[How To] Boot Games Off Network (SMB) With Playstation 2 (PS2) Using OpenPS2Loader (A Novice Guide)

Note: This tutorial shows networking steps for Windows XP and Windows 7. Why no Vista love? Because Windows 7 is better, and I ask you to consider ditching Vista for 7. Thank you. – Versatile


3-15-10:  Initial release. Expect revisions all year round guaranteed.

8-9-10: Added more information/clarifications to the router method.

6-24-12: Fixed video links.

10-6-12: Fixed video tutorial links.


The Playstation 2 (Fat or Slim) is a great console to have fun with. In fact, did you know that if you have a FAT PS2 (With the ethernet adapter), or a Slim PS2, that you can share PS2 games stored on the PC hard drive through the SMB network, and have the PS2 recognize it through Ethernet?

Sorry, did I lose you?  Let me paint an easier picture to understand:

1) You rip a PS2 game to your computer’s hard drive.

2) You setup the appropriate network information and share the correct PS2 folder that has your PS2 game data.

3) You boot the Playstation 2 console, and load homebrew program OpenPS2Loader.

4) OpenPS2Loader will start the network connection and it will automatically see your shared game folder on the PC. You select a game, and play!

Why do we want to do this:

The reason we want to load games off the Ethernet is because it is for sure 110% faster than playing games off the USB interface.  Furthermore, you are saving your laser. No longer do you have to insert a game disc into the PS2 and stressing your laser. Now you can use homebrew program OpenPS2Loader to start the network connection.

How do I get started?

My tutorial is based on the premise that you have an exploited memory card, and that Free McBoot is installed with the OpenPS2Loader program on it.  Lost? Don’t worry, follow the steps below:

1) Go to this link and watch the video, download the files.  This tutorial shows you how to install Free McBoot and create an exploited memory card.

[How To] Install Free McBoot on Slim Playstation 2

2)  Now watch this video, download the files. This tutorial shows you how to install OpenPS2Loader onto your memory card.

OpenPS2Loader Video

3) Now you need a cross over cable or a router with two ethernet cables.

4) Rip some PS2 games to a USB hard drive or to a folder on your computer. Read more about this process here.

Now read the tutorials below for your specific operating system, and whether or not you have a cross over cable or a router system.

Instructions (PC Section):

Go to the designated section below for Windows XP or Windows 7, crossover cable or router setup. After you get your Windows networking part of it setup, please jump to the next section about the OpenPS2Loader network settings to be set in the memory card.

Windows XP – Crossover Cable Setup

1) Ensure that Simple File Sharing is enabled (it should be on by default). To check do this:  My computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab.

Scroll down in the window and make sure that “Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)” is ticked. Press OK.

2)  We need to setup a shared folder.  Right click on the folder you want to share (or Partition drive), and go to “Sharing and Security”.

3) In “Network Sharing and Security”, place  a mark in the box for “Share this folder on the network”, then give the share name “PS2SMB”, which is the default name. Press OK.  See screenshot below.

4) Now we need to setup your network settings. Go to control panel, right click your Local Area Connection, and go to Properties.  Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and go to Properties. Set it up like below and press OK.

PC section is done. Go to PS2 section.

Windows XP – Router Setup

Do not need to give your computer a static IP address.  Computer portion is done. Make sure you have an ethernet cord connected between router and PC, and another ethernet cord between router and PS2.  Please go to the PS2 section.

Windows 7 – Crossover Cable Setup

Sharing in Windows 7 is enabled by default.

1)  We need to setup a shared folder.  Right click on the folder you want to share (or Partition drive), and go to “Properties”, and then “Sharing Tab”.

2) Click on “Advanced Sharing”.  Click on “Share this folder”.

3)  Give share name of “PS2SMB”. Click OK.  Below is a screenshot of this process:

4)  Now click on “Network and Sharing Center”. It is the blue link as shown in the picture above.  Under the Public profile, please configure it as shown in the screenshot below:

Click save changes.

5) Now it’s time to setup the IP address. Go to control panel, to the network and sharing center. Click on “Change adapter settings”. Right click on Local Area Connection and go to properties.

6) Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and go to properties. Setup the settings as shown in screenshot below:

Press OK. PC section is now done. Go to PS2 section.

Windows 7 – Router Setup

Do not need to give your computer a static IP address.  Computer portion is done. Make sure you have an ethernet cord connected between router and PC, and another ethernet cord between router and PS2.  Please go to the PS2 section.

PS2 Section

Launch OpenPS2Loader. Go to the network settings and you want it to look like the settings below:

– PS2 –




– PC –

IP: (If using crossover cable, your static IP address of PC is If using router method, then make sure the PC ip address matches what your router assigns your PC).

PORT: 445


NOTE (added 8-9-10):  If your router has an ip address such as, then this is how your parameters will change:

– PS2 –




– PC –

IP: (If using crossover cable, your static IP address of PC is If using router method, then make sure the PC ip address matches what your router assigns your PC).

PORT: 445


You can leave network startup parameters on or off. My preference is off.  Click OK.

Now go to “Network Games”, and start the countdown.  If everything is working correctly, you will see your list of games and now you can play! Can you say success?!

Video Tutorial

Too lazy to read?  Want to see a video to make sure you are doing this right?  Watch the video tutorial below:

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  1. Thanks You very very much!
    Your are Real Givers and you must be happy and healthy and wealthy.


    hey mr. versatile ,
    i have an ethernet cable
    a desktop
    a wifi modem

    i want to know that can i connect my ps2 to pc to play games via wifi modem?????
    if yes please elaborate
    i will be very thankful!

  3. @ mr . Versatile
    Sir thanks for fast reply
    But i have a problem, i m trying this method since one yr…. And i m not getting cross over cable any where so please sir provide me any online link to purchase crossover cable
    E.g ebay.
    Sir i will be very thankfull

  4. @ mr. Versatile
    thank you very much, you are great!

  5. hey mr versatile
    i had gone through the site
    i found many cables , the price was $1 but shipping charges were $32 , as i m an student i can’t afford that
    so please i want to know that i have a simple cable that is connected to modem for LAN.

    i heard that we can make crossover cable out of it

    i tried but no progress is there

    i have
    1. orange wire
    2.blue wire
    3. white wire with orange stripe
    4. white wire with blue stripe

    i need to know that can i make it a crossover cable?????

  6. “If using router method, then make sure the PC ip address matches what your router assigns your PC).”

    what method do you use to find out your ip address?
    i typed “ipconfig” in cmd but dunno which one is the proper one.. ipv4 address or default gateway?

  7. This is a great tutorail it explains exactly how to do this with my ps2 do you know how to do this with the ps3?

  8. hey versatile it is not working for me , when i connect my PS2 with CROSSOVER CABLE, then nothing happens means i m using wnidows 7 and my network option on the system tray turns into a cross ,,, see this crossover cable i am using

    please tell me is this the correct one???

    • Nah! that is not a cross-over cable, its a normal ethernet cable.

      it should be like this

      u can make it by cutting the cable, reply if u want to do so.
      Do like this:
      Orange stripe>>>>>>>>>>>>green stripe
      Green stripe >>>>>>>>>>>>> orange stripe

    • You got network setup correctly?

  9. Hey Versatile/any body please download this file:

    i am receiving survey problem, Mail it to me


  10. I want to know if its possible to do this with my router connected to pc through ethernet cable and my ps2 with wireless connection to router.

    • How are you doing the wireless part with the PS2? PS2 does not have a wireless ps2 adapter.

    • You CAN connect semi-wirelessly. the PS2 MUST be connected to the wireless router via a LAN cable. Using your wirelessly connected laptop or PC(I would think that a laptop would make more sense though….) look at what IP your router gave the Laptop or PC and input this into the PC side of the network settings on OPL. You may also have to make minor adjustmants to the PS2 side here as well. I will add that after literally 5 hours of messing with this, I found that you must REALLY pay attention to ALL the numbers in the IP(helpful hint: it appears to my novice eye that the 1st,2nd AND 3rd numbers in your IP MUST match to connect.the 4th is the specific device). I never thought that it could be as simple as changing a 0 to a 1….. -_-. anyways back on topic, while it is pretty cool to do this little trick, for sacrificing your tether to the PC/laptop you will get increased load times, as a wireless connection is less stable and slower than a wired connection. Not TERRIBLE load times but noticeable. Hope this helped.

