Screw You Week – Summary

Last week was Unofficial Screw You week, a week dedicated right after Thanksgiving for you guys to vent off and get back to someone who has been hassling you forever.  Read more about it in this post.

Anyway, let’s start off with the user contributed stories, and then I will start with my own stories.

User Contributed:

Venomouswonder said:

Well, let me share a story with you, my teacher, she is this nice beautiful lady (sarcastically of course), and she is THE BIGGEST BITCH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! She is like a combination of my parents, and all of those assholes I beat up. You know how you’re supposed to treat every student fairly, well she is full of shit, because I got the lowest grade on an essay in the class, and I have never in my ENTIRE LIFE received less than 90% on an essay! EVER! She gave me an 80%! I got the lowest grade in the class, which I never had in writing! Never, ever ever ever never! Well let’s just say that if I were driving and I saw her cross the road, be sure that I wouldn’t stop or swerve out of the way…


User #2 was talking to me online and told me how he would love to tell of his doctor, but he can’t because the doctor is his girlfriend’s father. To do so, would bring upon complications, so in reality he can’t do it but down deep inside I know he wants to. 🙂

Versatile’s Story:

So the week before Thanksgiving, I had some projects to finish up and one of the items was I sent out an e-mail to the group, telling them tat my colleague “Susan” would help fill out the form on Monday the following week. Call it carelessness, but I should have talked it over with Susan to make sure she would be able to do it on Monday. The problem was she was sick on that Thursday and Friday of the week, so there was no way to let her know in advance.  I just assumed she would be ready, and that when I was gone for Thanksgiving week she would get it done.

Well I come back to the office the following week, and I read her e-mail.  Basically, she chewed me out and said never advise others that she would have it done on Monday when she was gone for two days.  She then said she would get to it when she was caught up after 2 days of work. Wow, I just felt real bad and I knew I couldn’t focus the rest of the day if I didn’t give her an apology.

I didn’t have the guts until it was until 3pm and I said “screw it”. So I went up to her and she seemed to be in a “happy” mood, and I just flat out told her I apologize about the e-mail I had sent to her before I left for break. It felt awkward saying it, and for a couple seconds she had no idea what I was talking about until she remembered. The best part of it all was that she said it was OK and she got the form done on Tuesday and everything turned out to be ok.

Here I learned an invaluable lesson and that is to never assume someone will do something just because you think they are free to do it. Always double check with the person to make sure you are on the same page, or nothing will get done the way you intended it to.

So that was my story of getting screwed over.  Did I get the time to say “screw you” to anybody in my week?

On Youtube, I get a lot of comments and questions on my videos. It just the nature of Youtube once you get involved with it and uploading videos all the time. Anyway, over the last several months I got this one person who just sends me messages every now and then and expects me to answer it, even if it is ridiculously stupid or answered clearly in the videos.

I just got fed up and said, “Hey look. I appreciate your support, but I can’t spoonfeed you all the time.  You need to learn how to be self-sufficient. Use google whenever you have a question, and if you are seriously stuck, then you can PM me.”

How did he take it?  I’m not sure.  He said thank you and and that he knows he has bad researching skills and that he would improve on it if it made my life easier and I said “Of course it does!” 🙂

Ok, so that week it wasn’t anything too exciting.  What did you expect me to do, tell someone off to have it scar the rest of my life? 🙂

If you got a story that you did or dreamt of doing, let us know!

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  1. You are a nice guy !! @ versatile,
    Damn, getting screwed over sucks, but atleast you got back on the YouTube guy.

    ps: LOL @ USER #2

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