February 14th Update – Underground News

Revisions: 2-14-10:

Initial release.

The last few days I have been traveling and right now I am writing this post from a hotel in downtown Atlanta before I get going for some dinner festivities. Nonetheless, I have been away from the blog since last Thursday, and I am grateful that hell has not broken loose here or at the Youtube account which is a godsend.


Despite this, in the future I will start working on some new processes in the future so that if any one of us is gone for a long length of time, the system will automatically take care of itself, especially in emergency situations.

I do have some interesting stories to tell on my visit here in Atlanta for my tradeshow duties, so I’ll be happy to tell some of them when I get back Tuesday. In the meantime, here is a quick update on The Underground:

1) It’s been roughly one week since the clone wars ended. How does it feel? It feels great. A perspective incident article on this is in the works.

2) I worked last night on chapter 4 and chapter 5 of the Underground book while watching the Winter Olympics. Maybe tonight I will take a look at writing the conclusion of the book. Yup, its just about done. I know Voltaire wants to write some pieces for the book, and at this point in the game, I am not sure yet the logistics and if I can make it fit.

Voltaire, I’ll email you a copy of the book so you can look it over. I am toiling over certain items in my head for clever book titles, and off course I need some badass cover art. Expect a contest about this very soon.

3) End of February month is almost here. I got some great life articles I want to write up, so should be good times. As usual, if you have a tutorial request, please use the tutorial request form on the right hand side.

As usual, if you are a blog author, please leave a quick update as to what you are doing these days, as we as a team have not really gotten to know each other in our hectic schedule to know what everyone is up to. Thanks!

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  1. I check this site everyday now!

  2. I changed the theme today, just for something new for a bit. More changes coming in coming days.

  3. nice…sleek look

  4. Woah… Nice look indeed..
    It looks like a magazine.

    @ V1
    Have fun!
    And if you had the time, check out the Georgia Aquarium !

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