  11. Does this also run ps1 games over the network as well?

  12. The all new slimmer PSP 3000 comes in with a couple of new upgrades over the 2000 model. Primarily for the Skype functionality, a microphone is onboard along with a reduced glare 4.3″ screen. Its a given that fingerprints will still be a continued issue for the PSP line. Thankfully, the age old problem of ghosting has yet to appear on my new PSP 3000.

    One of…

  13. So I just got this all set up and no matter how I load games they always stutter through the opening cutscenes. I initially had rigged it to do this wirelessly(!!!) through my router but figured I’d get better load time with a straight connection. but still all cutscenes stutter in the games that I try. the games are Kingdom hearts 1 & 2, radiata stories, Dragon quest 8 and final fantasy X. all but one of these games I ripped myself and tested on PCSX2 and they all had flawless cutscenes but terrible gameplay FPS. is there ANYTHING I can do to improve this? I tried mode 2 but it doesn’t seem to help….
    Thanks in advance

    • Defrag and use wired cable. I boot God of War 2 over USB and SMB, and it doesn’t lag in my FMV sequence. I don’t know what to say, maybe its time to play it off the disc.

      • I suppose I must play them as intended *sigh*…I defragged and am using a wired connection. Could it be that my 5-port switch is the problem? I’m not super knowledgeable about this stuff. would a patch cable possibly fix this? also I don’t have any idea if you would know this, but is OPL getting another update? thanks again for your help Versatile!

        • I don’t know if they are working on OPL v.9 or not, you are best suited to ask the PSX-SCENE forums. I don’t know if the switch is posing an issue or not. I have done it through a router, and it was fine, but if I had it my own way, I would go straight to the PS2 with a crossover cable. After all, you can get one for less than 3 dollars at monoprice.com

  14. I played Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 4 through OPL 0.8. There are sync issues with ingame movies. The sound is ahead of video. The character talks before he opens mouth, you know what I’m saying. It’s not that bad but it’s visible. Tried with usbextreme and with iso. Any ideas? Has anyone encounter such problems with other games? I assume that this bug must be fixed in future version of opl.

      • Yes. I defrag and it’s the same. Delay between sound and video is like a quarter of a second. But that’s ok.. not so noticeable and no lag. Ingame movies for God of War run perfectly so I think it depends on the game and on opl’s behaviour(optimization for game).

  15. Excuse me, I exploited my MC, but for some reason when FMCB starts, it just shows the logo and stays stuck… I don’t know if the PS2 was made before March from 2008 since I bought it off a friend. You think that might be it? It’s a 75001 model. I really need this to work since my lens is almost fried.

  16. I’m trying to play network games with OPL0.8, but I can’t get it to work!
    I know that the ps2 is connecting to my PC because I can ping the ps2 while connecting, it takes a long time to connect, and when it does, no games show up!
    I’m using a ROUTER for connection and store my games on my Kingstom 16GB flash drive.
    What am I doing wrong????

    • Did u tried USB method with that flash drive?(if it w0rks than no problem with ur games,just to confirm)

      there is a tweak, press ‘X’ first on OPL(network screen) than enable ur internet connection from ur pc.(this worked for me)

    • Watch the video tutorial. Use a crossover cable ad try again.

  17. Thanks for the answer, I already played some games from my flash drive, the only problem I’m having is the network connection.
    I’m going to try the solution you gave me, thanks!

  18. Salman Aziz,

    I tried your solution and it still didn’t show my games, I just don’t understand whats happening…

    • Hey mate, i guess there is a problem with your connection…..something is not allowing opl to fetch your games from the pc. Try turning off the firewall, changing permissions when sharing your drive.Whats your OS….i can only guide you further when i know the OS. It usually happens in vista still…waiting for your reply.

