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Not that I want to start a brand name war or anything but does anyone know whats the best single slot graphics card you can get. Currently my PC right now has 4GB ram a intel E6750 cpu and a NVIDIA 9800GT 1GB DDR3 graphics card. I bought my PC last year and so far it’s ran every game on max settings with a decent frame rate (60fps). Games I’ve got are COD6, Source Engine games (hl2), Bioshock 1 an 2 an few others.

Now your probably wondering why does this retard ask about a graphics card when he’s already got a decent frame rate. Well that reason is Crysis, after actually buying the game( so unlike the pirateer that I am) I’m still upset that I cant get it running at 60 fps on average. Boohooh, an yes I’ve overclocked my card to 750mhz on the core 1850mhz on the shaders and 935mhz on memory.

Crazy I know… so if you know anything please reply, those with the best reply’s, will have their dreams come true by me buying the graphics card they suggest and putting it in my PC. Ok, it won’t be your dreams… and yes I’ll post the pics of the new card.

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  1. I think you have it, you’re options are pretty limited if you have only enough room for a single slot GPU. I’m not sure if there is a single slot GTX 200 series card, there might be, but IDK. I upgraded from a 9800 GX2 to a GTX 260 and the improvement was amazing! Hope this helps.

  2. I say go splurge and go get yourself a GTX 295. 🙂

    • GTX 295 is Sweeet! and can easily run any game inc Crysis on MAX settings. Only thing then would be buying an aftermarket cooler for overclocking. Just think of the possibilities…

  3. Dude, I’ve practically got the same PC as you do, E6750 and 4 GB RAM, but my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4870 1 GB GDDR5, and I can tell you it kicks sweet amounts of a55! Also its price is fair, I’ve ran RE5’s benchmark at whopping 108 fps with almost everything maxed out (except AA, at 4x since 8x is pretty much useless to me)

    Check this performance comparison by Gamespot:

    They use the 512 MB version there on single GPU, though.

  4. Sorry if my comment seems to be duplicated, but I can’t see the first one published. Long story short, I’m extremely happy with the ATI 4870. 😛

  5. Thanks for the sugestions so far, I have about $900 AUD will easily cover the cost of any graphics card

  6. There were 3 cards that came out in the past 4 years that were the best price for the best performance.

    8800 GT
    HD4870 1GB

    8800GT is old.
    Either HD4870 2GB or HD4890 will knock your socks off.

  7. I agree with V1 and Since you are willing to spend 900 aussie.. Being ravish and getting the GTX 295 would be the best choice.
    I read amazing reviews about that chip and people say that its worth the money!

    PS: Its a good thing that you highlighted ‘my’ in red. =\

  8. Hi Brutali i suggest go check this topic on tomshardware they are one of the best rewivers out there,2544.html and for 900 AUD you should be able to get ATI 5850. It is very good card I do have it myself. Running Battlefield BC2 BETA 40-60 FPS on full details is sweet and it is DX 11 card!

  9. Yea, currently it’s not a good time to buy nvidia. Go ATI.

  10. is 900 aud equivalent to 800 us dollars? thats what google says, and that means if you’ve got 800 dollars to spend on a graphics card then why the HELL do you need a single slot solution?? buy a better mobo and case if thats the situation then buy a damn 5970 and frag some skulls!!! its the fastest card on the market bar none, nvidia is getting ready to launch the 400 series cards but its looking like they’re still not going to best the 5970. if your going to go, go all the way!

    • of course now that i think of it isn’t the 9800gt a dual slot card anyway? where did that first post come from? get the ati 5970 right now, you’ll thank me when you plug it up an RUIN crysis, and a better idea is to keep the 9800, get a dual pci-e mobo if yours only has one slot, and hack your way into using the 9800gt for physX so you get the performance of ATI with the niche benefits of nvidia. make sure you’ve got a good enough power supply though (700-800 watts atleast) and case with LOTS of airflow. and how about grabbing yourself a better CPU too, that 775 socket still has a few gems available.

  11. I don’t know why ppl like Crysis so much, Fantastic looking game and burns cards, but really boring actually! But that is only my opinion!

    But really, You like Crysis so much that u want to overclock and perhaps voiding ur warranty!?! So not worth it!

  12. Another month and a card will be chosen folks. *__^

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