Windows 7 – October 22nd Release – You Getting It?

It’s just about here! October 22nd is the release of the new operating system from Microsoft. I’ve been running the RTM version for quite a while now that was on the Technet networks, but I will definitely be getting a new copy of Windows 7 very soon.

I’ve run all the betas since last November, and I am psyched that the new OS is almost here.  I can’t believe it.  It really is the successor to Vista, so that begs the question:  Why would you even buy Vista now that Windows 7 is here?  Well…you don’t!

Are you getting Windows 7?  If not right away, then when?  I will be installing it for sure along with my Windows XP (only to run some nit picky XP programs although I may have to try this new XP virtual machine software).

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  1. My bro’s bringing it down so I can install it and finally fully utilise my intel mac.

    It’s been a long time coming, eh?

  2. I ended with with 3 legitimate versions of Win 7..

    One came with the free upgrade during my Dell laptop purchase, and two came with my university’s MSDNAA program, x86 and x64 (two distinct keys).

    However these editions are Home Premium and Professional, I opted to use a pirated edition of Ultimate on my machines.


  3. Wow, lol @ Chyea 😛
    I had signed up for the windows 7 launch party in India and I got x32 and x64 bit versions 🙂 They both are a sig edition of Steve Ballmer Ultimate Edition 🙂
    Though its taking me time to upgrade all the drivers and looking for alternates for softwares which aren’t running on windows 7 -.-

  4. 😮 just noticed…. its 32 bit and 64 bit i.e. x86 and x64 ;p

  5. I installed w7 ultimate 32bit and i have a particular problem when i’m on facebook or just in a browser. My taskbar just like refreshes (buttons like slide from the right) and if i’m typing something, chatting, i can’t use keyboard until i click several times on the window. If you can help me or at least explain why is this happening, reply to my email only. Thanks in advance =]

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