Women’s Rights

Quickly getting to the point, it is very obvious that women deserve the same rights as men for many reasons. One of them being equality. The second would definitely come to be jobs. The last would be everyday lifestyles.


Equality is one of America’s biggest gifts to it’s residents, but also one of it’s biggest flaws. This meaning that there is still racism happening every day, and also a lot of sexism. Let’s face it, we are equal on paper, but in reality, far from it. Man has always been flawed, and it will continue to be flawed. Women deserve the same rights as men because honestly, women have more reasons to be successful than men.

Women’s Pains

The greatest pain that a woman endures in her lifetime would definitely be the miracle and painful experience of birth. Honestly, I could never even imagine the excruciating pain that must be caused by birth! That is one of the reasons that men will continue to be sexist towards women, because they will never understand or experience of it. All men (and when I say all I mean ALL) think that birth is a big joke. It is ok ladies, I at least shed a tear for your pain.

Women’s Struggles in the Past

There is a moderately famous quote that some people know, but not all. My eleventh grade teacher (I’m still in eleventh grade) taught me this quote, and I found it to be rather true. “In the 70’s women were barefoot pregnant in the kitchen.” This quote has a lot of meaning and truth to it, probably because, well, it is true; or at least it was. Barefoot meaning that they should not even go outside, just stay inside all day and do house chores, or other things. Pregnant meant that they should be mainly used for reproduction purposes, or sexual acts just to pleasure their man and relieve his stress. In the kitchen represented that all good housewives at the time should cook for the whole family, all the time. Still in some countries today, especially the Middle East, women are not even allowed to go outside without covering their faces, and without a man. If they do so, they could get beaten, or even killed! This is outrageous and preposterous because women are people and not animals, and they should be treated better!


For the longest time, women have been treated unfairly especially in the job field. The main reason for this is because they are considered incompetent and weak; in reality this is not true at all though. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and that applies for men also. Speaking logically, a man would most likely be better at hard labor such as cutting a tree down or working on a farm than a woman would. This does not mean that they will necessarily be better, but in most cases. On the other hand though, women have a better sense of cooperation than men at most things. For example, a female could do eight hours of paperwork and not get disgusted with it, when on the flip side, a man would quickly get frustrated and quit very fast. In conclusion, men think they are better, but they are not. 1/2 and 2/4 are a bit different, but in the end, they are still equal, no matter what you do.

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