Versatile’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 (and blog predictions)


1-5-2010: Initial release.

This article is always interesting to write, because one year from now I will take a look at this article and see how close or how far I am for my predictions in 2010.

With that said, here are a list of items that I want to focus on for 2010:

  1. Year 2010 is the year of the Underground Book.
  2. More community contests
  3. More newsletters.
  4. TUG blog sees an increase in “spicy articles”.
  5. Youtube account breaks 10K channel views by April 2010. By end of year, have at least 2K subscribers, and over 200 friends.
  6. New authors (at least 1) on the blog here that actually stick around.

So that is a short list of what I want to do in 2010. I think there is a good chance that could happen, but we shall see.

Now let’s get to a list of my New Year’s resolutions. I talked to a friend the other day, and he suggested I write an article like this one. He challenged me to make it interesting, so I thought about it and this is what I have.

Below is a list of my New Year’s resolutions. I have made a list of true and fake resolutions. Can you be able to detect fact from fiction? If you don’t know me that well, then you will have a hard time figuring out how many is fake and how many are valid resolutions.  Let’s see how many you can detect fake!

New Year’s Resolution List

  1. This year I want to download less digital media than I downloaded in 2009.
  2. This year I want to lose 10 inches off my stomach.
  3. Exercise. Work out at least 3 times a week, half an hour minimum.
  4. Spend more time on tangent conversations rather than dismissing and shutting them down asap.
  5. Create more youtube videos than I did in 2009 (last year I did 109 videos).
  6. Grow Tunngle program to new heights.
  7. Write less articles on the Underground blog.
  8. Spend more time instant messenging than I did in 2009.
  9. Work on finding true love.
  10. Buy less electronics than I did in 2009.
  11. Work more on spinning skills. 🙂
  12. Reduce computer usage more so than I did in 2009.
  13. Becoming more flexible in an open mind and thinking outside the box.
  14. Convert at least 5 tools into weapons of knowledge.
  15. Turn at least 5 weapons of knowledge back into tools.
  16. Gather more friends on my IM networks.

There we go. Can you spot fake from truth? Answers to be revealed 1 week from now. Good luck!

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  1. My best guess would be: 1, 2, 15, 11, 7, 12, 10 and 4

    Keep it Real!

  2. The fake ones are 2, 3, 4, 10, 15 and 16…

    That’s my best imaginative guess !! : )

  3. I think my answer is..
    1 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 13 -16
    I guess it.. 😀

  4. Will we ever know the rights and wrongs :O ?

  5. @ Seb
    I wonder about the same, now that you mentioned it…. Maybe versatile wants to keep it a secret ?

    PS: Lol, i bet he will be writing a article, now that he saw these comments. : )

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