Starcraft II Project – ” Crack” Is Work in Progress


Foreword:  Starcraft II is the hottest thing right now in the RTS world.  The fact that people are trying to beat the system is not illegal.  Even legit players are trying to find ways to make it work offline.  We do not have a crack or offline emulator at this point in time. If we do, expect us to blog about it ASAP. – Versatile


2-23-10: Initial release.

2-26-10: Added my youtube video below. It shows you can play single player offline by yourself for time being.

Starcraft II, I know, I know finally it’s come out… well the beta that is. Due to some serious luck so says Versatile I recently got my hands on a beta key and been working on a crack to bypass the B.NET authorisation.

Believe me it’s no easy feat I’ve disscussed some idea’s with the programmers and I’ve been working round the clock. An example was last night when working the B.NET authorization (5PM-2AM). Right now I’ve got a major bug on assigning an different IP’s on my crack. So basically it’s useless on other machine’s right now. Blizzard’s code it freakin ridiculus. Probably thanks to people like us. ^__^

Anyways some constructive critism or help would be nice because I’m only doing this for you community, oh and my self just cause it’s good challenge.

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  1. Well are you waiting for, starting commenting!

  2. Since I am no coder or programmer myself I can only wish you good luck with that 😀

  3. Dude you would be my hero and I would have to assign a holiday to you on my site if you make this happen! I’m dying to try out SC2!

  4. damn.. if u make it.. u will be THE MAN!!!!


  6. Good luck! I need to play!!!

  7. Versatile leave an email somewhere that I can contact you.

  8. This post is getting a lot of buzz..
    Believe it or not.. I just got redirected here by some friends from a yahoo chat room. 😐

    @ Butali
    Good luck dude..
    If you nailed this right, it would make you pretty famous.

  9. I think you cant do this alone. Its not possible. Maybe in a big Team with a lot of good guys…

    • Of course I couldn’t that’s why I’ve got a team University students helping me. If I could do this on my own I would probably work at Blizzard.

  10. Video has been uploaded. Watch it on the blog tutorial now!


  12. Can’t wait for the LAN i got about 10 people waiting to LAN this with me

  13. Ohh yea, guess who just scored a beta key!

  14. Versatile :

    You suck man. I expect youtube videos now.

    Hehe i would love to, if it wasn’t because my slow ass computer is several hours about rendering 5 minutes of HD :/

  15. use the force dude

  16. magicbologna

    GO GO GO!

    = )

  17. What did you use to create the splash screen of the video?

  18. Good Luck!! U the man! Also versatile, kidilan (Awesome in our language)!! i also tried AE a couple of months ago. After a week i quit 😉 U mastered it in 2 weeks man. jst awesome

  19. hey i’m not much of programmer but if we can create an entire site just like and with a program called (i think) fiddler, which can redirect webpage calls coming frm any software,we could simulate except all accounts are registered 4 free! Yea, it would need pro web designers, but we could get help from ppl from forums, if i was a pro i would definitely help. Maybe we could even get daily donations to keep the site runnin’! there’s a site called isohunt and one of its moderators wanted to buy BMW he bought with the donation of the ppl. 25 grand! So maybe we can work it out. Contact me at

  20. ok so when is this coming or its a lie and there are no lan crack ?:D

    and thanx

  21. may the force be with you!

  22. Still waiting for the “lan patch”…. is there any hope?

    I’m not a professional programmer, but i think, with the time they had, they could got something… but WE still don’t have nothing…

    Does anybody know about something?

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