[How To] Play Left 4 Dead 2 LAN Online Using Tunngle (Garena, or Hamachi)

Easy to remember URL = http://www.tinyurl.com/l4dguide2

Garena username = versatileninja, Tunngle username = versatile

Foreword:  As we all know, L4D2 right now is an awesome game.  Similar to last year, I was involved with writing Hamachi and Garena guides for L4D1.  It was good for awhile, but in retrospect it was a pain and almost a mistake to talk about questionable practices.  The tutorials got so popular that WordPress caught on and we had a 9 day suspension which turns out because we had links to so called “cracks” and the articles were removed to keep the blog alive. If you want to continue with L4D 1, see the unofficial L4D site here.

Now that L4D 2 is here, I am going to take a different approach. WordPress staff or other questionable readers I have this statement for you.  No way does this tutorial indirectly or directly facilitate illicit methods or devious acts of behavior (also known as piracy).  This tutorial shows legitimate gamers how to play Left 4 Dead 2 online without having to succumb to Steam and be forced to use it for their gaming pleasure.  This tutorial shows users how to host and connect to LAN games online without having to resort to Steam. If you believe this is a mistake, search google and see how many gamers are resorting to other needs to play games without Steam.  Now the tutorial has become more valuable.  Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game. Support Valve.  Support “innovation”.  – Versatile


11-30-09: Initial release.

12-1-09: Added information on name changing method.  Added some Garena items because honestly, they need help bad.

12-2-09: Did additional testing and simplified the hosting process instructions.  Determined sv_allow_lobby_connect 0 and sv_lan 1 not required.

12-3-09: Added master patch to 2003.  Rewrote the whole tutorial guide to make it even easier to follow and adding personal zing.

12-4-09: Added Hamachi instructions.

12-5-09: Added stryder 2003 patch. Added 2004 incremental patch (tried a new one). Added subtitle/ammo files and more to the troubleshooting section.

12-6-09: Made note about revloader. Please get rid of it!  Made all download links dropbox.

12-7-09: New links in download section for 2004 patch.  The previous 2004 patch per online scan has a virus in it, and my local AV did not detect it. 😦

12-9-09: Added 2005 patch and stryder dec 8th update.

12-11-09: The master patch 2005 wasn’t working right. Fixed the download section and changed instructions. Added new stand alone.  Added Tunngle instructions.

12-12-09: Added master patch 2006.  Deleted name changing tutorial as it is now obsolete thanks to new standalone or stryder patch.

12-13-09: Added more links in download section and redone the instructions.  Added misc. footage section, courtesy of Tunnglers.

12-14-09: Added different fix for the rzr-init file.

12-19-09: Added to patch file.

12-20-09: Added master patch to 2007.

12-28-09: Added my youtube video.

12-30-09: Added new links for and standalone.

1-7-10: Fixed link for standalone. New update for standalone.

1-14-10: Added link for

1-16-10: New standalone version T9.

1-18-10: Fixed link for standalone version T9 rev 3.

1-20-10: Standalone was updated. Fixed link.

2-9-10: files and standalone links updated.

2-17-10: Fixed link for standalone patch.

2-23:10: Added new links for

2-26-10: Added new links for

4-15-10: Fixed a command for hosting error.

4-27-10: Added links!

5-13-10: Added links!

5-24-10: Added and incremental links!

6-5-10: Redid the whole download section.

6-26-10:  Added L4D2 tunngle download section.

Note:  This is a warm hello to all gamers who are looking how to play L4D 2 LAN online.  Props goes first of all to the Tunngle team and the community there.  Garena and Hamachi get no brotherly love. Read the rant below to understand why.  Nonetheless, I decided to put up a quick Garena setup guide because they need help irregardless what the VPN program is and I am a nice guy. 🙂

Welcome reader. Pick your path below:

* Hi, I want to play L4D 2 online using Garena? [Go to section X]

* Hi, I want to play L4D 2 online using Hamachi? [Go to section Y]

* Hi, I want to play L4D 2 online using Tunngle? [Go to section Z]

* I am new and have no idea at all where to start on how to play L4D 2 online. [Great! Go to section W for background information on various VPN programs]

* I am smart and I know about all these different VPN programs.  Just tell me how to get the latest files, and host/join games for L4D 2! [Fine! Go to section V]

* I want to see some game footage? [Go to section U]

[Section W]

What is Tunngle?