  19. Awesome Tutorial!!!!!! This was a huge help. I had no idea how to set this up until I found this !!!

  20. I did it. We manage to connect computer with SCPH77004 and it works great.

    Thank you.

  21. this guide really helped me a lot several times ^^ used this guide to connect the ps2 and pc using crossover cable before. and still found this guide useful after i bought a router having an ip address of using your update in the guide ^^ thanks versatile ^^ your guide works like a charm ^^

  22. Hey Versatile is there any way to talk with u online?
    I cant get it working on W7 with the ethernet cable method >.>
    And i really wanna play Persona 4.
    Add me on MSN i think ur gonna see my email down there,if not answer this reply

  23. I just can’t make this work.
    I use XP computers, PS2 79001 connected to a switch and everything on the same switch.
    There’s a router giving IP’s to the computers
    Laptop is
    Desktop is
    Wireless Gateway
    everything else default.
    Guest account enabled
    Can access the network as guest
    Network on the PS2 enabled
    Folder is shared, any computer can access the folder anonymously.
    Can ping the PS2 successfuly
    The PS2 refuses to show any iso in the shared folder. I have 2 games, in CD, there’s Crash the wrath of cortex, in DVD, Ratchet & Clank Up your arsenal. Filenames SLES_503.86.Crash.iso and SCUS_973.53.RyC.iso

    I just don’t know what else to do. My ps2 won’t read the original R&C DVD because it’s scratched and hangs up on the second mission. Also, it scratched the Crash CD because the lens tries to read and touches the disc, scratching it. Does this with all CD’s, even PS1 discs.

    • So you can get a reply in ms from the PS2? That’s good sign! Please make sure you have everyone checked under permissions and have access to everything in the folder.

      What if you rip a game using USBExtreme and try again? Forget the ISO method for now, lets make sure it can at least show your games. Oh yes, to make life more simple, lets try sharing a game on a fat32 partition for now.

      • Thanks for your reply and help.
        I did this to allow access on the network:
        Enable and give the guest account a blank password:

        Enable the guest account and give it a blank password (computer management: users and groups)
        gpedit.msc -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options ->
        Accounts: Guest account status: enabled

        In the same bit of Group Policy (allowing network access for anonymous logins from NT4,2K and XP):
        Network Access: allow anonymous SID/Name translation: disabled
        Network Access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts: enabled
        Network Access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts and shares: disabled
        Network Access: let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users: enabled

        gpedit.msc -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment ->
        Access this computer from the network: everyone, anonymous logon

        Then with the Server2003 resource kit tools (Rktools.exe) from

        run a command console and:

        net user Guest /active:yes
        ntrights +r SeNetworkLogonRight -u Guest
        ntrights -r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight -u Guest

        Then i fixed the PC’s IP to and PS2 to

        Rebooted everything and games now appear on the PS2 with the default config.
        Crash Bandicoot the wrath of cortex runs fine, Ratchet & Clank 3 hangs up 😦 so all this was mostly useless for me.
        Anyways I also ripped and tried other games:
        Jak and daxter seems to work.
        Eyetoy Kinetic hangs up at the Kinetic Logo.
        Eyetoy Kinetic combat runs until you go to training, then hangs up.
        Dance Dance Revolution Supernova runs fine
        Dance Dance Revolution X2 runs fine.

        What app can i use to copy OPL to the PS2’s Memory Card? I’m now running it off a USB flash stick.

        • Use ulaunchelf to copy the app to memory card. All that editing work you did, which part of it fixed it you think? How would you summarize the root cause that made the list of games not show up?

      • 1st, many thanks for the tutorial u made versatile, it clearing me, to play many .iso ps2 game file under 4GB size.
        then for the game larger than 4GB, I use USB_Extreme to instal the game from Drive to Drive, then i move all file that USB_Extreme made to the DVD folder, the game work fine
        but then I install the 2nd game that larger than 4GB with same method, and i overwrite the Ul.cfg file that USB_Extreme created, only the 2nd game readed by OPL_v8,the 1st game unread.
        then I use USB_util_v2.0 that can instal direct from iso file to the DVD folder inside the PS2SMB folder, the game unreadable.
        is there any installer that can fix this?
        my method is :
        DRIVE :\ PS2SMB
        inside PS2SMB Folder is : APPS, ART, CD, DVD, THM and VMC
        I only shared PS2SMB folder.

