Youtube January Wallpaper Contest Voting!


1-9-10: Initial release.

Last week I did a contest. You can read about it here.  There are the submitted results:



Wow, its a 50/50 chance of winning! Please fill out the poll in the side bar. It will last for one week. I have disabled results so people cannot look at the results to influence the poll. Good luck!

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  1. In the future, do you think it would be fair if I submitted a wallpaper of my own? The people will vote who will be the winner, so it shouldn’t matter right? Or the fact that I could pick a wallpaper so provocative that it might win?

    Or, it may even make the competition tighter to win. 🙂

  2. Hey, the “Winnie the Pooh with gags” submission is totally cool!

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