How Does It Feel To Be Cloned, Or Copied? Well, It Sucks!

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Ground Breaking Update (2/6/10): Asphaltclips Youtube account was deleted within 2 hours of me sending a personal Youtube message.

(2/7/10):  Sometime between 10:30am and 1:00pm GMT -6, both clone wordpress accounts have been deleted.  See the proof  here and here.

Added new Youtube Video to help put a nail in the coffin. If you are VersatileTaco (and team), you do not want to skip this video. You will enjoy it, guaranteed. – Versatile

It turns out that VersatileTaco is alive. He rejected my Tunngle friend request!

2-9-10:  Youtubers speak out! See one person’s take on cloners.

2-6-10: Initial release. I am still in disbelief. Expect more to follow.
2-7-10: The Underground has won. Thanks to all. The clone blog and youtube accounts have been deleted. Power comes in numbers.

I am so pissed today that words cannot express clearly enough how I feel.  Zax from Tunngle sent me a PM today telling me to check out this Versatile “clone” he found on the Internet.  I took a look around, and I am still in utter disbelief.  If you got, you will notice that the website is very similar to ours!!!! In fact, the way he did the format and everything is an exact clone of The Underground.

Below is a screen capture of it so you can see it before they change the format:

“How Far Down The Rabbit Hole” tag line is an invention of ours, as an ode to the matrix.  Unbelievable.

Here is their youtube channel:  asphaltclips

Some of their videos he watched mine, and just re-did it his own way, such as how to rip and burn a PS2 game using DVD Decrypter. What is hilarious is that when I watched the video, it is clearly evident that the new “Versatile” is not an expert of his own domain.  He probably watched my videos over and over to repeat what I said, but not word for word but close enough to it. The intro music is the same as GameDexterity, and did I mention that he says the EXACT same thing as I do when I close off any Youtube video!

Even in their Youtube channel, they copied the same format and even text description! Look at the below screenshots, first GameDexterity (my channel), and then Asphaltclips.

GameDexterity Youtube Channel

AsphaltClip’s (Also known as the Clone Versatile Fake)

The Pissed Versatile Message to the Clone:

Below is a screenshot of the message that I sent to the clone. I am very interested to see how they will respond, because I know for a fact they know they are ripping us off.

(Click on the pictures to see it full screen and all the text please.)

How Do We Fight This?

This is where I am asking for your guys feedback. For the future, and maybe for older articles I will revisit the images and watermark them. For new youtube videos, I haven’t decided what to do, but there has to be a way to me to prove to the viewers that the video is real, and authentic, and most importantly me, and not a clone.  Yes, there is a GameDexterity watermark, but I have an idea of what I can do in future videos to give it that special “Versatile Touch” that a clone cannot emulate. I cannot reveal it here, as I know the clone reads us and may steal my idea.

Please leave a comment if this copycat has touched your heart, because it definitely has touched mine.

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  1. This is ridiculous. I for one, will help you fight back with full ammunition. There is no shame to some people on the internet. Well, it’s time to get bigger and better, someone will always try to copy, and we will show them that its not going to work well for them

  2. Why dont we all log in… And report that blog as spam.. the whole of it ?

  3. Let’s do it. Somehow flag their youtube account.

  4. I just tried the site and it’s gone now. weird

  5. I reported the clone blog as spam..
    maybe anyone who reads this should do the same too, if you have a wordpress account.. and if you respected justice and originality..

  6. Do your part for the team. If you want the Underground to continue to be original without fear, we must crush all clones and spam sites.


    they’re on their defense already.. pathetic Disgraceful scums..

  8. Holy crap! This is awesome. Also, please see the 1st comment I left on their main blog page. It is classy. 🙂

    • I cant find the comment… Maybe they spammed it…
      LOL.. If they did spam it.. it means that they are watching over us..

      They should be scared, i think their whole ‘community’ is a bunch of 3 or 4 copy cats.. lmao..

      Their youtube account isn’t much of a big community either.. i think they just had 13 friends/subscribers.

      Damn.. this is turning into too much fun.. that i think im going to really delay my sleeping time .. rofl..

    • The didn’t delete it..
      Its undergoing moderation !…
      Everyone’s comment it… I sent like 4..(all of them are sarcasms of course)

      Versatile might have sent a lot too (he demands an answer for the youtube comment….

      We should let them realize that the community is mad.. really mad..

  9. Wow! just wow. I reported them as spam. I hope their word press account dies just like their youtube account. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

  10. i cant understand that well
    are you people telling me that you people saw another blog which was an exact copy of yours?

    if so thats terrible.

  11. This is grotesque…

  12. Posted one comment and sent message about this post to Twitter.
    Also, looks like that guy don’t want to be recognized with you so he changed the theme, there is his previous blog which is a lot worse ripoff at

  13. Got some good news !

    I got a mail from one of the wordpress dudes..

    And i put some time into giving a perfect reply.. Hope it works out

  14. I received an email from Mark at asking the EXACT details of what has been copied. Anyone want to help me compile a list of specifics? This will take some time to take down the clone.

