Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 – Steam Trojan Horse?


If you are a gamer, you will know that today is huge because Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been released.  Reviews have been high for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and it is no surprise that some PC gamers are giving it low scores.

Here are some quick reasons why PC gamers got screwed:

  • 16 maps. The max amount of players on any map is 9v9.
  • No dedicated server support. Infinity Ward’s IWNet protocol controls everything.  This means no mods and no customizations whatsoever.
  • No console. You can’t even kick people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you search Google News right now for Modern Warfare 2, there are thousands of headlines on this.

One headline that really got my sight was this one: ” Modern Warfare 2 Shunned by Several Digital Distributors Due to Steam ‘Trojan Horse’.

What does that even mean?  If you bought this game retail from the store, you are FORCED to install Steam in order to play this game.  The Steam protocol ensures your game is updated, anti-hacked, and everything else that comes with it.

Per Direct 2 Drive, an online distributor, they will not carry this game because of the inclusion of the Steam client.  Below is their statement:

“We believe strongly that when you buy a game from us, you shouldn’t be forced to install and run a 3rd party software client to be able to play the game you purchased,” D2D explains in a statement masquerading as a listing for Modern Warfare 2 in its store. A representative later told Kotaku “We don’t believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.”  Source

What makes it worse is that if you had pre-ordered the game on Steam, you will have to wait until November 12, Thursday to play the game!  What is even more hilarious is that if you went out to the store and bought the game instead, you will be playing it online right now.  The retail version of the game also has Steam, so it makes absolutely no sense why pre-order purchasers are getting screwed over right now.

This signifies that DRM is not all it is cracked to be, and even innocent gamers are getting punished.  With no dedicated server support on PC side, it is expected the game is going to be released online via torrents and some hacker group will figure out a way to mod the game and get dedicated server support going.  It is just a matter of time.

Read more about the Steam debacle here.

It goes to show that Steam is not always welcomed, and when you have to tie gamer’s hands behind their back and force them to use a 3rd party client against their will, it makes you wonder if it is even worth the purchase.

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  1. i bought the game then had to download it again through steam, very piss taking

  2. The game is getting pirated as hell, even the X-Box 360 version is getting pirated. That’s what they get for screwing PC users..They should have played it cool, sort of like Ubisoft with the newest Prince of Persia. No DRM what-so-ever, and they got a huge sales figure..Just goes to show, DRM sucks, everybody hates it, and I don’t know why the f*** publishers still use it. Every game with DRM gets cracked anyway, so it’s just more annoying to the guys who buy the game. It makes no sense what-so-ever.

  3. So watched ur video about L4D Hamachi, lets get a MW2 Hamachi going???

  4. A lot more people would buy if there was no DRM.
    It seems to be a proved figure, RA3 was a bust b/c of DRM.
    I bought the game then got a DRM-free version just so I didn’t have to install random stuff on my computer.

    Seems to be proof enough when other games have results out the roof.

  5. Well I finished the game, good graphics, pretty fun.

    I used Luksi installer on the original steam version download, then patched with razor’s crack, had to have steam running at first. Then I patched it with Skidrow, which made it steam independent. Never ran in to a bigger hassle while trying to pirate a game before. The cocksucker I downloaded from doubled rar’ed split two cd iso, took me almost an hour just to reach the install phase, during which there is no progress bar.

    But I hear the scene release is much easier, guess I should’ve waited an extra day for it to come out, but oh well.

    I’ll explore the hamachi options once my semiconductor midterm is over.

    • I was smart. I got skidrow, and 14 hrs later I have it and playing it. No need to mess with steam.

      Teknogods is working on a multiplayer fix. When that happens, I am going to milk it hard.

  6. so is tunngle>hamachi?
    Anyways skidrow rls here too, beat the game, waiting for that lan patch…but in the mean time when i do launch MP i get to the screen and click start then it says “you need to be logged into steam online to play..” even though I am logged into steam before i start the MP…


  7. Finally got MP to work… well to actually launch and be able to create my own server but since i can not connect to no one can join and I cant join any games… as for Co OP i cant get that to work… so teknogods ftw

    • I got it to work. Guide coming soon.

      • Looking forward to a guide, cause i can’t get it to work..completed the campaign though..5 and-a-half hours on hardened..not really a challenge, but a good story..