Tunngle is a VPN program that lets computer users (mainly gamers) play games that have LAN online over the Internet for free. Read more about it in the below article I had written before:


With that said, Tunngle is a great program. If I had known Tunngle existed when I wrote L4D 1 guides, I would have skipped the entire “Restricted class C error’ and all the blunders with Garena.  😛

What is Garena and Hamachi?

Garena and Hamachi are VPN programs.  Garena is specifically created to work with only certain games. To learn more about Garena, please go to www.garena.com.

Hamachi is a VPN program that can be used for gaming, but it has other useful needs. To learn more about the program, please go to www.hamachi.cc.

Why Versatile dislikes Hamachi and Garena?

I will keep this short and simple.  These are my opinions only, and do not reflect as a recommendation. You are entitled to use whatever program you wish to use.

Hamachi Dislikes:

  • 16 player network max.
  • Hard to find Hamachi networks.
  • Never enough players online.

Garena Dislikes:

  • USA main room when full is hard to get into for free users.
  • The immaturity level of the Garena chat room is ridiculously low.
  • The community just doesn’t feel right.
  • If your friend is not logged onto the same Garena server upon login, you will not see his game.

Please proceed to any of the following sections of your choosing.

[Section X]

For those who want to use Garena:

Real quick this is how to setup L4D 2 for Garena:

1) Download and install Garena from www.garena.com

2)  Log in. Go to L4D 2 lobby room.

3) Click “Settings” button. Tell it where your left4dead2.exe is in the path. See screenshot below:

4)  Now sit in the chat room and converse with your buddies, or press “Start Game”.  Follow the rest of the tutorial in section V.

Please go to Section V.

[Section Y]

For those who want to use Hamachi:

Version 1.03.0 and 2.0+ works:

1) Create a Hamachi network for your friends, your computers, or go find a Hamachi network for L4D 2. (Good luck!)

2) VPN Alias is not required!  What does this mean?

It means all you need to do with Hamachi is just install, go to a network with your friends, and host/join the game according to Section V.

Note: Steam group server will not work under Hamachi. You must use console command “connect ip.address” where the IP address is that of the host.

Example: Awsome26 is hosting so I do “connect“.

Please go to Section V.

[Section Z]

For those who want to use Tunngle:

1) Get the latest version of Tunngle at www.tunngle.net.  Install it.  Remember to make a tunngle account on the website.

2)  Log into the program. Go to networks, and then go to Shooter. Press forward a few times to get to Left 4 Dead 2 room.

3) Once in, just start your game.

Please go to Section V.

Note: The tutorial below is meant to be priceless. It doesn’t matter if you have Tunngle, Hamachi, or Garena, you do the same steps.  Remember: Hamachi users have to use connect command for joining.

[Section V]

Tutorial Starts Here (all files below are virus free and legitimate):

Download Section:

[Latest version is]

Special note added on 6-5-2010:  Due to time constraints, it would be better if I linked you to the Garena forum that is constantly updating their patches. It is easier for you to visit that link, rather than me updating with master patches, incremental patches, and standalone patches all the time. This will save me time so I can work on other more important projects. Thank you.

Download master patches, incremental patches, and the standalone patch: Click here Garena L4D2 resource page.

Backup Source: Tunngle guide with up to date Download links to patches

Note: Missing subtitles and other elements in your game like ammo counter? See troubleshooting section.

Explanation of what to do as of current day:

1) Download the latest master or incremental patch to get you updated to current day. For  example, if the current version is 3009, and you are on version 2000, then you need to get the correct patches to update yourself to 3009.

In order to check your existing version of the game:

* Enable developer’s console in keyboard/mouse options.

*Press ` (its the symbol to left of 1)

*Type “version” without quotes.  Update your game accordingly for the love of god and correctly.

2)  Download the appropriate standalone/stryder patch.  It will help with crashing to desktop (for most people). At the time of this writing, when you exit the game, it will give you an error. This is normal.

*Run the standalone or stryder patch wizard.  Browse to the ROOT of your Left 4 Dead 2 game. The ROOT means the parent folder where left4dead2.exe is located.

3) Run the Ingen.exe in the root. Now run the left4dead2.exe file and you are ready!

How to host a game:

We will be using the console. If you want to use the GUI, that is up to you.

1) Bring up console by pressing `.

2) Type “hostname (name of your game)” to setup the server name.  For example, “hostname Versatile Test” gives me a game server called Versatile Test.  Press enter.