  24. I Did exactlly wat u said and it showed my game’s name too but when i run it it comes to a yellow screen and stop and it dosnt go ahead of that wat shld i do (M using a cross over cable)

  25. The game is SMACKDOWN – Here Comes the Pain

  26. Excuse me, but I’m a little confused.
    The wired used to make the connections is a RJ45, right?
    I got everything else, but the wire……….. I have in mind that a cross-over wire y as RJ45, but now I’m doubting.

  27. LOL I sounded retarded on that comment LMFAO.
    I was listening to my co-workers talking and I started writing their words hahaha
    Here comes again:
    Excuse me, but I’m a little confused.
    The wire used to make the connections is a RJ45, right?
    I got everything else, but the wire……….. I have in mind that a cross-over wire is an RJ45, but now I’m doubting.

    • Connection is RJ45 yes. Just because you have a cable doesn’t mean its crossover cable. It has to be bought or made that way with the transmit and receive wires swapped.

      • Ok, thanks Versatile. I’ll buy some things and I’ll give it a try. The PS2 won’t explode, so there is nothing to lose =)

  28. Video links fixed! Enjoy!

  29. hello sir,
    i am new here .can you please give a new link of your video as your account has been terminated .. i have a slim ps2 with mod chip (mattrix) recently i am playing game with usb which speed so slow can you tell other method please
    thank you …
    reply soon

  30. I’m getting a ‘network startup error 302’,
    It’s supposed to mean invalid share name, any clues?

  31. I’m trying to figure this all out, when I get to the point where I set my IP and subnet, I ping it in the command prompt, everything goes hunky dory…

    Until I finish doing that, when I get back to my browser, it says it can’t connect, I.E I try opening a new tab and going to Google.

    Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong?

    If it is normal, does that mean I can’t use the internet when loading games off the network when setting the IP and Subnet to share the folder?

    • On my desktop computer, I got a crossover cable from the NIC to the PS2. I also have a wireless adapter on the desktop. I can still surf the net while connected to PS2. With a laptop, same deal. I know this works.

  32. Hey Versatile, I’ve downloaded Ps2 .iso games from http://www.romhustler.net on my hard drive but they don’t seem to appear everytime I run the OPL using cross cable method and I’ve done all the network configurations right. My question is do they need patching or whatever and how I can check if the connection is working correctly?

  33. Ok in order to do this, would I need a ps2 network access disk to connect my ps2 to the internet?

  34. well…i have the above set up exactly and i can see my games on OPL 0.9.1 but i downloaded 0.7 of OPL for a certain game thats not compatible with OPL version 0.9.1 or 0.8

    but i have the exact same network configuration in 0.7 and it cant see the games….

    so to wrap it up i start the ps2 up and:

    above configuration works perfectly in OPLv0.9.1 i see the game list, so i exit out of that one

    then i go to OPLv0.7 and no games

  35. Hello, I get a network startup error 302?

  36. at last it works with crossover cable after many tries thanx for this simple and easy guide

    • How did you get it working, what was the hardest part?

      • first problem i faced is how to partition 1 of my 4 disks, but i find a way to make 1 of them logical and partitioned it, after the long process i found that i can use my external usb drive which have a lot of games and just share it with the name ps2smb.

        second problem, i shared the letter of my drive instead of name it to ps2smb, the wrong step i do is i add ps2smb to my drive thats what hide it from my opl network and can’t recognize it.

        sorry for my bad bad english and thank you again.

