Call of Duty 4 Tunngle Weekend


2-25-10:  Initial release.

This weekend we are trying something new, so we are going to do a Call of Duty 4 Tunngle weekend!  If you have COD4, please stop by in the Tunngle room and have some fun. See you there!

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  1. I’m in, that is if my crappy internet connection allows me. What time?

  2. Indeed, I’ll get some of my teammates.

  3. Seems like tunngle is limited to 140 users, i cant get it

  4. Every day on Tunngle is CoD4 day!
    There is always like 100+ online, the other day i had 233 clients connecting to me server. God bless Tunngle 🙂

  5. —————–MW2 Killcam—————–

  6. Hey versatile please will you help me… I mean I am in kinda bit problem for playing call of duty 4 online but I desperately want to play this game.
    Every time i try to join it says ‘server is a different version 1.7’
    If you can help then please e-mail me in my address –
    thanking you in advance. Please dont ignore I need your help.

  7. raja moli nekoga kobi mi moga malo vise objasnit kako da se ulogujemo nas vise na jednu igricu odnosno cdo4 svi smo ovo instalirali ali kako dalje sta treba i kako

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