Get Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Key Now!

Fileplanet is doing a promotion right now for the beta client and giving away keys. Get it while its hot! You can get your beta key here.

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  1. ty soo much versatile…i wanted a key so badly.and i found the website

  2. I signed up on the official site, and, with no luck getting a key, this was so much easier, thanks you.

  3. North America only šŸ˜¦

  4. Hey man,how can I play gta 4 on pc in romania? pls contact me!

  5. Yeah, North America only :S


    I got the Xbox 360 Demo and i think it is better than MW2, the game is well balanced

  7. hey all teh keys are out so here

  8. plzz some1 give me beta key for battlefield 2 bad company… i realy want to play it..e-mail me at thanks… love ya :*:D

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