  37. can i connect a LAN router and my ps2 with crossover cable and attach a usb hdd to the router (i’m asking this because my desktop is in the other room)

  38. I can’t get my games to show up and I can ping my ps2 just fine. I’m sharing my usb stick which shows the games when it’s plugged into my ps2. My ps2 is connected to the pc with a crossover cable and the sharing settings should be fine (even though i am using vista). I’m starting to run out of ideas

  39. Hi is this chat still open? Because I have a question

  40. TheGrottoMotto

    Hey Versatile. Great tutorials here but running into an issue. I have done everything I have possibly done that I think is correct. I’m sharing the folder I have my Ps2 games in as PS2SMB. Have the PC connected by ethernet to the router and the PS2 also connected by ethernet to the router.

    I have network settings matching but when I start up Network, nothing shows. I have the files for the PS2 games correctly and used the Command Prompt method to copy from my disk to the PC and then moved it into a folder. I know the games are compatible. Just don’t know what my issue is.

  41. TheGrottoMotto

    Actually, I managed to format my other partition into FAT32 and OPL read my game and gameplay is flawless but FMVs stutter really badly. Any fix for this? Sorry for all these comments ha. Just really trying to solve all this.

    • Is this USB hard drive or internal hard drive? The FMVs stutter because of usb 1.1, and try to defrag the hard drive. You will get better results if using the network adapter.

  42. Cihan YÜKSEL

    Thanks bro, i owe you one. 🙂

  43. Yoi Versatile….
    i am curious about some smb thing about Ps2, my question is can i connect multiple ps2’s using SMB (router method) to single pc(same share location for every ps2)
    Is it Possible? i thinks it should,

    Off topic:
    still waiting for your picture of ur Vietnam pics 😀 . 😛


      • i’ve done this before, and it work, but, when view player play same game,, Laging is came to view player and only 1 player with smooth game, it stil goes that way even when i use hi-spec server

        • Hye DADO,
          Have you tried with same game with multiple share location, means 2 ps2 reads different isos, from different share locations from single pc!

          • neva done it,
            but as long every ps2 play diferent game from 1 share location, it run well (lil bit slow), lag only came when several console play same game, in my case, i share with 5 console.
            i solve this with cloning the game that often played in a same time in 1 share location, example, WE for c1.iso, WE for c2.iso,WE for c3.iso …….. , u c it same game but with diferent name 😀

  44. Hello. I’ve haven’t used OPL for a long time and now I’m using OPL 0.9

    I used to have a cross-over PC to PS2 connection but then had to ditch it.
    Now I have a PS2 to Modem/Router and PC to Modem/Router connections (Both cables are not crossover I believe. At least the one from PS2 to Router is not crossover).

    PC IP:
    PS2 IP:

    The folder is shared as PS2SMB with permissions on Guest set.

    I can’t ping my PS2 and of course, no games show up.

    • Nevermind. The problem was from a damaged ethernet cable. Just got a new cable and now it works like a charm.

      Thanks for the tutorial.

      • Wow, never would have guessed it! How to determine the ethernet cable is damaged?

        • The settings were right, everything was proper but I couldn’t ping the PS2 for some damn reason. So I took the cable off and tried it on my PC-to-router connection. No network connectivity. Since it was a PS2 to router and PC to router connection, I didn’t had to worry about crossovers and stuff. Just plug the PS2 ethernet cable to your PC aaaaaand it’s not working.

          10 mins of walking later, got a working ethernet cable and voila!

          • What is your advice to other users to find out if their ethernet cable is bad or not?

            • If they are NOT using a crossover cable, they can always try the ethernet cable on their own, working computer. Just to see if you can still get connection from your router to your PC. If you can, the cable is fine. If you can’t, the cable is not working.

              As for crossover, instead of trying it on router to PC, they have to try it on PC to PC. They can always go to an electronics store and ask them to verify if it’s working or not. Or they can buy one of those cable verifiers and test them at home.

              So basically, if it’s a regular ethernet cable, try it on other systems in your house that connects to the router besides your PS2 to see if it works. If it connects, the cable works.

              If it’s a crossover cable, connect it between two PCs and see if you can get a LAN connection working. If it works, the cable works.

  45. I managed to get my PS2 to see the converted games on my harddrive but it only shows 1 game. How do I get it see all the games? Also, it won’t show ISO’s even if I rename them

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