3) For added measure, type “sv_consistency 0“.  Press enter. This fixes any future consistency errors your players may get.

4) Type “net_start“. Press enter.

5) Now time for a map plus game mode.  Type “map (press down arrow to see the maps) (gametype)”).  Press enter.  Available game types that I believe exist is: coop, versus, scavenge, realism, survival.   My example is “map c1m1_hotel campaign“.

That is it!  If you believe there is a shorter way of hosting through console, let me know and get credit.

How to join a game:

1) You should see steam groups at the bottom if someone is hosting. (Note: Hamachi users will not see this. Hamachi users must connect through console such as “connect“)

Click on it in lower right hand corner.

2) On next screen it looks like this. Click the game and then on join to play!

[Section U]

Misc. Gameplay footage and tutorials!


1) Game gives you message about Steam.

Solution: Turn off steam and try the game again.

2) You are missing subtitles, ammo counter on your guns, and other files.

Solution: If you have something called razor release, then I am told you need to run the rzr-init.exe file. Don’t have it?

Get it from here: Multiupload

Please note that per local Anti Virus programs, it has virus like signatures. False positives or reality?  It’s up to you to decide.

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  1. Hey man, thanks for the guide it helped me a lot but i’m kinda stuck with the Garena thing.
    I got L4D2 installed manually and i patched in the right folder and then i got to Garena and registered for a new account and bla bla bla. My l4d2 main folder is located in D:/left4dead and in Garena i got my director sector like this : D:/left4dead/Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead.exe and when i clicked on “Start Game”, the game just won’t come up but it’s working perfectly fine when i’m not using Garena. How can i solve this ?

    Thanks alot,

    • Why do you have a left 4 dead 2 folder inside a left 4 dead? The bottom line is have Garena point to your left4dead2 exe. Why it refuses to load is outside my area of expertise. Ask the Garena forum.

  2. Hi Versatile, first of all thank you for making a great clear and comprehensive tutorial, now we can’t find not many people like you taking time to help others.
    I use Tunngle, i patched my game to with Gani patches(still waiting to download everything i need to go on but it is a little heavy and i can still found games for now) it seems there’s a lot of persons staying in game version may be for the same reasons, the patches for version2.0.4.2 are too heavy. I would like to know why i only can see Garena LAN servers and not as in your vids Steam Group servers, is because of the patches i used or because of the servs available at this moment ?
    And why can’t i join games by the LAN tab ? I just can join the servers shown in the belox center of the menu Garena LAN servers …

    • This is a heavy question.

      1) Maybe some gamers updated to and some did not.
      2) No idea. Depends if people are hosting in garena when you want to play.
      3) Games should work by LAN tab. Maybe newer patches did something so it doesn’t show in LAN menu?

      It is not my problem anymore. I show you the process to host and join games. Troubleshooting games is not my goal here.

      • Hey versatile… i was just wondering, now that the hamachi version is out, is it still so much hassle to host and join a game? Like garena, hosting and joining games are very easy. And I also have 1 weird problem. Whenever my friend hosts a game in l4d2(by typing map…etc…etc in console), somehow my connection to him will automatically be cut off. Is it a hamachi bug or is it a problem with us? Sorry for bugging you but I don’t know where I can find help for this issue

    • The LAN tab thing is due to GaNi’s patches… Somehow he made it that even when u have NO virtual LAN servers on, u can see there is LAN games available…he’ll probably fix that on the upcoming patches no worries…

  3. Companheiros e companheiras, entrem nas minhas redes de Hamachi.
    Os que não souberem jogar online, entrem também que nós vemos o que podemos fazer.
    IDs: Valve L4D2 Brasil 1, 2, 3, 4 e 5 (Entrem na 1, se estiver lotada, entre na 2 e assim sucetivamente.
    Senha: 666 (Igual para todas as redes)
    Obrigado, e divulguem as redes! =]

  4. HI Versatile it’s me anthony75305 at garena
    DO you know how to update L4d2 v2.0.3.8 to v2.0.5.0???

  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what EXACTLY do i need to DL from the tunngle forum (http://www.tunngle.net/community/topic/21901-l4d2-update-2051-standalone-32-by-sfk-updated-12th-november-2010/) I need Tunngle Setup, SFK Standalone 3.8.exe, SFK Incremental 2041 – 2056.exe, Complete standalone Torrent, and addon support? Do i have this right? All 5 of these?

    • Get the complete standalone 2051. Then get all the patches from 2051 to 2056. Then get the latest standalone.