    I may put up a shared google document later today to help facilitate this effort. Thanks.

    Update: Nevermind. Everyone should send back to Mark their own unique email response as to what happened here in the Underground. I will be sending out my own response, and I will gladly share what I said later when its done.

  15. These people make me sick, how lonely do you have to be, to do such a lame thing as that

    • They wasted a lot of time, that’s for sure..
      They had 44 videos in their youtube account, and the whole account was closed in 2 hours after V1 posted that comment.. 44 videos gone with the wind in 2 hours.. :)..sweet

      But i can’t figure out what they were trying to do with all this clone saga..
      Sooner or later everyone would know about them anyways, and they were really asking for this from the time they started the blog… Whoever did this, really knows how to waste time…. 😕

  16. 1) DVD decrypter (ps2)

    2) NERO (ps2)

    3) How to make winrar unrecognise .ISO files

    4) Banner contest

    5) New years revolution

    6) Novice guide for better and safer torrenting

    7) Utorrent guide

    8) Getting started with ps2 and backups

    9) December update

    10) STD

    Will add more as i search… All these above links, except the 10th, were reported to mark in my reply for salvation.. lol


  18. DAMN.. WE WON …WE WON !!! \m/

    I’m going to my bed…

  19. Whoa…Jeez, how did all this happen since the last time I logged in?! LOL!
    Well it looks like the blog is gone.
    You might as well just stop there, but definitely be careful about this kind of thing from now on. Even though it didn’t happen to me, this has changed my view on people for life. It’s sad, really, that someone would want to do that.
    It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…
    But I think this was taking it a bit to far, don’t you? Lol.

  20. UPDATE: is History too !!

    Woot Woot xD

  21. So did we win?

  22. What a Superbowl Sunday!

  23. Well, this was not all bad, it’s nice to see that people has Versatile’s back covered.

  24. Mission Accomplished 🙂

  25. Wow, according to the update on the homepage, the clone has cut off all possible contact…
    I was anxious to see if they would ever respond.

  26. Im most impressed. Reminds me of a bygone age when it was possible to make other groups vanish from this interweb 🙂

    • You bring up a funny story I like to share. A long time ago I was part of a Halo PC clan (say what you will, yea yea yea) and we love to play on cracked servers.

      One day we got competition from this “OWL” clan, so what happened was I logged on into their secret member section, and sent in a “Piracy request” to Microsoft and the BSAA with all the login details to the juicy cracked files. Needless to say, within a week that website and clan just disappeared into thin air. 🙂

      I believe you were part of that experience Denton. 🙂

      • Im glad you caught onto my subtle hint at the past 🙂 yes, i was involved in said event. It still brings a smile to my face, this just reminded me of it, granted on a much quicker time scale 🙂

  27. Thanks to everyone who helped out! This has been an amazing day in terms of the blog and for keeping us strong and alive. Nice to know that we have a strong user base!

  28. is still a working email address. I just sent an email asking for some answers. If you guys want to show your concern, why not send them a message too? Give them a piece of mind. I definitely did!

  29. I thought it was all over…
    Their youtube page came back and then they closed it again ?

    It’s still down..

    Sent them an email on ..err.. If someone wants to spam an email ID which was posted on a comment, now is a good time.. lmao

    @ V1
    when their youtube account came back, did you notice whether they still had their videos or not ?
    LOL… I’m pretty sure that they’re trying to sneak back up.. And when they watched that comment from you, they pulled back again..

    @Versatiletaco, asphaltclips, WoWbigPvP, and all the other barnacle heads.

    You must be the most hated guy in 2010, for our the community.
    And what gave you courage to copy stuff ?… and where were you going with it ?
    Were you trying to waste a lot of time in creating a clone of the underground and then try to surpass the underground ?

    Nice Life you have there, if you lived in a fairy tale..
    It’s nice to see that all your work for the past 6 or 5 months were thrown to the dust within 24 hours. ^ ^

  30. It’s bad for you. Anyone know that I have had opposite first-hand experience? THAT IS, COPYING OTHERS? I f***ed myself up totally for cloning (just like the style of Versatiletaco) another person’s blog. My internet friends just all f***ed off from me. Now I wonder how anyone would copy others… sad really.

  31. This article and the video is making an impact on others. See one user’s video response below:

  32. Well, send me some email accounts if you need spam. I need some accounts to for my prizelive. haha

  33. I know its over now, but still what a loser

  34. I don’t see any other material there which is an underground clone. They just cloned the USB tutorial i guess.
    LOL, that guy has cloned and hosted afterdawn’s unofficial guide.

    I’m going to be the ‘underground clone detective’ !!
    I’ll try to hunt down sites like this every weekend.. More updates to come !!

  35. Update: I just found another clone…
    This guy pretty much copied the whole USB ps2 tutorial and yes, with no credits.

    Damn, he posted that thread on July 2009. People are disrespectful. *nods*

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