Happy Thanksgiving

For those that celebrate Thanksgiving today, I send on behalf of myself and the rest of the staff here our deepest and warmest regards and wish you a safe and fun holiday season.

As for me personally, I want to thank all the blog readers for 2009 and before. I know there have been times I might have disappointed you because I wrote out of anger, or give the appearance that I sat on some kind of high throne, but those are definitely not my intentions.

I also understand there are a lot of readers that just read silently, and don’t post or hardly post comments, which is what I have come to live with.

Also, I also want to acknowledge the fact there are users out there like Mojo who are willing to bust my chaps to get me in line and get me back onto the right path for whatever reason, and for that I thank you. I do agree there are times I wrote something here that would be counted as an obvious “Duh, you deserve it” type of deal, and I’m willing to accept my fate.

Anyway, its Thanksgiving, and its time for forgiveness right? If I wronged you somehow directly or indirectly this year, I am sorry. It just happens and when you are in charge of so many things, something is going to give every now and then. All right, enough of my soap box. If Voltaire wants to add anything, I have added a section just for him. Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, today, I must admit that I have a lot to be thankful for. I really do. Whether it’s in real life or via the online world, there’s a lot that I have taken for granted.

First, a quick shoutout to Versatile. Without him, obviously, this blog wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. We all have a lot to thank him for, but I probably more personally than most. When we first met, I was a loose cannon on the web world; without Versatile’s advice, I doubt my online knowledge would be as vast, nor would I be able to stay safe. Plus I’ve learned a lot from him; I hope he can say the same.

Next, a big thank you to all your viewers out there for sticking with us through the suspensions we’ve faced and all the blog changes. I know there are some people who read us daily, so please, if you are one, do post a comment below!

To show you how thankful I am, let me pull out some stats. Throughout 2008, we never broke 100k views a month until December. The next month was our prime in views, we reached 150k views in January, then continued to stay over the 100k mark until April. Then came our suspension. We lost a lot of viewers after that, and we’ve been struggling to get back to where we were. But this month, we finally broke the 100k mark once again! With over 2 million views since the beginning, I’d like to thank all of you guys out there who have read, questioned, and posted comments and come back again and again. We would be little without all the readers and all the support we’ve gotten over the years.

And to all the people who helped/are helping out with the Invite Trading rings. This would be nigh impossible without you guys, keep up the good work!

Finally, a word about me. I know there are people wondering where I have been, why I haven’t been writing. Due to the nature of this academic year, I’m am just so bogged down with work that it’s hard to get time to even read TUG. But soon enough, I’ll be back and in full force, writing some good articles and posting them up.

So until next time,



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I would really like to learn about this custom as I’ve heard a lot but its essence has always evaded me. I guess Wikipedia would be a good start 🙂
    By the way, Versatile, I was just struck by an idea and would like you to know that from now on, I will root my articles in biology – genetics more specifically. I think this would be a new exposure for the blog and will also help people understand the answer to most questions they have always thought about 🙂
    Oh and don’t expect this to be soon, it will definitely be after March ’10 :p

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