Poem: The Monster Within

Ten thousand forgotten souls,

a shadow lurking in the background.

I am caged inside walls of darkness and evil.

Who will release me from my shackles of pain and sorrow?

I wonder who the atrocious and beastly creature is.

Divine, yet so fiercely courageous.

The fear itself is getting to me,

I must face this entity.

The horror of silence is deadly,

the brute becomes ashy and pale from the full moon.

It’s fierce howl shrieks terror,

bringing mortality to even the most immortal.

It has brought misery and torment to countless before us,

an unspeakable horror so as if it were death itself.

A glance in the mirror only to see the monster approaching me,

but the sun rises, the moon goes down, and the monster with it.

A glance down and a glance back to realize,

the monster is never gone, for it lives inside me.

I am evil and I bring terror,

I am a fiend eternally.

A tear shed for the pain I have brought,

and another for the pain I am about to bring.

I am forever a monster,

cursed to deliver hate from alpha to omega…

About venomouswonder

I'm just the mere age of 19. I write, and I F**CKING love it.

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