This Week Is “Change” Week!

2-21-10: Initial release.

Call it inspiration, or maybe call it being proactive.  What I am planning this week is to do something that I haven’t really had a chance to do in months and that is called doing some “Winter Cleaning”.

This week I am going to start doing some subtle and maybe not so subtle changes on the blog.  To bring make it even more interesting, I am going to make it a game.  Starting tomorrow (Monday, 2/22/10) through Friday (2/26/10), I am going to do some significant changes on the blog.  One change a day until by Saturday morning there are 5 changes on the blog.

The game is can you detect all 5 changes and repeat what those changes are in order from Monday through Friday?  The first person to get it right will receive a whole week’s recognition as the Underground’s “Best Treasure Hunter” displayed prominently on the front page of the blog or even in the tagline of the blog banner.

Now the changes will be obvious, and I will be leaving bread crumbs behind for you guys to follow me.  If I rewrite a tutorial, respond to a comment, or update some obscure article, this does not count as a change. These changes are part of living documents.

When I mean significant changes, it will be something such as rewriting a “blog page”, changing the blog banner, changing the theme, or something else.  If I wrote down all the examples, then that would be pretty easy to know what changes to look for, wouldn’t it?

I am going to throw a curve ball though.  The first four days I will leave hints behind, but on the last day no hints whatsoever. Good luck hunting!

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  1. Every day I will make a comment here to let you know when I did a change (maybe, I still got to think about it). Thanks.

  2. So it’s like a big ‘spot the difference’ game !!

    Looking forward to it.. mwahaha

  3. Where’s Wally?

  4. Monday’s change has been done. Good luck finding it. I advise that if you found it, you keep it to yourself. You don’t want people to win before you do, right?

  5. Tuesday’s change is done. It is a little bit obvious I think. :0

  6. So far so good. I have spotted both the changes… >_>

    (I might be lying…Lmao.. I love mind games)

  7. Wednesday change is done. I hope the game is not too hard yet. :0

  8. Nahh its not hard this is “veteran” difficulty

  9. Wish I could participate, but I have very limited time this week. 😦

  10. I had to remove a comment because someone thought it would be a good idea to say what the first 3 changes are.

    I have no idea how many saw this comment. Because of the new circumstances (am I really surprised?), the game is now going to get harder.

    Tonights change will be a bit more subtle, but tomorrow’s change is going to be even more interesting.

    On Saturday’s post, I am going to throw in a mandatory question that is outside of the contest in which you need to provide the answer. It may not be fair for those new to the game, but I can assure you that you can win if you know how to use your Internet searching skills. This game just got more personal. 🙂

    Update: Thursday change is done. However, you must find ALL change(s) in order to win. Good luck.

  11. Friday’s change(s) are done.

    Good luck with this one.

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