Underground Update – April 3rd


4-3-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, this is a quick update in case you think this blog just died. I would have loved to have written more articles in the past weeks, but who am I kidding.

This game called Starcraft 2 has really eaten my free time, and the fact that I am in the beta has allowed me to pwn my opponents, as well as get owned by some of the very best. It is this reason that I love Starcraft 2 and the competition it brings.

Nonetheless, I have done some UCC brainstorming, and the second session went fairly well. I see that UCC#3 will happen on April 10th, so we got to get geared for that.

In the meantime, I had done some more Youtube related items, in particular, I managed to solve the dilemma of how to make Diablo 1 LAN work online using Tunngle. Yes, I defeated the monster called IPX.

However, this required a workaround, which basically involves creating a virtual rs-232 com port and distribute it across TCP/IP. If you check the GameDexterity account, I did this for Diablo and now Warcraft 2 Battle.net edition. I can assure you that a true text tutorial will have to be written about this concept.

In other news, I have been working closely with Australian UCC reader and Tunngle user Armsdealer in trying how to get Skype conversations to be heard and streamed in Ustream program (or almost any program for that matter). The short answer is that we did it!

The best part about this new success is that there is absolutely no tutorial in the world at the time of this writing that explains what we just did. In fact, we had to literally create our own “trial and error” and own hardships, but we finally figured it out. Now we will have the limelight to create our own tutorial, and show the world who really is the best. It is times like these that give us credibility, because we love troubleshooting and making our own tutorials when we know existing tutorials on the Internet suck or don’t even exist. Expect this to come out in a future UCC session.

The Underground Book is still alive. I am waiting for the contributors to get their act together. The June 1st release date is still valid, and we will be on track for it. I expect more discussion about the book to come up within this week.

As usual, underground blog authors leave a quick comment here so we know what you are up to. If you know of an old school PC game that utilizes a “direct serial connection”, let me know and I may make a video about it!

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  1. Woo I’m looking forward to all this!
    Especially the audio part, because my soundcard doesn’t have stereo-mix, so a work around would be awesome!

  2. Yea.. so I’ve just gotten word back from colleges lol.

  3. Yea.. so my exams are piling up lol.

  4. Still stuck in the UK.. (no offense intended..lol)

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