      * How To Update
      1. Remove old Standalone (recommended).
      2. Download and Install Master Update (recommended) or Incremental Update.
      3. Download and Install the Latest SFK Standalone.
      4. Start the game over Garena or Desktop.

      Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

  6. Hey versatile I use garena but everytime I click start game no steam group servers come out also i can’t open my console what am I gonna do??

  7. Hey i have a problem i dont know how to see the version of my game any help? i went to the folder and checked the details of my left4dead2.exe but it doesnt say the version its blank there. thankz

  8. Sorry idk something i must update my game to [Latest version is] ?
    I cant find update :<

  9. can i have a question…?…..my classmate told and taught me how to get in local gaming at left 4 dead 2….but in the left 4 dead 1…..it’s kind big question mark for me……in the description,…you said that just type in the console..will it be the same in the left 4 dead 2 to the left 4 dead 1?..

  10. please respond on my comment thanks and good day!

  11. i want to play left4dead2 on on 0nlian

  12. i want to use the cheat,to play left4dead2.

  13. Rev emulator is kinda dodgy on win7 for some reason try running on compatibility mode

  14. can i have a question…?…..my classmate told and taught me how to get in local gaming at left 4 dead 2….but in the left 4 dead 1…..it’s kind big question mark for me……in the description,…you said that just type in the console..will it be the same in the left 4 dead 2 to the left 4 dead 1?..

  15. Go to the tunngle forums, they have all the latest updates.

  16. Hey man, Link for newest patch and dude ur amazing keep it up

  17. ~ Shorter Way through Console ~

    1. Create file [startserver.cfg] in directory [E:\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\cfg]
    2. Type into file:

    hostname ServerName
    sv_consistency 0
    map c1m1_hotel campaign

    3. In-game, type at console: exec startserver

    I experimented on this by myself, information used was your guide + dedicated server setup guide.

  18. Left4Dead2 Garena full Guide for online play/SFK updates and patches http://left4dead2garena1.blogspot.com/

  19. Hi,Versatile..
    I have problem and hope you can help me to solve this..
    I’m hosting a room in Garena and people can join if they do it manually like “Connect [my Ip]”..
    But they cant see my room on the list..
    So how to make my room to be showed up in the room list?
    Thanks before..

  20. hi sorry,well me speak romanian me form romanian.auziti ba cum fac sami apare si mie jocul

  21. best games nieeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. i like left 4 dead 2

  23. there is no patch in youtube in your video there was 2 pathcs master and standart patch where are they now i cant find them

  24. Tunngle site FAILS… It says that someone already has, like, 2 of my e-mails… Which is impossible… Thanks for the help anyhow…

  25. i downloaded the latest master update and i suddenly get over a 100 servers appearing, but no one speaks english… lol

  26. I didn’t get the Section X one…

  27. When i click the link to the garena resource page it says “server not found” …

  28. Hi, im trying to play but its not going. I downloaded Tunngle and i run the program, but once i go to left 4 dead its just a chat room and there is no button that sayes start. Please help

  29. hay bro im having mad trouble finding out how to conect to the severs could you help me out?

  30. Yo Versatile, when i’m using the console to start the game, how do i change the difficulty?

  31. hi i cannot play on the l4d2… the options are just white so i dont know wat to do… please help…

  32. ps… the only thing that is visible in the screen are achievements, option, extras, quit… and rest are all white… please help…

  33. how come I cant join the steam groups game?
    the “Join Game” button can’t be click?
    How do I solve this?

  34. Versatile, if I want to host an L4D2 game using the GUI what options do I pick? I tried to start a game but it’s stuck at creating game with the red circle and 4 on the middle? Any help would be appreciated as I do not want to use the console. Thanks.

  35. Can Somebody HELP! I can host a game and everyone can join but my friend cannot see the server other people I know can see it?! he sees everyone elses servers but not mineee?! PLEASE HELP!

  36. Hey versatile. I wanna play l4d2 over hamachi and what i do is type in the console “ip (type hamachi ip)” and hit enter. Then i type “map (whatever map)” and hit enter. My game starts then i tell my 2 other friends to join by typing in the console “connect (my hamachi ip)” but it doesnt work. This is how i did it for L4D but i want to do it for L4D2. Please help. Thanx

  37. Hey versatile, I downloaded Tunngle n installed it but there is no steam group showing at the Bottom right. Do i need to update my game? If yes then wats the best version tht everyone use?

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