Underground Update – March 1st, 2010


3-1-10: Initial Release.

Last week I did a contest that detailed a “Winter Cleaning” here on the blog. In order to keep it interesting, I decided to make it a game so that each day I did a change, and it is up to the users to figure out what changes I had done Monday through Friday. The winner who can accurately depict all the changes will win to have their name up on the blog on the banner.

Before I reveal the winner, let me go through the changes that I did last week so everyone is on the same playing field:

Monday (2/22/10):  Rewrote the Random Q&A page.

Tuesday (2/23/10):  Rewrote the entire “Request Tutorials” page. I also changed the name to “Global Impact: Request Tutorials” and I added a nice hot chick picture.  Why did I change the name?  When you make a tutorial request here on the blog, you are effectively causing ripples here in the community whether you realized it or not. When we make the tutorial, not only does it satisfy your request, but it helps everyone else out here, hence global impact.

Wednesday (2/24/10):  Reworte “Help Wanted” page to “Blog Positions: Apply Here”.  I added a new picture, and re-wrote the whole format. Not only is it more in tune with what I expect from new authors, it also indirectly shows what I don’t like when people turn into role #4!

Also, this is the day that some person decided it would be funny to reveal the first three day of answers. It was at this point I had to change the game…

Thursday (2/25/10): Today I did multiple changes. The subtle change is that I created a page called “The Other Underground Blog Site – Sister Site”. This is a brand new page, and it is a drop down box under “About Us” page.  A countdown for the E-book was placed at the top of the blog.

Friday (2/26/10): This is the hardest one of them all to detect because I did a lot of subtle changes to the right hand side bar:

1)  Moved the book banner from top of website to the right hand side.

2) Changed the color of the headings for the various words in the Contact Information.

3)  “Connect to the Underground” which was its own widget had its information moved into the “Contact Information” block.

4) The Hamachi game networks widget was deleted.  This had the L4D and Killing Floor networks. Unfortunately, no one detected this small change!

5) “Connect to the Underground!” was changed to “Connect to the Underground:”.  Notice the ! changed to a colon symbol.

6)  Blog stats and “Connect to the Underground” swapped positions.

7) “Follow us on twitter” was removed from the “Connect to the Underground” section.

I told you Friday’s changes would be hard!!!!

On Saturday, I put up the special request form where you had to submit your answers, but I added two new curveball questions:

Question 1: What was Versatile’s favorite post of 2009?

Answer: Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!

Question 2: What was Versatile’s favorite post of 2008?

Answer:  https://versatile1.wordpress.com/2008/12/31/top-favorite-post-of-2008/

With only two contestants, it was very easy to see who was the better of the two.

With that said, I want to congratulate underground blog viewer Ice (Ryan R.) for being this month’s “Best Underground Treasure Hunter”!  I will put your name up on the blog banner for the whole community to see. I will keep your name up for at least a week before I come up with a new tag line. :0  Enjoy it while it lasts. Make a screenshot to preserve for your scrap book. You deserve it!

Now with that out of the way, tomorrow I am going to write about the next Underground project which I believe is going to turn this place upside down. It will be good, trust me.

Quick update about the book: I finished editing all 5 chapters, and the conclusion chapter is done. Voltaire and Chyea are going to contribute their own chapters, so things will definitely be cooking.

In a next few days, I am going to create a special book section in the side bar so we can keep track of the book title progress, and very soon I am going to put up a blog post about brain storming new cover art. Stay tuned!

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  1. Yay!
    Screenshot.. I WILL TAKE !!.. lmao

    I wonder what the next underground project is …

    If you guys haven’t checked out Versatile’s favorite post of 2008. Well, you should..
    Its the most freakiest thing i have ever seen on the underground, till date.

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