Underground Wallpaper Youtube Experiment – March Edition





3-13-10: Initial Edition.

Comments on last month’s contest:

Last months contest was not bad at all. We had seven contestants! Thanks to Sarge198 for winning!


For a certain time period, users are to submit their best wallpaper. Once all wallpaper submissions are received, a poll is created and the community votes for the best one.

The wallpaper with the most votes gets to be featured in the next Youtube video.


If you are the winner, you get personal satisfaction that your wallpaper is featured in not only a video, but also in a follow-up article.  If you have a website, Versatile will promote that too as part of the winning spree.

Contest Rules:

1) Users are to leave a comment to this blog article with a link to a wallpaper. Wallpaper preferred resolution is 1280×720. Please get me a link to the closest resoultion as possible.

2) Images are not to be pornographic. Please use discretion. Your video will be observed by kids, teenagers, parents, adults, young, old, male and female.

3) Only one image submitted per unique commenter user name.   Therefore, pick your BEST and FAVORITE wallpaper choice.  If you can’t make up your mind, list all your wallpapers and I will PICK one wallpaper that I like and put it into the poll.

3)  The contest will run for 5 days. This contents ends at midnight on the date specified at the top of this article.

4)  After contest is over, I will run a poll for all submitted images. Poll will run the following week, to end at my discretion at midnight ofthe day of my choosing (GMT -6).  See top of article for deadlines.

Why do this contest?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Brings community involvement. Anybody can participate.
  3. The winner will have the joy of seeing THEIR submitted wallpaper featured in a video. Is that not cool?
  4. I love bringing joy to people. The video helps the general youtube audience, and the wallpaper is just an indirect way of me saying Thank You for all the readers of this blog.

Extra Notes:

Oh so often we get so stuck in a daily rut in our lives, and hardly have the time to live a little. Want to break the mold? Then play the contest game! If the participation is even poorer for March, April I will make a dedicated Youtube video and see if this will be a game changer or not.

Do you like this idea? Think the rules needs to be changed a little? Let me know! Time is wasting! Let’s see those wallpapers!

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  1. walkthroughoverkill

    These are my recommendations. 🙂
    Just click the “download now” icon at the right and it should optimize the image to match your desktop resolution.




    Yes, one of the bad guys in the movies.. A cool bad guy. But did you guys know that StarScream became a nice guy in the Transformers Amanda cartoon series ?
    He is simply the best transformer, ever.

  3. P.S – The cake is NOT a lie :/

  4. This is one of my favs: http://www.caedes.net/Zephir.cgi?lib=Caedes::Showimage&name=co2metal-1148812453.jpg&width=1200&height=900&ts=1268533844&r=

  5. 5 participants within a day. Not bad. I hope we get more!

  6. Hey I know that submissions have ended but I have to share this gem anyway

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