It will be something everyone can relate to, and indirectly, these stories only come up as a result of me and my new house adventure.  This will make more sense further on.

I have been talking to Hail2King on new ways to branch out to other audiences.  We contemplated briefly the idea of, and how we could do live broadcasts on gaming or tech or whatever.  Not sure what to do, it is still in preliminary stages right now.  If done right, I could definitely see it booming.

Of course, some new content for TUG.  I know Mojo out there is rolling his eyes on this one, but we will get some new undergroud content to get your creative minds rolling again.  It will just take some time.

Plus, November comes L4D 2, which means new tutorials and new videos.  I am not looking forward to it considering how amateur the PC Gaming market is right now based on what I have seen through the life of L4D 1.

Note: I am working with the Tunngle forum to get new participants for my “proof of concept” tunngle videos.  If you have a game that you want to try out for Tunngle and prove to the world that LAN works over the Internet, let me know.  I am getting a list of games from people for videos and get them recognized through the youtube audience.  It will definitely be good times, and you will get credit.  If this sounds fun, then please check out the discussion here:

Youtube Participation – Want to become a star?

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