[How To] Play Street Fighter IV (4) Online Using Tunngle (or Hamachi) – Live Not Required

9-26-09: Initial release
1-1-10: Added more hints. Removed youtube video until I upload the new one.
4-8-11: Added dropbox link. Added video tutorial!
11-25-12: Rewrote the whole guide, added new video link. All discussion about Chinese program is removed

When I initially wrote this blog post, I had a tutorial referencing a Chinese program that allowed you to play 1vs1. The problem with that program was that it was not stable, and it wouldn’t work right all the time.

Since 2009, I have found a GFWL keygen file that allows you to take various GFWL games and play them online. Rather than go through all the steps, everything that you need to know is at the Pastebin link below, and I have also pasted my youtube video as well. Enjoy!

Text Tutorial

Video Tutorial

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  1. Hey, could you upload the black screen fix vido on your new youtube channel? Since I couldn’t find any street fighter videos there 🙂

  2. you can reupload the tool, dropbox say error (file deleted)

  3. Is it possible to play SSFIV (Taito X2) on Tunngle? If yes, pretty please make a tutorial! I tried a method as described somewhere on tunngle forums, with no avail…

  4. Hey Versatile, 😀
    does this kane and lynch key working by today…i have to play online!

  5. hey versatile…give me your key for checking purpose! since they removed kane and lynch from list…polish ppls! aaaggghh :-/

  6. the video link is broken 🙂

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