“Change Week” Is Over – Submit Your Results!


2-27-10: Initial release.

2-28-10: Update: Two contestants have submitted their answers, and it is a close race! If you still want to participate, submit your answers now!

The “Change Week” is over. Were you smart enough to play the game?  Did you take a screen capture of everything on the website to see what changed from day to day?  No?  Well, you might be screwed then.

Who will win? Because of recent events, I changed the playing field slightly starting with Thursday. Friday’s change(s) will be much difficult to decipher because in order to win, you must accurately tell me all the changes that happened throughout the week. If you missed a small detail, that might put you off to the bottom of the list!

Good luck! Please fill out the form below to get the process started, and on Monday I will reveal the winner if there is one.

–>Submit your answers here!<–

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  1. Gah, sent in the form with alot of Friday’s changes missing. Just noticed.

  2. *Submitted*
    Wow.. That was better than The Amazing Race.. 🙂

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