      • Yo rock, when you make the guide, let me post it, or you post it, but gimme privilege to edit it. I might have something to add in case you missed something. I got mine to work too. Initially I had issues with the razor crack not starting up the game, and apparently about 50% of people had the same problem. But I found a fix, so if you haven’t encountered this problem, I could fill it in when someone asks.

        • Jesus, you must tell me because I am dying to know!

          I have skidrow release. Used razor crack to work, but there are a lot of people telling me razor crack + skidrow release doesn’t launch the game.

          It has been bugging me immensely.

          Text guide to be up later today.

  8. I bought the game also. Pre-ordered, what a mistake. I bought the pc version since I’m generally a pc gamer. And my family members have their own capable machines to play. I do not own any consoles since I have a i7 sli machine with dual nvidia 260’s HTPC in the living room with wireless Xbox 360 controllers and blue ray. And we play COD4 MW across my lan and have a blast. I have a server in my basement running all the servers,COD4 MW1, Counter Strike Source, and a bunch others. But with this game I have to buy three more copies, not to mention I have to tie them to a steam account in which I have two. Now need 2 more steam accounts. The game play is fun in single, but I beat it on hardened in 5 hours. And the online play is pitifull. There is so many hacks and cheats it’s worthless to play online. I don’t cheat that’s why I’ve had my steam account since the get go. VAC is a joke, no dedicated servers is just an outright fail! But when you port a game from a console to a pc version I guess the pc users get screwed. And IW doesn’t care. The console players don’t know any better and I guess that’s where the money is. I pre-ordered from Best-Buy, I tried to take it back. Tried that is! Told them that IW contradicted themselves, and what they promised for the game was lies.
    They did give me nothing! No dice!

  9. Chyea

    Come forward with the fix please,

    many of our users are experiencing the same issue.

  10. MP works fine for me and I dont have a problem with SP, im using the Skidrow rls and crack. But when I click on Co Op it gives me the “you need to be logged into steam online”, yet i was logged into steam already… solution?

    As for tunggle, tell me how you got that to work with MP?

  11. Ok so yeah teknomods did a good job with the CoOp, now they just need to get the LAN multi player going in a couple days

  12. Works, tested myself and was kinda fun, played for over 2hrs

    1.) Get Razor1911’s Modern Warfare 2. (SKIDROW does NOT work, unless you replace all files with Razor crack and dll)
    2.) Install the game / READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE TORRENT!
    3.) Download the IWnet crack.
    —- Password: zens0red
    4.) Unzip the contents and drag the files into your MW2 folder.
    —- There should be 2 files in the zip = iw4mp / steam_api.dll
    5.) Download Steam and create a new account.
    6.) Login to your account.
    7.) Go into your Steam settings and make sure you change your name with spaces.
    —- For example, Veggie Pastrami
    —- This is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT in order for this crack to work
    8.) Open iw4mp and play!

  13. Yes my name is Kevmo… you in a clan i know? Or how do you know our clan?

    • Hmm, I don’t remember a Kevmo, but then again, it’s been a while since I played cod4 cracked (bought the game).

      Let’s see who I can remember..
      X sniper
      nsane and wiggly puff (brothers)

      There are a lot more of course, can’t remember them lol, coffee/blood ratio is quite high recently. And I get mele, utdm, nobs and ns people mixed up a lot.

  14. yeah those are the clans we role with… maybe some of the top cracked clans…
    but yeah Nsane and wiggles xsnipe burnside … alot more Dendog (think u mean angrydog)

    anyways UTDM will get a server up when shit gets settled with dedicated and what not

  15. Hi ! you all …. I need speacial advice how to get into steam ???

    I’ve downloaded steam software but can’t get onto it !

    Can anyone guide me how to do it ?

    I can’t play Modern warfare 2 without it !

    Plz plz 😦 😦 plz email me for advice , …. Thanks a lot !!!

  16. Trojan are programs that wont copy itself or destruct our Pc but gathers vital informations.Follow these Tips to Keep Trojans Out of Your Computer and Get rid of it.

  17. F*** This s***!!! I know I’m only 11 but, I have very slow internet, and I was gonna play single-player till my internet speeds up, but now you tell me i have to dl???? This is f****ng bull sh**! Why the hell would you have to install it on steam and dl on steam??? Be more like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!!! If you want to buy on steam buy on steam if you don’t want to buy on steam buy on disk!!! What the f*** has the game inderstery come to for PC???? I HATE YOU F*N STEAM

  18. Very great writing! Truely.

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