November 21st Update

Here is the new update and a lot has changed (for me at least) since the last time I have written.  As we all know, when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came out it was crazy on the Internet.

PC Gamers went straight to the Internet to learn how to make their cracked copies of MW2 work online and they did beat IW, for a limited time.  Steam was patched and it made the MP crack  just about useless because you can’t connect to anyone now.

At the same time, team Teknogods released a fix that lets players play co-op Spec Ops online with their friends. While people are silly enough to go to Hamachi or Garena, the real deal is with Tunngle :0

In other news, L4D 2 is out. Razor released a version of the game, and there are people trying out fixes to get the game to work.  Once a firm solution has been found, expect me to be blogging about it.

Next week is Thanksgiving week, so I will be out on vacation. This means no work, and just relaxation. Not sure if I will do an article or two, but definitely no Youtube videos as I left the gaming PC behind. I will be working more on the Underground book, and expect to get it to be about at least 80% done is the goal. I can’t wait to work on it again.

The highlight of the week for me has been a decision I have come to terms with my Youtube account.  For those that follow me on youtube, I have had my account since October 2007, and in a little over 2 years, I have about 1030 subscribers, and 200+ friends.  I have over 20K channel views which is just astounding to me.

I have a following, and although I like to have an article with a youtube video, it is not always possible, and its hard to do a mix between more articles versus more videos and whatnot.  The bottom line is videos are somewhat faster to make, but if it makes sense, I will always make an article to accompany the video.

With that said, about 95% of my existing videos is gaming related in some shape or form whether that is game tutorial related, or console modding.  The other 5% is about general computer knowledge.

To make a long story short, next month I will be retiring the versatileninja youtube account, to join a fellow youtuber under a new account, and together create an audience larger than if we were working separately.  He does a lot of gaming related videos, and I do the tutorials. We both have youtube as a hobby, and don’t see that going away anytime soon.

The past few days I put up my very last video.  If you get a chance to see it, watch it as it is very touching.  Still thinking about it still gives me a tear to my eye to the new journey I am about to embark, and I am ready to do it.

Maybe to some people that doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, but I can assure you it was a tough decision for me to make as it was the only true way to give up what I love to even become stronger.  As a side subject, accounts are never ever truly forgotten, as you can recover the account and reclaim it given you know the email address the Youtube is connected to.

I have a backup of all my videos, so the only items that would be gone is the statistics and the comments. Seeing how many ridiculous questions there are still related to Garena to this day, I wouldn’t mind seeing them disappear. 🙂


I had an e-mail from someone asking what is the story with the other authors, like Voltaire and Chyea.  I had no answer for them, just that they were busy with school.  So if you are an underground author and you are reading this post, please leave a comment as to what is new with you these days, and what you want to do over the next couple weeks here at the blog.  The viewers miss you!

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  1. Harden up mate 🙂 jk,
    But I have great plans ahead apart from some revampment stuffs (with your permission of course) I would like to see a new underground, one that speaks “class”. Apart from that I also have some more post lining up including how to overclock your Radeon card properly and how to turn a HD4850 into a HD4880 (almost) and squeeze another 10fps in heavy games like Crysis and FarCry 2, mostly optimization guides etc.

  2. Hello 🙂 Its been a tough year for, especially being in the last batch giving the Xth Boards this year (if you don’t know what Xth boards are then you really ought to brush up your info about the Indian education system :P) Well just 4 more months, and then I will be free – free like a bird 😛 I’ll do stuff- stuff I couldn’t do for the past year! Enjoy! Write posts! Give invites! And everything else! But till then…. I’m like an Old PC-it just wont start! 😀
    PS. I also saw your last Youtube Video, nice to see that you are collaborating with more people 🙂

  3. Touching to see someone asking around about us.

    Essentially, my life is all hell right now. Just the stress of applications and work and being a busy busy person. I’m still here thinking of things and reading up on new stuff. When I get certain processes finished with, I’ll be back and ready to do some blogging again!

    Fear not! Voltaire shall be back!

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