Versatile’s Unofficial Screw You Week

Very rarely on the blog do we do something fun for the sake of living.  Day in and day out it may appear that we are consumed with our jobs, or games, or real life events, and one of the the little pieces that we miss in life is just having fun.

To bring some of that element back, while retaining my own sanity, I am going to start a new tradition where the week after Thanksgiving is called “Unofficial Screw You Week”.

How does it work?  It’s simple.  Is there a person or some website that pisses you off?  Maybe a co-worker that you wish you could just knee in the groin because they are so annoying?  Maybe you have a blog and you wish you could just disappear but you know you can’t because you depend on it for money, or whatever?

During this week, I am giving you permission to just vent.  Maybe you got the guts to send an email to your best friend and tell them to stop hitting on your sister because it makes you sick.  Maybe there is a youtube user on your list you gladly want to say “Screw off mate”.

Of course in reality, we know that if you were bold enough to do any of this for real, the consequences could be dire. If you were to do any of these tasks, we want to hear about it and your story and what you did.

You have one week to basically tell someone to screw off, and if you did it, we want to hear how it made you feel.

If you are unable to do it for personal reasons, you are more than welcomed to leave a comment and tell us here how it would make you feel if you could tell that one person how great it would be if you told them off in their face!

The event starts on Sunday, November 29th through end of day Saturday, December 5th.   On Sunday December 6th, I will post a thread for you guys to tell us what you did in the “Screw You” week, or a summary of what users have done.  If you are ashamed to post your story here, you can email it to me at versatileninja [at yahoo [dot] com and I will summarize it while keeping you anonymous.

Am I going to participate?  Oh hell yes.  Don’t I care its going to hurt my image?  Not anymore. I have been through hell and back, and I am willing to tell someone off (in an appropriate manner of course).  Let the screwing begin! (ah you sickos!)

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  1. LOL @ Unofficial Screw You Week .
    U might never know, it could become the next big thing !!
    maybe, I’ll target my doctor 😐
    I cant wait for this week ..mwhahaha..

  2. @ Versatile,

    How can I find out when you’re online? I don’t IM. Do you have Google Wave?


  3. Well, let me share a story with you, my teacher, she is this nice beautiful lady (sarcastically of course), and she is THE BIGGEST BITCH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! She is like a combination of my parents, and all of those assholes I beat up. You know how you’re supposed to treat every student fairly, well she is full of shit, because I got the lowest grade on an essay in the class, and I have never in my ENTIRE LIFE received less than 90% on an essay! EVER! She gave me an 80%! I got the lowest grade in the class, which I never had in writing! Never, ever ever ever never! Well let’s just say that if I were driving and I saw her cross the road, be sure that I wouldn’t stop or swerve out of the way…


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