Sometimes You Just Got To Get Away From It All

For those of you who have added me as a friend on your Instant Messenger program or Skype, you may have realized that for the last two weeks I have been quite busy.  Maybe you have left me a message via instant messenger, and you saw that I didn’t answer you, or if I did, it was a very late reply.

What’s going on?  Well, what can I say?  I am just a busy person these days. It is amazing how a purchase as large as a house has a direct impact on your life. When I come home from work (around 5 or 6pm, it varies), I am tired. I start cooking dinner, check the mail, go outside and attend to the landscape and whatever else needs doing from day to day.  By the time I get onto the computer, I am almost tired.

Logging onto instant messenger is almost a chore, because the minute I log on, I get maybe two or three instant messengers right away. “Hey, whats up man?”  “I got a question for you..” and it just goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy helping people out, but when I log onto the computer I have a focused mindset.  Check e-mail.  Check both blogs and answer comments. Check youtube and answer the 10+ comments and messages waiting for me.  Over time, day in and day out I am getting burnt out.

Of course, the easy response would be:

Screw them! You don’t have to answer the comments!

Ah yes, I wish it was that easy, but I got to keep a presence online and make sure people are happy because in the end, you never know when you need some support and someone comes along the way to help you out.

If you guy’s haven’t noticed, the last week or so I have been doing a lot of youtube videos.  Almost a video a day whether it be on a new Tunngle game concept, or some kind of rant. In fact, have you seen my recent piracy rant video?  I think it is worth watching. Check it out below:

The problem with the videos is that they are so easy to make, but still require some time to edit and add in the special effects and zooms.

I love writing, and I am back here to write some more, I can assure you of that. To those people who think making video is the easy way out, I can tell you that you are partially correct.  It is easy to make a video and upload it online, because you can record the video in a few minutes, edit it in about 10, and then encode for an hour and then upload.  Whereas here if I have to write an article, it can take between 10 minutes to as long as an hour plus depending on the subject material.

Nonetheless, sometimes I just get burnt out and need to get away from it all.  Do you ever feel like that before?  What is your escape mechanism?

For some people, they love to play video games.  Video games is a great distraction because if you really love the game, you get into it and you forget about “reality”.  Why would anyone care about the economy when you are owning it up in Halo? You are the frickin’ Master Chief. Now is your time. Live it. Own it.

Others like to play an instrument or listen to music which is fine.  Maybe you love that new rock song and you love to jam it on your guitar pretending you are the bassist in the band playing live.  Maybe you record it and upload on Youtube for the rest of the world to see.

All of us have our  own little escape mechanisms.  I have talked to an undergrounder and he says that his family is in poor shape. Broken family.  Dropped out of high school to help his mom to help pay the bills. Working hard to get back in school. He plays games on the computer to escape from it all because it helps him sleep easier at night.

The funny part is I believe it. I know there are people out there who say they are closer to their friends they met over the Internet than the friends they know in real life.  Take it for what you will.

Even since I put my contact info on my youtube channel, I have received an enormous response from people ranging from here in the USA, to people from Israel to Africa to Pakistan to Australia! The problem? Everyone wants a bit of my time!  I guess I should know better, but if someone needs help they turn to me?  I guess I should feel honored, right?

However, there is hardly any time left for me to relax. If you see my online with an away message of some sort, it most likely means I am away and I don’t fee like the urge to talk right now.

If you were in my position, you may feel the same.  Who else has the desire to answer 20+ comments a day anyway?  So if you leave me a message and I don’t get back to you, don’t feel bad.  Just come and get me at a different time.

What do you do if you need to “get away”?  Do you day dream?  Take a vacation somewhere?  Geek out in your basement?  Let me know, I’m dying to find out!

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  1. Hey Versatile 🙂
    You have my full respect for your voluntary work on all these special zones. And i know absolutely, what you’re talking about 🙂
    Take your time, life is to short. But i think we look alike.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hey Versatile,
    relax? me time? what are these words you speak of?
    I don’t get time to relax, so yeah I kinda know where your coming from. Even now I have about a thousand things going on whilst I’m doing this, but I thought ‘yeah, screw that, this looks interesting’ The last time I relaxed was about 5 years ago before everything started picking up.
    But heyyy….
    It’s a case of doing what you gotta do isn’t it?

    Thanks for a good read,

    By The Way I’m linking you up in my blog coz some of the stuff on here has helped – a lot.

  3. Versatile,
    Your welcome for the linkage,
    I visited the website and liked what I saw XD
    I’ll deffinately keep on comming back and seeing what you guys have got up next
    Found that time to relax yet?
    Or are you still running on empty?


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