Underground Computer Club: Forum Details

Note: Every weekday night I will be on my Skype account in preparation for Saturday’s session. If you want to help me test my ustream.tv, please send me a text message on Skype (versatileninja).


3-7-10: Initial release
Forum link = http://ucc.torchingigloos.com

3-8-10:  See the youtube video. I am dead serious about this project.

I am getting a lot of responses to this topic. I do not want to host two sessions a week because of people who could not attend the first session due to time zone restrictions. What I may do is in the future change the time every now and then to accommodate one part of the world than another. We shall see.

3-9-10: I changed time to 4pm GMT -6 time to make it easier for the Australia guys. 🙂

Guys, the Underground Computer Club is up for action! I have been working with other wordpress author sneakily1 for the past few days on this forum, and for now this is the best way for two communities to merge into one and back each other up.

Later tonight I am going to record a quick Youtube promotion video to capture that audience. The first session will be this upcoming Saturday, at 4 pm (GMT -6). This should allow hopefully most of the world to tune in if they desire.

Between now and then, I still have to figure out the logistics as to conducting the session. Ideally, I want it to be a mix of voice and text. I have some potential ideas to start off the first session, and I will keep it a little bit broad the first time around to capture the interests of most people.

From here, if reception is good, then I can expect very specific subjects in the future for those who want to tune in. For now, go to the forum here and read the first post and contribute!

Brainstorming Forum Section

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  1. Just registered at UCC.
    Awesome forum indeed.

    PS: Glad i got the ‘ICE’ id >.<

  2. In fact i had found the page as you first announced the picture. Long live google!

  3. I just spent some time updating the UCC forum…so now it actually IS a forum. Go have fun with it. Also make sure to check the Calendar for scheduled UCC events. Versatile and I will keep it updated and post notices to the forum frequently. This is going to be a lot of fun! 🙂

  4. I can’t post, or do anything really, tells me i need to await mod approval :/
    And i have a solution for the chat

  5. The forum has been having issues that spawned from testing out various chat modules when I first installed it. If anyone was trying to access it last night, there were MAJOR problems due to me messing around with various things trying to fix it. Unfortunately, today I will have to nuke the database and re-install everything because the problem is deeper than I originally thought it was. The good news is this happened early on, instead of months down the road when there’s a ton of important information on the site. So what exactly does this mean? All 11 people will have to re-register once I fix the issue…which should be later tonight. I will notify everyone through here. Everything else should be just fine. I apologize for this, it was something completely out of my hands. The forum should be back to normal before the evening is up.

  6. Forum is fixed and good as new…well actually, it IS new haha. Sorry everyone, I had to start over from scratch, but it’s all working properly now. Everyone will have to re-register unfortunately…but that is a small price to pay compared to the past 24 hours of my life 🙂
    Sorry about the mess everyone…we’re 100% good to go now and ready for the first ever UCC meeting this weekend! The url is http://ucc.torchingigloos.com

  7. I know a sweet widget that allows a lot of awesome stuff such as; Chat, youtube, twitter, facebook groups, RSS, online people viewing, statistics and so on.

    Also: Registration is not working, there is no capthca

  8. Registration is fixed, sorry about that. I wasn’t aware until I just hopped online and saw an e-mail about it. What’s the widget? Send me a PM on the forum and I’ll check it out. I’ll admit the chat module that’s currently there is crap, but it’s what worked and worked properly. The other option I have is a JAVA based chat that’s actually well done but looks like crap color-wise and I’m not sure everyone’s gonna want to bother with a JAVA-based app.

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