December 31st – Underground Update

Today for me is going to be a busy day. Here are some quick notes that I am planning to do between now and tomorrow (New Year’s Day).

  • Underground newsletter to be completed and sent out tomorrow. I am working with Voltaire on the details of the newsletter today. What content shall we put in there? I haven’t even finalized what I wanted to talk about in there, but I suspect nonetheless it will be good regardless. 🙂
  • A personal post at a look at 2009 for the Underground and my top 5 favorite posts of the year. This will be difficult, because either I go through every single post since January 1st of 2009, or I just know what I like off the top of my head (yea right!).  When the post is done, it will be pretty good.
  • Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, which just so happens to be my birthday as well. Will we have a special New Year’s Day post and warm wishes for 2010? Most likely. I”ll try to include something spicy in the post, if possible.
  • Update on the Underground book: Will be working on it more later today and over the weekend. Let’s see how far I get. If results are good, then next week I reveal the next stage of the book and how you can help.

That’s it! If you are a red alert 1 fan, please download the game and play with myself and other gamers. I grew up with red alert, so it has a fond place in my heart right now. See you there! – Versatile

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  1. New years day is your birthday ??
    Wow, that’s something which is really special !!

    Happy New Year ! @ whoever reading this.
    Happy Birthday !! @ Versatile1.

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