March 12th – Underground Update


3-12-2010: Initial release.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give a quick update as to what has been happening behind the scenes for the past few days. There are a lot of articles running around in my head, and as usual, not enough time to sit here and blog about them, which is too bad but I can assure you great articles are on their way.


1) March Youtube Wallpaper contest will be up within the next few days.

2) Tomorrow is the 1st ever online session for the UCC event. I have no idea how many guys will be coming. It will be fun, even if it is a small crowd. You can check it out here.  I am presenting at 4pm GMT-6, sharp! 1 hour max!

3) Yesterday I bought a PS2 slim off of craigslist for $55 dollars. Why did I buy a slim since I already have a fat PS2?  Well, my brother owns his slim, and I hate borrowing his and with rumors of Sony one day killing off the PS2 line, I decided to go buy a used PS2 slim while I still can. If you follow the modding scene, you will be smart enough to get a slim PS2 below the SCPH-9XXXX series. I did, as I got a SCPH-70012.

Last night I did a quick video tutorial on blocking the sensors. 10 minutes this mod took me. It was breathtaking. Watch it below. Expect a full fledge tutorial (naturally) soon.

4) Underground forum is picking up. Please register and be active here.

5) Underground book is going along well. I have not picked a title yet. I will do a new post soon about the Underground Book Cover Art.

This is it for now. There are always new tutorials running around in my head, but for now I am getting geared up for the UCC session. It will be great!

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  1. I think you decided to buy one, just like 3 weeks back. Wow.. that was fast..
    I decided to go for a Fat one, since i already have a slim. People say that the internal HDD creates wonders.

    And by the way, awesome video.. So that’s how its done !!

  2. Sorry if it is stupid question…
    This method is not working on 90008a? am i right?
    i’m asking because i want to combine your tutorial with this

    • FMCB will not work for a 90008a PS2.

      But, there’s still hope for you to play backed up games.
      You can go to and buy the Swap Magic disc.

      NOTE; If you had a PAL PS2, buy the PAL swap magic. ANd if you had an NTSC PS2, buy an NTSC swap magic.

      • thank you very much.
        one man told me that FMCB is possible with 90008a and b, but not possible with c.
        but will my original disk play with opened cover if i block sensors like you?

        • sorry, didn’t notice that it is not your instruction =)

          • Damn, i screwed up !!
            I just did some research and You are right, 90008a does work with FMCB !!

            I always had the impression that the exception for the Date code ‘a’ and ‘b’, was actually for the 90004 series. But, I was not sure whether its the same thing with series’s higher than 90004. Sorry for the mess.. lol

          • Now to answer your original question.
            Yes, you can combine this video tutorial with the ‘game swap’ tutorial by JNABK.

            • oh, thanx man, you gave me a hope =)
              now i find information about compatibility which depends of date code. working is a 8A and 8B. 8C and 8D are not working.
              and now i have new problem…my code is 0A =) but i guess it’s the same as 8A…i hope =) now i’m waiting for answer from official forum

              • Datecode 0A ?
                That means your ps2 is made during the first quarter of 2010…
                Okay, this is going too far. But i think I’m finally sure that FMCB will not work on your ps2.
                Sorry man..
                Today is not a good day for me at the blog.. ugh

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