[How To] Play Age of Mythology LAN Online Using Tunngle (Forget Hamachi/Garena)


1-25-10: Initial release.

I was testing this game recently and discovered that by default when hosting a LAN game online using Tunngle, it likes to use your default IP address assigned by your router. An example would be  This is irritating because you want the game to recognize your Tunngle IP address.  What to do?

Don’t worry, I suffered so you don’t have to. I have a quick tutorial and its so easy to follow that you will be up and running in no time.

Here are the steps:

1) Install Age of Mythology. Update yourself to the latest version of the game. You can get the patch at Filefront.

2) Login to the Tunngle program and go to the Age of Mythology room under Strategy. Don’t know what Tunngle is?  Please read my guide here.

Here is the most important step. All people who want to play must do this!

3)  Now I want you to disconnect your Internet adapter. The easiest way is to just disconnect your wireless or ethernet cable. If you don’t want to do that, then under Network Connections in Control Panel, disable your primary Internet adapter. Yes, we are leaving Tunngle on.  Every single person who wants to play (even the clients) must do this.

4) Launch the game. Host.  In the top left hand corner, you will see your Tunngle IP address. It will show off as 7.X.X.XXX or whatever your IP address turns out to be.  If you are a client, just wait until the host is back online.

5) Alt-Tab to the desktop, re-enable your Internet adapter. Tunngle will reconnect itself.  Now everybody should have done this disconnect trick.  If you want to join the host, when you go to the multiplayer section you will see the game and now you can join!

Troubleshooting Tips:

1) Make sure UDP 11155 is port forward on your router.

2) Allow Tunngle through your firewall program.

3) If you do not do the disconnect trick, the game will revert to your 192.168.XXX.XXX address.

Video Tutorial:

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  1. Woot!

    Might need to update your youtube vid as well 😛

  2. Good guide, strange that the override command dosnt work tho.

  3. hi!i have a problem with the disconnect trick.how do i do it if i connect through a modem and not a router?when i do this trick and try to host i have ip.what’s the trick for modems?thanks!

  4. Jochem Kooistra

    There’s a better way that works for me and two friends over Tunngle (, latest version as of writing).

    Customize your shortcut to Age of Mythology (works for The Titans too) like so:

    aomx.exe” xres=1920 yres=1200 hostPort=”″

    The first two can be used to use high and widescreen resolutions not otherwise available. The game seems to adjust Field of View itself, Hor+!

    The other two options make Tunngle work without the disconnect trick. hostPort should be your own Tunngle IP, as seen in the bottom left when going into a browser and subsequently a lobby.

    I also think this is only needed for the host, but it doesn’t hurt since Tunngle IP is tied to your Tunngle account, meaning it never changes, unless you are forced to create a new account. You would probably need a different shortcut for real LAN play though.

    Let me know if this works for others too, because it does for me and my friends.

    • The method is good. For some reason the shortcut trick did not work for me on my Windows 7 machine, so the disconnect trick is the LAST RESORT but it works!

  5. That with the parameters didn’t work on me on xp.For anyone who tries this first delete this ″ you copied and replace it with the original ” so that the commands would work.
    To me it keeps the original ip and below that it gives me an “alternative ip” starting with 62.
    No tunngle ip…

  6. I don’t get any of this…can u plz msg me on xfire or tunngel or even skype.

    xfire : zulfikar2

    tunngle : zulfikar2

    skype : zman424

  7. This method does not work

    • If the method does not work, then why am I able to prove it in a video? I am doing it right now and my method is working so I cannot comment on your situation.

  8. It may work for some people, but me and 2 friends have tried this (disconnect trick and shortcut command). We can see the game but isn’t possible to join.

    The only thing the disconnect trick does is displaying a different IP in AoM, no difference in finding or joining games.

    The only program that works with AoM at the moment is GameRanger (which some forums confirm), but it doesn’t seem to allow custom resolution.

  9. Hello there!
    I have a method that works great for me and my friends.

    Did wrote a guide in .txt format.

  10. Hey guys i have a problem. I do this internet trick and when i host my ip from 192.xxxx converts to 7.xxx but when i do this all the players from the room . AOM Titan expansion just disappear . So i do this : Enter tunngle room , do internet trick (i see the players from the room) and when tunngle tries to reconnect to server all the players just vanish . Both my friend and I have tried this . When he reconnect he still sees all the players but when i reconnect mine just vanish and my friend says to me that he can’t find me in the list of players . Help !!

    • As a test, did you try gameranger or voobly? I want to see if the disconnect trick is for tunngle or not. How about regular AoM and not the expansion pack?

  11. Yes on gameranger it works . On tunngle aom or the expansion don;t

  12. didn;t try it
    i play on gamranger

  13. Hello there,

    Ive followed ur guide with max focus and lost some time trying to get with my other friend and cant successfully connect to AOM. When i go log AOM i can actually see his host game and when i try to connect it tells me to wait 120secs and then nothing happens after that.

    I apreciate any help Thanks!!


  14. David Jeffrey Spetch

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  15. David Jeffrey Spetch

    just replied to select notification via e-mail on.

    / david

  16. and can you tell me who the IP address of the server is a powerful game please?xD :))

  17. my ip

  18. Hey! I tried this with my friend, but when we reconected the internet, he was with a red X in tunngle, and didn’t work. He closed tunngle, opened again and then we’re fine. But when he restarted the game and tried to enter in my room, he couldn’t, it was a loading screen saying: trying to connect. What can we do?

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