Google Wave – The Unofficial Invite Trading Ring



11-7-09: Initial release.

Very popular to what the blog had done for the Demonoid invite trading ring circle, I am going to do the same thing now for the Google Wave invite.

After waiting for 2 months, I finally got an invite but not from Google, but from a fellow Lifehacker reader. I had literally spent two weeks posting and trying to get an invite, with absolutely no responses. Last night I got an invite after two long months of waiting, and I am so eager to help the rest of you get onto the Google Wave bandwagon.

I will keep this short and simple. This is how it works:

1) Click the correct links below at the bottom of this blog post and fill out the form. Either you have a Google Wave invite and you can offer invites, or you are in need of one. Please make sure you type your e-mail correctly!
2) Every week I will review the list and see the demand for invites.
3) Over the course of time, I will literally have a list of people at my fingertips that I can send an email to asking for a Google Wave invite, and then I just take that Google Wave invite and forward it on to those who need it.
4) Those who received the invite are then put onto the master Google Wave “I can invite others” list. All of this is internal, and only I will suffer, not you.

Sound like a good plan? Let’s get started! I expect to start up a Google Wave Underground community, as well as a Tunngle community. I’m excited!

I HAVE a Google Wave account and can help send out invites. Click this link.

I NEED a Google Wave account. Click this link.

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  1. Great idea! I have added myself to your list….and am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  2. I added myself to your list. I’m glad your enjoying your invite!!!

  3. How am I to know that you’re not going to send spam or stuf like that?

  4. I am having a contest in my blog to get google wave invites. Interested can take a look. Get 2 Google Wave and Orkut invites at

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