Underground Update -Nov. 1st

I missed doing weekly updates, and with a lot of stuff going on in my activities, I thought I will start bringing back these blog updates because there are easy to get out of the way, as well as let you guys know what I am thinking and what I have planned for the future.

In fact, I love writing these updates because it is really the only time I can vent or talk about a particular idea that is in formulation, so with that said let’s get started.

This article is going to be split up into two sections: gamer and non-gamer items.

Here are the gamer items:

On Halloween, the Dead Before Dawn campaign was released for L4D.  What does that even mean?  This is a custom campaign created for L4D that has been roughly 5 years in the making. What started out as a map for just Half Life 2 evolved itself into L4D and with a dedicated team working on it, it has been pushed back time after time again. Finally, it is here. I am testing it out tonight, so expect an article with links and some gameplay footage on it later this week.

Killing Floor does not want to die, and recently there was a 1009 update.  There are people having trouble with it, and it can be fixed with a new 1009 update repack fix. I will have the KF article at the tug.cjb.net site updated with the new links.

Borderlands: Great game. I have been playing it since Tuesday and beat it on Friday.  Awesome game, and will play it again either through the second walkthrough with a different character.  The end boss battle was just epic. Go to youtube and watch it yourself if you don’t care about playing the game. ;0  In short, it is like a mix of Fallout 3, Diablo, and First Person Shooter elements.  It really is badass game, and with DLC content planned for the future, we can definitely see some sequels coming.

Here are the non-gamer items:

Windows 7 was released on October 22nd.  How many of you guys are using it? I have been using some version of Windows 7 since the first beta last November, and  now it is finally here.

Bottom line: If you have XP, upgrade to it.  If you have Vista, please upgrade!  Windows 7 is by far the best OS out there. If you have lingering thoughts about Windows 7 as an XP user, then try doing a dual boot setup like I am. Sure, there is an XP virtual machine that you can get for Windows 7, but it is only available in the Ultimate version I do believe.

If you have a new Vista PC, you are entitled to Windows 7 for free. However, if you are looking for Windows 7 per other means, well…I am not sure if I can help you.  Your best bet is to see what deviant Hail2King wrote at http://tug.cjb.net on Windows 7 and see if that helps you with your digital journey.

In terms of future articles on the blog, I have quite a number of events in mind. This past weekend a local Blockbuster is going out of business.  DVDs for 9.99 or less, and even the store light fixtures are on sale! Now this is a true out of business sale!

I thought about this, and now with Netflix growing, and RedBox, as well as online video media for free (and illicit video downloads), I can see how Blockbuster is dying in the 21st century. I want to write an article about this as well as a spin as to how piracy and new technology is causing businesses such as Blockbuster to die.   Yet, Family Video is still doing well?  It’s all about the prices and consumer loyalty.  More to come.

Another topic I want to expand further is the idea of multi-tasking.  Whether it is at school, home, work, or wherever, there are bound to be lots of things in life that you are trying to find a balance. I have not found a balance yet, but I am slowly working my way towards that ultimate goal of pure nirvana where I am in control of my own time and what happens in my day.  It will be tough, because there are certain elements that are out of your control, but by recognizing what you have power over, it will help you become a better person and of course a master of your own domain.

One more last topic that I have been toying with the last few weeks is maintaining a better organizing system on my computer and external hard drive.  Right now I have literally program files, installers, music, movies, and whatever strewn across my desktop, laptop, and 2 external hard drives. I am working on my own personal system on how to make things tidy, and I wish to share my findings with you guys, as well as get tips on what you do to evolve the process.

It never is a done deal, as new ideas come along, but I love being a minimialistic person. I moved into a new house, and from the get go my number one goal is NO CLUTTER.  It makes the house look messy, and it just takes up space.  Similarly, I treat my PC the same way and I hate clutter.

You might be surprised to find out I do not have JAVA installed, and a few other programs that you might have already because I love running the PC lean as can be with little overhead.  Want to learn what I do so you can do the same?  That is a future article as well.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I really hate leaving the blog as is with very few articles, and I know there are a good number of you guys coming here expecting me or someone else to provide you that next idea that you never knew about.  Trust me, it is always in the back of my mind, and its just been hard lately finding the time to do what I love.

Don’t worry, we will get there. Thanks for reading!

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