Underground Computer Club: Session #1 Contest


3-9-10: Initial release.

Fun Fact: I typed up 99% of this article during my lunch break remotely on my netbook. I used logmein.com to access the computer, and then type the article as my work blocks wordpress!

I tested the UCC ustream.tv last night, and it works great. If you want to see my profile, go to ustream.tv/versatileninja.

Now with that said, I got people excited for the first show, and so am I. The real question is, how many are going to come on launch day?  Even myself I don’t really know.

This is where we start to have fun.  I want you to leave a comment and put out a guess how many viewers will view peak during the show.

The person who is closest to the actual number of viewers at its peak will have their name up on the banner as this week’s best “Underground’s Number Guesser”.

I am going to start and put out my prediction of 15 users.  Yours may be ridiculously higher or lower, but thats all part of the game, right? Good luck!

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  1. Since it’s the first session, i say 10 !!

  2. 17 🙂 idk i think its gonna be (23) but i’ll stick with 17.

  3. I’m going to think positive and say 55 because I’m confident that all 11 people who’ve already registered can convince at least 5 friends before 4pm Saturday that UCC is a great thing.

  4. walkthroughoverkill

    My guess is that 12 people will stay throughout the entire session and 10 more people will visit and leave after a few minutes (AND probably return again). So I guess that’s 22 all in all. 🙂
    From my experience with online gathering that’s what usually happens.

    Are you guys going to record the session so it can be replayed?

    • Do you have psychic powers ? :-O

    • I should, there is a record option. The first 10 mins or so will be the meat, and then the rest of the video is up to people if they have questions and me verbally answering them. I am not sure if anything I screencast desktop wise for the remaining 50 minutes will be useful or not, but hard to say until we do it.

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