Underground Newsletter – Still alive, different approach.

Real quick update here.  The Underground Newsletter is not dead. For those privileged enough to see the first two editions, I had done them in Adobe InDesign, and although it looks great, it required a LOT of time.

This past weekend I sent out a quick update to the Newletter subscribers via e-mail in text format talking about an underground topic that I needed help with. >_>  To those who know what I am talking about, please do not spill the beans here or I will ban you or even worse kill off the newsletter forever.

The reception was good, and I got to know a few of the subscribers really well.  Anyway, I expect another text newsletter to come out in late December or early January.  It will be a quick update on the current state of events in the Underground, some of my own underground views, and maybe some sick tips? (take it how you wish perverts)

Anything discussed in the newsletter is forbidden for talk here on the blog publicly as an incentive to get people subscribed.  To subscribe to the newsletter, look in the sidebar and sign up on the google form —->.

It is that easy!  Once again, thanks, and I will send out back issues upon request.

So far no one had requested it, which makes me believe you guys don’t care, which is fine to me but yet disappointing at the same time.  Such is life, right?

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